The Meaning Of The Name Jasmine

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The Meaning Of The Name Jasmine
The Meaning Of The Name Jasmine

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Jasmine

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Jasmine

Short form of the name Jasmine. Jasminka, Minka, Mina, Yasma, Yasmina, Minitsa.

Synonyms for the name Jasmine. Jasmine, Jasmine, Jasmine, Hasmin, Jazhmin, Jazhmin, Jelsmin, Jasmin, Jasmi, Jasmi, Jasmil, Yazmin, Yasmin, Yasmain, Yasmine, Yasmin, Yosuman, Yesuman, Esmine.

The origin of the name Jasmine. The name Jasmine is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Jasmine has Persian roots, literally means "jasmine flower", "jasmine", "jasmine branch". In a figurative sense, the name Jasmine is also translated as "a gift from the gods" and "fragrant", because this flower has a scent that has not yet been learned to recreate in perfumery.

The name Jasmine has a variant of the pronunciation of Yasmin, which is used not only in Muslim countries, but also in some European countries, with slight variations - Yazmin, Yasmin, Yasmein, Yasmine, Yasmin. In Europe, the name Jasmine will also be pronounced in a different manner - Jasmine, Jasmine, Hasmin, Jazhmina, Jasmine, Jazhmin, Jelsomin, Jasmin, Jasmi, Jasmi, Jasmil, Esmin, Esmine; each country has its own version. So among the Tajik people you can find the name Yosuman (Yesuman), which is an analogue of the name Jasmine.

The name Jasmine can be either a feminine or a masculine name. Min's diminutive is also an independent name.

Little Jasmine is an example of a modest and flexible child. However, one should not think that she is weak-willed. The girl knows how to stand up for herself well and even in childhood knows her worth. Although in Jasmine's thoughts there is no desire to draw attention to herself, she does it involuntarily. Both children and adults are drawn to this girl, thanks to her intelligence and friendly manner of communication. In any society, Jasmine is appreciated for her inner strength and seriousness.

Outwardly, Jasmine is unusually attractive. This is clearly noticeable in childhood, and as she grows up, a girl becomes the first beauty. Jasmine is aware of her beauty, and this is the basis for her pride. She is tolerant and condescending to other people. Well brought up, the girl never breaks down to rudeness or hostility.

Having matured, Jasmine attracts people to her. No one is able to remain indifferent to this beauty. In addition, the girl boasts a strong character. Jasmine will not let anyone into her soul. She keeps unfamiliar people at a distance, taking them too seriously. But in the circle of family and friends, this is the softest and most romantic person you can imagine. She is easy to talk to and very reliable. Jasmine strives for material comfort, but does not put it at the forefront of friendship and commitment. A woman with this name is tender and loves to compose poetry, but only the one whom she lets into her personal space will hear them.

At work, Jasmine is one of the most responsible and conscientious workers. Most often, she chooses a career in education, art, linguistics or psychology and, thanks to her hard work, reaches certain heights. Although a girl is naturally in good health, she should avoid work that will have to physically work a lot and eat poorly.

Falling headlong into the whirlpool of love is not for Jasmine. She will never marry unexpectedly for everyone. The girl chooses her husband carefully and devotes a lot of time to reflections. On the other hand, Jasmine approaches her subsequent married life seriously and deliberately. In the future, it is important for a husband and a girl to see the coincidence of principles, as well as the ability to support a family at a decent level. She herself is invariably affectionate and attentive. A girl named Jasmine will turn out to be a caring mother and zealous hostess. Perhaps she lacks temperament and sensuality, but, in general, a husband can only rejoice in such a wife.

Birthday Jasmine

Jasmine does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Jasmine

  • Jasmine ((born 1977) nee - Sara Manakhimova, in the first marriage - Semendueva, in the second - Shor; Russian pop singer, actress, model, TV presenter. Honored Artist of the Republic of Dagestan.)
  • Jasmine Yu ((1979 - 2009) real name - Kageyama Yuichi; Japanese musician, bassist of the symphonic metal band "Versailles")
  • Jasmine Guy ((born 1962) American film actress, singer and dancer, played in the films Underworld and The Vampire Diaries)
  • Jasmine (Yasmine) Wöhr ((born 1980) German tennis player, best known for her performances in doubles, winner of 4 WTA doubles tournaments)
  • Jasmine Richards ((born 1990) Canadian actress and singer)
  • Jasmine van den Bogard, known under the pseudonym Birdy ((born 1996) British singer, composer, winner of the Open Mic UK competition in 2008. Her works are featured in such television series as The Vampire Diaries, The Hunger Games and in the cartoon "Brave".)
  • Jasmine Marie Villegas aka Jasmine Vee ((born 1993) American R&B and pop singer)

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