The Meaning Of The Name Zhansai

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The Meaning Of The Name Zhansai
The Meaning Of The Name Zhansai

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Zhansai

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Zhansai
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The origin of the name Zhansai. The name of Zhansai is Kazakh.

The name Zhansai is a Kazakh female name, consisting of two semantic bases. "Jean" ("jan") is a polysemantic word, most often it is interpreted as "soul", "essence", "breath", "life", but also meets the meaning of "cute", "person". The second part of the name "Saya" is translated as "support", "protection", "help", but also "pleasant coolness", "shadow". Therefore, the name can have different interpretations, more often it is "to be a support, protection", "mental help", "coolness of life".

Zhansaya is full of her own dignity, for her it is important in life, what kind of opinion about her and her actions will be among the people around her, and not only among relatives and friends, the opinion of a passerby is also very important to her. Therefore, it is quite possible that Zhansaya will be able to set herself a life goal, which is to be loved and respected.

She is a smart girl who does not aspire to be a leader, but she often is. She likes the process of thinking as such, so often logical puzzles, various difficult tasks, complex schemes and algorithms take her imagination. She loves to study, research, she can meticulously figure out any business.

She strives to be independent, both materially and spiritually. She will never leave her family to the mercy of fate, but still strives to gain independence as early as possible. She is not devoid of common sense, does not seek risky actions. Getting down to business may not achieve any practical results.

This girl prefers to be guided by the circumstances, therefore, she is flexible and loyal enough, she can adapt to various situations. Zhansaya does not push people away from herself, and therefore there are many friends and acquaintances around her, but she has very few real friends and girlfriends. Disappointment in friends and false friendship can greatly affect the emotional state of Zhansai, she does not avoid conflicts, does not try to save what she has. Zhansaya can behave defiantly, intolerant of others.

Zhansaya meticulously chooses a partner. She wants to be a leader, but she doesn't really want to make great efforts to control everything. She can achieve a lot without any help. Zhansaya can find her vocation in pedagogy, journalism, art.

Zhansai's birthday

Zhansaya does not celebrate the name day.

Famous people named Zhansaya

  • Zhansaya Abdumalik ((born 2000) Kazakh chess player, grandmaster)
  • Zhansaya Musina (Kazakh singer)

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