The Meaning Of The Name Jacqueline

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The Meaning Of The Name Jacqueline
The Meaning Of The Name Jacqueline

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Jacqueline
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Short form of the name Jacqueline. Jacques, Yaki, Jay, Jackie, Jackie, Lin, Lina.

Synonyms for the name Jacqueline. Jackie, Jacklin, Jacqueline, Jacqueline, Jacqueline, Akilina, Jacobin, Jacoma, Jacob, Jacop, Jacob, Jacobin, Jacquez, Jacob.

The origin of the name Jacqueline. Jacqueline's name is English, Catholic.

The name Jacqueline is the feminine form of the male name Jacques used in France. The name Jacques is the French pronunciation of the name Jacob, which sounds differently in different countries. In Russia, in addition to the biblical name, most often they use the name Jacob, Jacob - in Germany, Romania and Hungary, Giacomo and Jacobbe - in Italy, Jakub - in the Czech Republic and Poland, James and Jacob - in Great Britain and various other variants of the name.

Depending on the country of use, variants of female names appeared. So the names Jacqueline, Jacob, Jacobin, Jacob, Jacquez are identical.

The name Jacqueline in translation means “the one that displaces”, “the one that will overtake”, “the one that follows on the heels”, or in a simpler version - “overtaking”, “pursuing”, “displacing” - all in one sense value.

The name Jacqueline is quite popular in English and French-speaking countries of Europe and the former colonies of these countries in the Americas. And Lin's diminutive appeal is also an independent name.

An extremely beautiful and peculiar woman, Jacqueline strives to be bright in everything. She is a supporter of big companies and outdoor activities. Being a passionate fan of sports, Jacqueline, if she does not participate in competitions herself, will certainly be on the podium.

Jacqueline is a strong personality, but there is a lot of unsaid in her. The complex nature of this woman contains a mixture of spontaneity and reflection. Jacqueline's actions do not always correspond to her promises. Sometimes she comes into conflict with her own words, guided by internal impulses. The unpredictability of the action makes this woman a mystery to others. Sometimes it is very difficult to communicate with her, she is so different from ordinary people. Jacqueline walks on completely different roads, which may seem strange and unusual.

Deep down, Jacqueline may feel inferior, and because of this, she will often remain silent, trying not to flaunt herself. At the same time, a woman does not hesitate to ask questions about what is interesting to her. She is interested in mysticism, psychology or parapsychology. Jacqueline is sure that everything in this life is not as beautiful and simple as you might think, and that everything has its own secret meaning. This outlook on life largely determines the difference between Jacqueline and other people.

Jacqueline has an analytical mind, prone to attention to detail. A woman very quickly distinguishes between lies, in which her intuition and psychologist's abilities help her. Jacqueline combines spirituality and discernment.

Jacqueline takes the matter of choosing a spouse very seriously. The girl is extremely demanding to her partner, trying to find her ideal. Sometimes Jacqueline is wrong, confusing fleeting passion and strong and deep love. In any case, the girl strives to be charming, is quite capable of taking the first step, but she is also capable of being the first to break off relations without giving any reason. Ultimately, this is where the attraction of this girl lies.

The process of choosing a spouse can be delayed, but a kind, reliable, and, most importantly, a successful person will become Jacqueline's husband. Jacqueline herself will devote herself to home and children. This woman will never make her husband jealous. She will take great care of the children and keep her house in perfect order. Guests in her house are always welcome. Moreover, Jacqueline is sociable and prefers to have a large circle of friends.

Jacqueline's career is not as easy and successful as her family life. To achieve anything, a woman has to make a lot of effort. Jacqueline is too soft and often cannot defend her decision. As a result, she becomes a follower, and other people take advantage of her. However, this does not prevent Jacqueline from being hardworking and ambitious. She may not be able to achieve her goals on her own, but she will certainly do it with the help of a companion. Jacqueline sees her vocation in the career of a psychologist or teacher. At the same time, she is attracted to professions associated with long business trips.

