The Meaning Of The Name Zarina

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The Meaning Of The Name Zarina
The Meaning Of The Name Zarina

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The short form of the name Zarina. Zara, Zarya, Zarinochka, Zarka, Zarin, Zorya, Zorka, Zaryana, Zarko, Zare, Zorin, Rina, Ina.

Synonyms for the name Zarina. Zorina, Zara, Zaryana, Zoryana, Zarrina, Zarine, Zalina, Zareta, Zarineya.

The origin of the name Zarina. The name Zarina is Slavic, Tatar, Ossetian, Kazakh.

The name Zarina has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Zarina is a Slavic name, meaning "dawn", "beauty of the dawn". According to another version, the name Zarina is one of the forms of the name Zara.

In ancient times in Central Asia there was such a warrior, the queen of the Aryan tribe of Saks, her name was Zarina (historian Ctesias), whose name meant "golden", "golden-haired". She was a member of the resistance to Alexander the Great. Among the Aryan population in ancient times (not only in Central Asia), this name was popular. It remains popular among modern Ossetians. In Ossetia one can often find the name Zarina, which comes from the word "sarin", which means in Ossetian "gold, golden, golden" and "sunbeam", "red sun".

The name Zarina in Ossetia has a diminutive version of Zara, as well as another common version of this name - Zalina (here, apparently, the reason was the pronunciation of the letter "r" as "l"). Among the Ossetians, the name Zareta is also used (all names have an accent on the 2nd syllable), but here the etymology is already different: Zareta comes from the word "zaren" - an accent on the 1st syllable, which means "to sing", i.e. Zareta is a songstress.

From the Tatar language, the name Zarina will be translated as "with gold ornaments, patterns", and the name can also be written as Zarrina. A closely related name is Altyn. For Armenians, the name will sound like Zarine.

There is a spelling of the name - Zorina, Zoryana, then Zorya, Zorka will be pet names. Rin's affectionate appeal is also an independent name and an appeal to many other names.

A girl named Zarina has a difficult character. She is often capricious. She easily converges with people, is smart, multifaceted, has a rich inner world. Even in the most difficult situations, Zarina does not look for simple solutions. She has an analytical mind.

Her fortitude and faith help her to maintain a cool head in any situation. Zarina is a good leader. She is much less capable of acting in the role of a subordinate. At work, she has influence on others and skillfully uses it. In all matters he shows diligence.

In family relationships, he also tries to take a leading position. She likes to complicate things. The girl is not prone to monotonous life. Zarina loves variety. She gets married late enough. In family relationships, he shows complaisance. The house is kept clean. Zarina loves to visit, she rarely invites.

Celebrating her birthday in the winter months, Zarina is a conflictual and hot-tempered person. Often shows stubbornness. She is calculating and thinks everything in advance. As a profession, he usually chooses a teaching or medical specialty.

It is difficult to influence this woman in any issue. She is straightforward, does not like unnecessary conversations. Zarina can be characterized as a persistent and proud woman who strives to fulfill her goals.

Zarina is often dreamy. She enjoys spending time with large companies. She is cheerful and romantic, but can be impulsive. In a difficult situation, he will always help those who need it. Over time, Zarina becomes prone to high self-esteem. She turns into a selfish and arrogant person.

The owner of such a name is amorous, windy and fickle. Her husband must be a strong personality, only in this case their marriage will be strong.

Zarina is never deceived by appearances. In all matters, she seeks to understand the essence. Her judgments are often dogmatic. A woman is capable of taking unnecessary risks. In life, she is helped by good intuition, a desire for comfort, a critical mind, courage and self-confidence. Thanks to these qualities, Zarina often achieves success.

Zarina's birthday

Zarina does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Zarina

  • Zarina or Zarinea ((late 7th - early 6th centuries BC) the queen of the Sakas. Often given as a vivid example of women warriors. Mentioned by Diodorus of Siculus and Nicholas of Damascus, whose information goes back to Ctesias.)
  • Zarina Gizikova ((born 1985) Russian athlete, represented rhythmic gymnastics in individual exercises, European Champion)

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