The Meaning Of The Name Elena (Lena)

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The Meaning Of The Name Elena (Lena)
The Meaning Of The Name Elena (Lena)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Elena (Lena)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Elena (Lena)

The short form of the name Elena. Lena, Lenochka, Lenusya, Alyonka, Lesya, Elena, Elya, Ela, Elyusha, Elyusya, Lyusya, Elenka, Lena, Lesya, Lyolya, Lenusha, Alin, Elin, Eli, Ella, Hela, Elenita, Lalla.

Synonyms for the name Elena. Alena, Olena, Helen, Ellen, Lenie, Elaine, Ilena, Ilena, Helene, Helena, Elina, Elin, Eliana, Eliana, Ilina, Gelena, Helena, Helna, Aileen, Ilona, Elona, Ellona.

The origin of the name Elena. The name Elena is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Elena is of Greek origin. Its translation is ambiguous, most likely, it means "chosen", "bright". Also, the name Elena can be interpreted as "torch", "fire", "light"; "Bright", "sparkling", "shining", "brilliant", "solar", "lunar", "fiery", "chosen". It is believed that the name Helen corresponds to the concepts of "sunbeam" or "sunlight", and the name Helena itself is a derived name from Helios, the sun god in ancient Greek mythology.

According to the second version, the name Elena refers to how the Greeks called themselves - the Hellenes. Hence the variations in the pronunciation of the name Elena in different countries. The name Elena means "Greek" in translation.

The name Elena is most often associated with the ancient Greek heroine Helen of Trojan (Spartan), because of whom the Trojan War, described in the epic of Homer, broke out. In the Christian tradition, St. Helena of Constantinople, the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine the Great, is especially revered. The great ruler of Kievan Rus, Princess Olga, was baptized under the name Elena (in 955).

Since then, the name Elena has been widely used in Russia, both in its original form and in folk versions - Olena, Olyona, Alena, Yalena, Ilena, Yelenia. The name was used both among the nobility and among the common people. For example, Elena (Olena) was the name of the first wife of Ivan Kalita, and Elena Glinskaya was the ruler of the Grand Duchy of Moscow with her young son Ivan IV. And everyone knows the heroines of Russian fairy tales, Elena the Beautiful and Elena the Wise.

In former times, the name Alena was considered one of the folk forms of the name Elena, but in modern times the names Alena and Elena are two different names. And, due to their similarity, these names are considered interchangeable for each other.

Picture with the name Elena
Picture with the name Elena

The short form of the name Elena - Lena - is also an independent, full name and can be used regardless of the name Elena. Also, the full name Lena can be associated with the name of the Siberian river Lena, with the Soviet leader V. I. Lenin and with the borrowed male name Lenard (Leonard), as a paired female name. In addition, the name Lena is a short form for many female names (Vilena, Vladlena, Elena, Lenina, Leonilla, Leonid, Leontin, Leonia, Leon, Leonty, Marlene, Eleanor and others).

In Russian, variants of the name Elena borrowed from other languages are also used - Gelena, Helen, Elina, Ilona, Elona (Ellona), Ilina. And some of these options are used as independent names, for example, Ilona, Elina, Elona, Ilina.

Diminutive-affectionate words Les, Elin (Elina), Ella are also independent names. Eli's address is also an appeal to many other female names: for example, the name Eleanor, Eliana, Elizabeth (Elizabeth) and others.

Baby Lena loves to listen to fairy tales. He keeps himself somewhat apart, especially among his peers, lives his own inner world. She is very gullible, but when someone takes advantage of this quality of her and deceives her, Elena will certainly punish the deceiver, while showing extraordinary resourcefulness. Elena's kindness is not active. She can lay eyes on a homeless puppy on the street, bring him to her place, but if her father and mother demand to get rid of this "dirty lump", she will not show firmness and will obey.

Elena is easily fond of any business. Tries to knit, scribble, embroider. She likes grace in things. He teaches lessons from time to time, but, having a good memory, does well in school. The character is more like a dad. Mobility and love for sports are the hallmarks of Elena's difficult nature.

Elena is sociable, receptive and gullible. She is distinguished by well-marked spirituality and increased excitability. Although the girl does not have a special sense of humor, she is calm and not critical of the opinions of others.

As a woman, Elena enchants and attracts. The girl has an innate sense of beauty. Like a delicate flower, it needs sunlight, it needs warmth and affection. However, as is sometimes said, laziness was born earlier than Lena. She often puts things on the back burner. The girl's thinking is rather synthetic - she is not attentive to particulars. Elena is curious, talkative and remembers well everything that comes into her field of vision.

Elena keeps aloof from other people. She lives immersed in her inner world, which is her happiness. Despite such secrecy, Lena is caring and attentive to loved ones. In life, she is cheerful and optimistic. People around her see her as smart, fast and warm-hearted. However, in reality, the girl is an introvert. In her own world, where jewelry, palaces and magnificent receptions live, Elena is most comfortable. On the one hand, the constant existence in her own world makes the girl lie and invent, and, on the other hand, makes her completely indifferent to the outside world.