Birthday Jacqueline

Jacqueline doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Jacqueline

  • Jacqueline Du Pré (Dupré) ((1945-1987) English cellist. She has performed with the best orchestras in Europe and the USA. Several documentaries and feature films have been made about her, and a variety of roses is named after her.)
  • Jacqueline du Bieuf ((born 1930) French figure skater (single skating), winner of the bronze medal at the Olympic Games in 1952, multiple champion of France, medalist of the European and World Championships)
  • Jacqueline Vaudecran ((born 1913) French single skater, later became one of the most famous figure skating coaches in the world. Winner of national championships.)
  • Dame Jacqueline Wilson DBE ((born 1945) birth name - Jacqueline Atkin; an English children's writer, winner of many awards, and in 2003 her 14 works were included in the list of 200 best books according to the BBC. Her most famous works: "Diary Tracy Beeker ", a series of books" Girls "," Secrets "," Painted Mom "," Midnight "," Twins "," New Start "and others. Author of more than 60 books.)
  • Jacqueline Aguilar ((born 1938) full name - Maria Esperanza Jacqueline Andere Aguilar; Mexican actress, best known for playing the title role in the film "Yesenia". Has starred in more than 20 TV series and more than 30 feature films.)
  • Jacqueline Pascal ((1625-1661) French poetess, was a nun of the Port-Royal monastery, was active in France at that time)
  • Jacqueline Lee "Jackie" Bouvier Kennedy Onassis ((1929-1994) nee - Jacqueline Bouvier, by first marriage - Kennedy, by second marriage - Onassis; the first lady of the United States during her husband's presidency (1961-1963). Became one of the most popular women of her time, made a great contribution to the preservation of historical architecture and art, she was considered a trendsetter of fashion and beauty not only in America, but also in Europe.)
  • Jacqueline Ziman ((born 1953) is an American actress, has appeared in various soap operas. She has starred in the daytime soap opera General Hospital for several decades, and has received four Daytime Emmy nominations.)
  • Jacqueline Michelle Linetsky ((1986-2003) Canadian voice actress, also starred in Racket School)
  • Jacqueline Cochran, Jekyline Cochran ((1906-1980) birth name - Bessie Lee Pitman; one of the greatest American female pilots, pioneer of American aviation, the very first woman to break the sound barrier, and later twice exceeded the speed of sound. Cochran became the first the woman who flew a Lockheed Hudson 5 bomber across the Atlantic. She has five Harmon Prizes, which is considered an outstanding achievement in the world for a female pilot. Jacqueline Cochran has set the most speed records in the world, hence she was called the Queen of Speed. or “Supersonic.” On her initiative, skilled female pilots have successfully flown in Auxiliary Air Transport in England since 1940. From 1943, she became director of the Women's Experimental Squadron for Strategic Transfer (WASP). As the Director of the Pilot Service, she was awarded several times, she also received many awards not only from the USA, but also from other countries of the world. A crater on Venus is named after this great woman.)
  • Jacqueline Bisset ((born 1944) Anglo-American film actress, starred in such films as Dead End, American Night, Abyss, Wild Orchid, Murder on the Orient Express, Anna Karenina, Jeanne D'Arc "," Napoleon and Josephine "," Domino "and others)
  • Jacqueline Hainaut, Jacob of Bavaria ((1401-1436) Countess Hainaut (Gennegau), daughter and heiress (from 1417) of William II of Bavaria, Count of Holland and Gennegau)
  • Jacqueline Mitchard ((born 1956) American writer, journalist, biographer)
  • Jacqueline Pyatigorski ((1911-2012) birth name - Jacqueline Rebecca Louise de Rothschild; American chess player, multiple winner of tennis tournaments - US champion. Was one of the leading US chess players in the 1950s-60s., established a scholarship award for performers of academic music.)
  • Jacqueline White ((born 1922) American actress)
  • Jacqueline Smith ((born 1945) American actress, became famous after playing a role in the television series "Charlie's Angels." After filming, she changed her occupation, founded her own brand of clothing and perfumery. She starred in such films as "Deja vu", "Mills of the Gods "," Murder in the Night "," Escape from County Bogen "," My Best Friend "," Users "and others. Received the" Golden Globe "in 1981 for her role in the film" Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy ", has his own star on Hollywood "Walk of Fame".)
  • Jacob Berendin van Heemskerk van Best ((1876-1923) Dutch painter, mainly paints landscapes and still lifes. Also graphic artist and glass artist. Her work is in various museums in the Netherlands and Germany.)
  • Jacob Martinez-Garcia, Maria Pilar and Saint Francis Borgia ((1877-1936) Blessed Roman Catholic, nun of the Order of the Discalced Carmelites, martyr)
  • Jackie Joyner-Kersey ((born 1962) birth name - Jacqueline Joyner; famous American athlete (long jump, heptathlon and sprint), multiple winner of the Olympic Games and World Championships. According to the publication "Sports Illustrated for Women`s" in In 2001, the athlete was recognized as the best athlete of the 20th century.)
  • Jacqueline Jill Collins, better known as Jackie Collins ((born 1937) British writer and writer of several bestsellers, is the sister of the famous actress Joan Collins. The author of such novels as "The World is Full of Married Men", "The Stallion", "Players and Lovers". Hollywood Wives, Lucky's Revenge, Dangerous Kiss, Odds, Poor Little Bitch, Lady Boss, and many others. Films have been made based on some of her books.)
  • Jacqueline Samantha "Jackie" Sandler ((born 1974) surname before marriage - Titone; American actress and fashion model)

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