The Meaning Of The Name Zhorzhina

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The Meaning Of The Name Zhorzhina
The Meaning Of The Name Zhorzhina

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The short form of the name Zhorzhin. Gera, Gina, Ina, Inulya, Inusya, Inusha, Lina, Gina, Georgie, Joe, Yora.

Synonyms for the name Zhorzhina. Georgia, Georgiana, Georgina, Dahlia, Georgette, Horchelina, Georgina, Georgiana, Georgette, Gyorgyi, Georgette, Georgy, Irzhin, Jorga, Yorgina.

The origin of the name Zhorzhin. Zhorzhin's name is Catholic.

Georges' name is the French feminine version of Georges, as well as the Portuguese version of Georges. Since the male forming name Georges / Georges have many analogues (George, Georg, George, Jorge, Giorgio, Jordi, Gheorghe, György, Georgios, Jiri, Jorgen, Yurye, Shor), then, accordingly, the female name Zhorzhina will have many analogs.

So in England and Italy Zhorzhina will be called Georgia, Georgiana, Georgina, in Germany - Dahlia, in France also Georgette, in Spain - Horchelin, in Romania, Moldova - Georgina, Georget, Georgiana, Georgette, in Hungary - Gyorgyi, Georgina, Georgette, in Greece - Georgy, in the Czech Republic - Irzhina, Yorga, Yorgina, in Bulgaria - Georgy, Georgina, in Sweden - Georgina.

Therefore, the meaning of the name Georges is similar to the meaning of the name Georges - "farmer". But it so happened that this name is identical to the name of the dahlia flower, therefore, the name of Dahlia (Zhorzhina) is also literally translated as the name of this flower. Among Muslims, there is a similarly meaningful name - Dahliya, which means "dahlia".

Each female name has diminutive appellations, which have become independent names. So Dahlia has appeals of Hera, Ina, Horchelina - Lina, Georgina and others - Gene.

The name of Zhorzhin is not mentioned in either Catholic or Orthodox saints. But since this name has many analogues, the name day will be indicated for these names. Catholics celebrate the name day of St. George, the saint, the Virgin of Orleans, on February 15, and the Orthodox do not have a name day for the owners of these names.

As a child, Zhorzhina is a pretty and capable girl. Everyone predicts her a happy fate, but these predictions do not always come true. Zhorzhina is greatly influenced by the environment in which she is. The presence of negative conditions will negatively affect the girl's future. Only under favorable circumstances will a girl be able to show her abilities and even achieve fame. Such chances periodically appear in her life, and, most importantly, to be able to take advantage of them.

Georgette, born in winter, has a very domineering and selfish character. She wants to subjugate everyone and everyone, she is easily offended by any remark. A huge ambition gnaws at the girl's soul, which negatively affects her relations with relatives. And most of all, Zhorzhina's husband suffers from this.

"Summer" Dahlia is a completely different person. There is no ambition in it. On the contrary, this is a sweet, affable, and even somewhat frivolous girl. Such Zhorzhina enjoys universal love, often acts under the influence of momentary emotions and, because of this, often gets into unpleasant situations. The family life of this woman is very happy. The husband worships Zhorzhina, not depriving her of love and affection.

Born in the fall, Zhorzhina is the most practical and calculating. Possessing a masculine mindset, she prefers a society of the opposite sex, where she meets more understanding. The actions of such a Dahlia will never be reckless, for any decision she has quite sound reasons. A girl with this name is decisive and courageous, not in her spirit they are afraid of responsibility for what is done.

Zhorzhina's birthday

Zhorzhina celebrates her name day on February 15.