Elena is worthy of the title "Miss Sincerity". She trusts everyone, but for those who abuse her trust, she will never forgive. All her life, the girl fights her laziness, and this becomes the main engine of all her achievements. Elena is kind, but not active in doing good deeds.

As a child, Elena is shy. She is cheerful, emotional, has a wild fantasy. Over the years, the girl begins to push her parents somewhat, expanding her living space. The only way out then is to marry Elena. And to do this so that she does not come back.

Few people are more amorous than Elena. She finds her only one and puts her whole life at his feet. For him, she will become a fabulous, joyful creature. True, she will not achieve anything, she is more accustomed to go with the flow. Lena has an agreeable character, and she knows how to get along with people and avoids unnecessary conflicts. In addition, the girl is not devoid of intuition, which faithfully serves her life plans.

For men, Elena is extremely attractive. Many are captivated by her charm and are ready for anything for her. She excites with great force, captures her fans entirely. However, only a man-father can become her life companion, calmly enduring her antics. Love in Lena's soul often appears along with suffering for someone who needs help, but she will most likely respond to hot love not with the same passion.

Between the rich and the one who needs help, Elena will choose the second for her husband and, sacrificing herself to him, will demand the same from him. Lena does not allow work and hobbies to become more important than her husband, but she does not completely immerse herself in the family. Although Elena is a homebody and a caring mother, diapers and everyday life will never be in the foreground for her. Within the walls of her home, she expects to see comfort and tranquility. Lena lovingly gives it a beautiful look. As a homebody, she often enjoys quiet, homely pursuits like knitting or embroidery.

Elena is very good at communicating with people, so her profession should be connected with this. So she will achieve maximum success. True, she is not a fan of rushing to work, neither light, nor dawn, it is better for her to sleep longer. In addition, she is always interested in everything related to beauty. Therefore, her choice often falls on the career of an artist or fashion model.

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Elena's birthday

Elena celebrates her name day on January 28, March 19, June 3, June 8, July 24, August 10, November 12.

Famous people named Elena

  • Elena the Beautiful (character of ancient Greek mythology)
  • Elena the Wise (heroine of Russian fairy tales)
  • Elena Glinskaya (Grand Duchess of Moscow, mother of Ivan the Terrible)
  • Elena Vyalbe (skier)
  • Alena Apina (birth name - Elena Lyovochkina; Russian pop singer)
  • Alena Khmelnitskaya, Elena Khmelnitskaya (Russian film actress)
  • Olena Pchilka ((1849 - 1930) real name - Olga Kosach, Ukrainian writer, playwright, ethnographer)
  • Elena Blaginina (children's poet)
  • Elena Isinbaeva (athlete, pole vaulter)
  • Elena Obraztsova (singer (mezzo-soprano), People's Artist of the USSR)
  • Elena Proklova (actress)
  • Elena Bonner (public and political figure, human rights activist, wife of Academician A. D. Sakharov)
  • Helena Roerich (religious philosopher)
  • Elena Gnesina (musician-teacher)
  • Elena Vodorezova (single skater, figure skating coach)
  • Elena Petushkova (Honored Master of Sports, Olympic champion in equestrian sports)
  • Elena Kamburova (singer, artistic director, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Elena Andreyanova ((1819 - 1857) ballet dancer, representative of the romantic trend)
  • Elena Rojo ((born 1944) Mexican theater and film actress)
  • Gelena Modrzejewska ((1840 - 1909) Polish dramatic actress)
  • Helene Rask (Norwegian model)
  • Elin Margrethe Brodin (Norwegian writer)
  • Helen Clark (Prime Minister of New Zealand 1999-2008)
  • Helen Mirren ((born 1945) real name - Elena Mironova; English film actress of Russian origin)
  • Helena Bonham Carter (English film actress)
  • Ellen Page (Canadian film actress)
  • Elayne Page (English singer and actress)
  • Eileen Collins (American woman astronaut)
  • Eileen Patterson ((born 1934) Scottish illustrator)
  • Helene Deutsch, Helena Deutsch ((1884 - 1982) Austrian and American psychoanalyst)
  • Elna Kimmestad ((1918 - 1997) Norwegian actress)
  • Elina Hirvonen (Finnish writer, journalist and documentary filmmaker)
  • Helena Christensen (Danish supermodel)
  • Lena Hedy ((born 1973) is an English actress, has appeared in such films as Game of Thrones, The Brothers Grimm, The Jungle Book, 300 Spartans, Onegin, Terminator: Battle for the Future, Red Baron "," Judge Dredd 3D "," The Whistleblower "," The Great Merlin "and many others)

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