The Meaning Of The Name Josephine

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The Meaning Of The Name Josephine
The Meaning Of The Name Josephine

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Josephine

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Josephine

Short form of the name Josephine. Jojo, Joe, Juzi, Josette, Fina, Peppa, Yuza, Zyuta, Fike, Juz.

Synonyms for the name Josephine. Josephine, Josiana, Joseph, Josefina, Josefina, Giuseppina, Joseppina, Josephine, Josefina, Josephine, Josephine, Josefa, Josiane, Josefina, Josefina, Shosavin.

The origin of the name Josephine. Josephine's name is Jewish, Catholic.

The name Josephine is the feminine version of the French name Joseph, which is a variant of the Hebrew name Joseph (Osip). Translated means "Yahweh will reward".

Josephine has a lively mind. She is prone to generalization, has a good memory and great intuition. It is through her intuition that Josephine can foresee the most important events in the near future. However, with all this, the girl is not curious. All Josephine aspires to is a good job and a successful marriage.

The most characteristic features characteristic of girls named by this name are sociability, sensitivity and intuition. She is not conflicted, seeks to avoid quarrels, holds back her emotions well. Josephine can look completely indifferent from the outside, even if a volcano is boiling in her soul. In fact, the girl is very excitable and has a quick reaction, although she knows how to hide it well. Despite the seeming weakness and defenselessness, the girl has a strong will.

Josephine does not like "common" entertainments, such as fairs and booths, her manners are too aristocratic. Unfortunately, studies are not included in the girl's hobbies. She studies only when necessary. It may seem to others not active, because it does not seek to impose its opinion on others. It seems almost indecent to her. The girl is generally somewhat secretive, fearful and indecisive.

The girl has a strong self-esteem, she is very obligatory, always keeps promises. But dishonest acts and betrayal of people close to Josephine, friends or relatives, cause the girl significant suffering. Josephine is equally friendly with both men and women. The girl does not seek to share problems and seek support from others. She independently overcomes the difficulties that arise in front of her.

The most suitable professions for Josephine are the professions of a lawyer, psychiatrist, stewardess, and guide.

This girl is quite restrained, although she is also characterized by strong sensual impulses. Josephine makes a wonderful wife who perfectly maintains home comfort. The girl is an unsurpassed hostess and a good mother. The future husband needs to be sensitive to Josephine, to understand her well, so as not to inadvertently offend her. Josephine can wait a long time for her fairy-tale prince. And, having become attached to his chosen one, he will do this, perhaps forever.

Josephine's birthday

Josephine doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Josephine

  • Josephine Cochrane (Cochrane) ((1839 - 1913) American inventor. Designed and built the first mechanized dishwasher in 1886. According to legend, upset that the objects from the family china set beat during the washing process, she stated: is going to invent a dishwasher, then I'll do it myself. ")
  • Josephine Beauharnais ((1763 - 1814) née - Marie Rose Joseph Tachet de la Pagerie; Empress of France in 1804 - 1809, the first wife of Napoleon I)
  • Josephine Preu (German actress, who plays Lena Schneider in the popular TV series "Turkish for Beginners")
  • Josephine Carr-Harris (theater and film actress, singer)
  • Josephine Fodor-Menviel ((1789/1793 - 1870) French opera singer of Hungarian origin)
  • Josephine of Leuchtenberg ((1807 - 1876) wife of Oscar I, King of Sweden and Norway, known as Queen Josephine)
  • Baroness Josephine von Knorr ((1827 - 1908) Austrian poet and translator)
  • Josephine Friedrichs ((1778 - 1824) nee - Mercier, since 1816 after the award of the Russian nobility was called Ulyana Mikhailovna Alexandrova; the favorite of the Grand Duke Konstantin Pavlovich, from 1806-1820 was in a civil marriage with him, their son - Pavel Konstantinovich Alexandrov (1808-1857))
  • Josephine Baker ((1906 - 1975) née Frida Josephine MacDonald; American-French dancer, singer and actress)
  • Josefina Pla ((1903 - 1999) Paraguayan poet, playwright, author of novels and short stories, literary critic. She was successfully engaged in artistic ceramics. Also known as a public figure, fighter for women's rights.)
  • Giuseppina Grassini ((1773-1850) Italian opera singer (contralto), who won fame as one of the best singers of her time)
  • Josephine Wall (English artist)
  • Josefina Fernanda de Bourbon ((1827 - 1910) was a Spanish Infanta by birthright. She was the daughter of Francisco de Paula, brother of King Ferdinand VII, and Louise Carlota of Bourbon of Sicily. Her father was her mother's uncle.)

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