Famous people named Zhorzhina

  • Georgina Bardach Martin ((born 1983) Argentinean swimmer, bronze medalist at the 2004 Olympic Games in 400m medley swimming, won the 2007 Pan American Games champion)
  • Georgina von Januszowski, Georgina Januszowski ((1859-1914) Austrian-American opera singer and operetta actress, she was able to make a stage career both on the European and American stages)
  • Dahlia von Wilczek, popularly called Gina ((1921-1989) Princess of Liechtenstein, mother of the reigning prince Hans-Adam II)
  • Georgette Everardi ((1831-1887) nee - Bronar; singer and teacher, performed in Naples, Milan, Petersburg)
  • Georgina Wheatcroft ((born 1965) maiden name - Hawks; Canadian curler, bronze winner at the 2002 Olympics, became a two-time world champion)
  • Georgina Haig ((born 1985) Australian actress)
  • Georgina Bayer ((born 1957) née George Bertrand; New Zealand actress, social activist and New Zealand politician, the world's first open transsexual who became a member of parliament (1999-2007))
  • Georgiana Craik ((1831-1895) English writer, wrote over thirty novels, almost half of them for children's audiences; her books have been reprinted for over a hundred years)
  • Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire ((1757-1806) née Georgiana Spencer; Duchess, first wife of William Cavendish, 5th Duke of Devonshire, and mother of William Cavendish, 6th Duke of Devonshire. Secular beauty, was interested not only in literature politics.)
  • Georgia Angel ((born 1948) American theater, film and television actress, best known for her roles in the television series The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Everybody Loves Raymond)
  • Georgina Andrews (Australian actress)
  • Georgina Chan (Singaporean radio and television broadcaster)
  • Georghina Lazaro, Georgina Lazaro-Leon (Puerto Rican poet, writes mainly for children)
  • Georgina Mellor (English actress)
  • Georgina Pota, Georgina Pota ((born 1985) Hungarian tennis player)
  • Georgina Evers-Swindell ((born 1978) former New Zealand rower, two-time Olympic double doubles champion in 2004 and 2008)
  • Georgina Ann Stirling ((1866-1935) famous prima, soprano opera singer, performing under her stage name - Marie Toulinquet)
  • Georgina Harland ((born 1978) English athlete (discipline - pentathlon), bronze medalist of the 2004 Olympic Games)
  • Georgina Carolina Verbaan ((born 1979) Dutch actress, screenwriter, singer and model)
  • Dahlia Moura Andrade de Albuquerque ((1885-1962) Brazilian painter, impressionist)
  • Georgina Buzova ((born 1976) English television actress)
  • Jirzhina Peltsova ((born 1969) maiden name - Adamichkova; Czech biathlete)
  • Irzhina Petrovitskaya ((1923-2008) Czech theater and film actress, winner of the State Prize of Czechoslovakia, also People's Artist of Czechoslovakia)
  • Irzhina Nekolova ((1931-2011) figure skater from Czechoslovakia, winner of the bronze medal of the 1948 World Championship, participant in the Olympics of the same year in women's single skating)
  • Irzhina Bogdalova ((born 1931) is a Czech actress. She starred in such films as "May Stars", "In Search of Esther", "Comedy with a Doorknob", "White Lady", "Resolute Young Lady", "Women outside the Game", "Pan Tau and Aladdin's Lamp", "Tales of Forest Men", "How to Bake Happiness", "Rumburak", "Immortal Aunt", "Firebird", "Swan Lake" and others. She voiced the Little Witch in the cartoon of the same name. film award "Czech Lion" in 1995 for the role in the film "Fani".)
  • Georgina Lee Bloomberg ((born 1983) American Cavalry, social activist and writer, equestrian professional)
  • Georgette Heyer, Georgette Heyer ((1902-1974) English writer, wrote in the genre of detective and historical romance novels. She is considered the founder of the genre of the "Regency love story", which became her hallmark. Her books were distinguished by detailed descriptions of every detail of the era, from everyday life, fashion, etiquette, and ending with culinary preferences, social aspects of the given time and the political situation of the era.Her detectives were not as intricate in the plot as Agatha Christie's, but attractive by the elaboration of the characters of the characters and the psychological drawing of the situation. more than 45 novels were published.)
  • Georgette LeBlanc ((1869-1941) French opera singer, actress and writer)
  • Georgette Agutte ((1867-1922) French painter and sculptor)

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