The Meaning Of The Name Zlata

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The Meaning Of The Name Zlata
The Meaning Of The Name Zlata

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The short form of the name Zlata. Lata.

Synonyms for the name Zlata. Zlate, Zlote, Zlato, Golda, Goldie, Chris, Chrysia.

The origin of the name Zlata. The name Zlata is Russian, Slavic, Jewish, Orthodox.

The name Zlata appeared in the early Middle Ages, most likely among the Ashkenazi Jews. This name is an analogue of the more ancient name Gold, where “gold” in translation from the Yiddish language meant “gold”. The name Zlate was common in Belarus, Lithuania and northeastern Poland. In all other territories inhabited by Jews (Poland, Romania, Bessarabia, Ukraine), the Zlote variant was used.

There is a version that the name Zlata came to the Slavic language from Ancient Greece. Translated from the ancient Greek "chris" meant "golden", "golden". It is possible that the Slavic name Zlata was simply found a semantic analogue among Christian names, because the name of the Great Martyr Moglenskaya sounded like Zlata (Chrysia, Chrysia). In Slavic folklore, such a character as Goldilocks is also known, and among the Slavs there was the female name of Golden Flower. Among male related names, one can name such names - Zlatan, Zlatimir, Zlatoslav (female - Zlatoslav), Zlatoyar, Zlatko, Zlatozar, Zlatovlas, Zlatodan, Zlatosvet. Some of them can still be found in use among Serbs, Bulgarians, Croats, Czechs.

Character and destiny. Since childhood, Zlata has been growing up as a very serious child. There is no deceit and lies in her, she always speaks the truth. Zlata is not prone to pranks and tricks inherent in children. Sometimes adults are shocked by how this girl expresses her opinion. Years will pass, and Zlata's character will not change at all. The owner of this name is a very capable person, if she does something, she does it responsibly and thoroughly.

Zlata loves to communicate, have fun, arrange or go with friends on picnics, but at the same time keeps a little apart. It has one negative feature - disgust, and, moreover, completely indecent. Because of this, she very rarely sits at a table at a party. Therefore, Zlata usually spends the holidays at home, with people close to her. She is frugal and thrifty, hates borrowing, even if she is in financial difficulties. Zlata always shows tact in conversations with people, this is a quality she has from birth. She will never offend another person, will not brag about her achievements and will not show vanity.

Usually she keeps a little in the shade and only in the company of people close to her does she feel good. A woman with this name is curious, one might even say curious. She really wants to know what is there in the future, but Zlata will never go to fortune-tellers, as she is afraid to frighten fate. The intellect of such a woman is a little depressed due to her indecision and internal uncertainty. With her characteristic panic fear, Zlata refers to all the difficulties and difficulties in life. Therefore, she will direct all her efforts to avoid or at least slightly bypass them.

A woman named Zlata really likes men, so she always has enough fans, but she gets married late. Zlata does not attach much importance to how well-off her lover is. It is much more important for her that this person is close to her in character and interests. Zlata is a wonderful wife and a capable hostess. We can say that she has no equal in this. The family is usually always happy, and the marriage is successful.

Zlata is quite a sociable person, but at the same time she has very few friends. She is just very careful, even picky, in the choice of the close environment. But if she has included someone among her friends, then she tries to take care of them and shows love for them. She will never believe slandering a person if she has a good relationship with him. Zlata will protect him until she makes sure of what others are saying about this person. Having received evidence, Zlata mercilessly breaks off all relations. A woman named Zlata is very responsive and, if necessary, will always come to the rescue.

The popularity of the name Zlata. The name Zlata is currently only gaining popularity in Russia, since this name was not considered widespread in the USSR. The name was included in the top 20 most popular female names in Ukraine. For twelve months, the level of attention to him has changed little, while showing significant fluctuations. The popularity of the name reached its maximum in July 2016.

Zlata's birthday

Zlata celebrates name day on October 13, October 18, October 26, October 31.

Famous people named Zlata

  • Zlata Moglenskaya (Orthodox saint, revered by the Bulgarian Church as a great martyr)
  • Zlata Razdolina (real name - Rosenfeld; Russian-Israeli composer, singer-songwriter, laureate of many All-Union and International competitions. For the cycles of songs about the Second World War she was awarded the title and medal "Honorary Veteran of the Second Guards Army." "On the verses of A. Akhmatova. She wrote cycles of romances and songs on the verses of the poets of the Silver Age - A. Akhmatova, N. Gumilyov, A. Blok, M. Tsvetaeva, I. Severyanin, S. Yesenin, O. Mandelstam, frontline poets and contemporary Russian-speaking poets Rachel, L. Goldberg, etc.)
  • Zlata Zaretskaya (theater critic, doctor of art history)
  • Zlata Dzardanova (singer)
  • Zlata Bulycheva (soloist of the Mariinsky Opera Company)
  • Zlata Volkova (Russian linguist and translator, Doctor of Philology, Professor)
  • Zlata Lilina ((1882 - 1929) nee - Bernstein, pseudonym - Levina Zina; Soviet party and state activist, journalist)
  • Zlata Potapova ((1918 - 1994) Russian literary critic, critic, translator)
  • Zlata Filipovic (Bosnian writer and translator)
  • Zlata Tkach (née Zlote Beirichman; Moldovan composer, teacher, the first female professional composer in Moldova)
  • Zlata Chochieva (Russian pianist, laureate of many music competitions, Honored Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia - Alania (2005))
  • Zlata Rapova (Russian publicist and editor)
  • Zlata Byzova (Russian Soviet artist, painter, member of the St. Petersburg Union, representative of the Leningrad school of painting)

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