The Meaning Of The Name Fun

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The Meaning Of The Name Fun
The Meaning Of The Name Fun

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The short form of the name Zabava. Fun, Fun.

The origin of the name Zabava. The name Zabava is Slavic.

The name Zabava is a Slavic name, meaning "delight", "joy", sometimes literally translated - "funny", meaning "funny". Diminutive forms of treatment - Amusement, Amusement.

Zabava is characterized by sincerity and openness. She is very active, she just boils with vitality. All her actions are broad and generous, but it is difficult for her to make concessions, showing diplomacy. Such women are not inclined to be hypocritical, trifle or speak badly about people. People around them often take advantage of their naivety and sensitivity. Sometimes Zabava is worried about trifles and shows tactlessness. She can be intemperate and quick-tempered and speak without thinking. However, her opinion should be listened to, her advice is usually very useful.

By nature, Zabava is an unsurpassed leader who does not know competitors. She is sincerely sure that she knows the truth about everything in this world and says the only true things. Such self-righteousness makes Fun above any disputes and conflicts. She will not waste her time on empty arguments and will show restraint or condescension to her opponent. In general, Zabava believes that there is nothing interesting, new and worthy of her attention in this world for her. She considers all problems to be everyday, boring and uninteresting. She never doubts her spirituality, her self-esteem is stable, she is sure that her goals are more important than everyone else. Fun is never jealous or offended.

In choosing a profession for her, an important point is the lack of nearby leadership and a minimum amount of responsibilities. Fun can choose the position of a janitor, help desk worker, administrator, concierge. She can choose very risky and dangerous professions: astronaut, scout, tamer, aerialist. She can handle everything, for this fearless woman nothing is impossible. A talented historian and writer will emerge from Zabava, thanks to her aloof, unbiased view of events.

In family life, the main thing for her is that her husband does not bother her with his problems and does not make high demands and claims on her. For Fun, there are no such concepts as material problems, a successful career and everyday life. All the benefits that life gives her, she takes for granted. Fun takes family well-being for granted.

In dealing with Zabava, it is better not to make demands on her and not to distract over trifles. She can sometimes just not notice anything around her, since she is not interested in the world around her. It is better not to try to change her, because she has a number of undeniable advantages.

Birthday Fun

The fun does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Zabava

Zabava Putyatichna (the heroine of the epic "Dobrynya and the Serpent"; daughter of Putyata, an associate of St. Vladimir)

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