The Meaning Of The Name Yesenia

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The Meaning Of The Name Yesenia
The Meaning Of The Name Yesenia

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The short form of the name Yesenia. Yenya, Esya, Esenka, Senya, Senia, Esi.

Synonyms for the name Yesenia. Hesenia, Essenia, Hessenia, Spring.

The origin of the name Yesenia. The name of Yesenia is Russian, Slavic.

The name Yesenia has several versions of its origin. The Slavs had a masculine name Yesienia (Yesenia), possibly from which the female name Yesenia could also appear. According to the explanatory dictionary of V. I. Dal, the word "Esen" means "autumn", and therefore it is quite possible that Esenya, Esenia is the worldly name of a child born in the fall.

The second version of the origin of the name Yesenia, oddly enough, completely contradicts the first: it is assumed that Yesenia appeared from the Slavic name Vesna, when the girl was affectionately called "spring", and, in the end, the name Yesenia appeared.

Some believe that the name Yesenia was invented in Russia during the NEP years, and it was formed from the surname of the famous Russian poet of the Silver Age - Sergei Yesenin. It is possible that it was at this time that the male name Yeseniy was also invented, which is much less common than the female name.

According to another version, the name Yesenia is of Greek origin and means “distant stranger”. The name Yesenia is consonant with the name Ksenia, which is translated as "guest", "foreigner".

There is also an option that the name Yesenia comes from the Arabic male name Hasan, which means “good, handsome”. Moreover, this version is one of the main ones along with the version that the name comes from the Old Church Slavonic "esen".

In 1975, Alfred B. Krevenna's melodrama with Jacqueline Andere in the title role "Yesenia" was released in the USSR, which became the absolute record holder of the annual rental in the entire history of the USSR, surpassing such films as "Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears" and "Pirates of the XX century" … After this telenovela of the same name, the name Yesenia became popular in the USSR, present-day Russia.

Despite the unusualness, it remains a fact that the name Yesenia is used with quite enviable regularity among Hispanic girls in the naming convention. It can be both the main and the second name, and it is pronounced the same way as Hesenia or Yesenia.

A girl named Yesenia is always ready, to the best of her ability, to help. You can rely on her, Yesenia will not leave you in trouble and will protect you. The girl too easily forgives people for their mistakes and vices, seeks to understand them. At the same time, Yesenia cannot be denied practicality and some resourcefulness.

Yesenia loves animals. She can get herself a dog, but she will try to throw off the duties of a walk on her relatives. The fact is that Yesenia loves to sleep in the morning, although if necessary she can get up early and go on business. Winter Yesenia is often quick-tempered, seeks to interrupt in a dispute, does not allow the interlocutor to speak and cannot do it herself. With all this, she is a believer. The girl is kind to others, often gives alms, goes to church, but does not like to demonstrate these traits of her character. In general, this is a fragile, gentle, beautiful and energetic girl, she can be calculating and obstinate.

At work, Yesenia quickly takes a leading position. Despite the gentleness of her character, the girl is a good organizer. Yesenia's work is helped by her strong will and stable psyche. The girl makes decisions on her own, strives for well-being at work. Before committing any act, Yesenia maturely weighs the pros and cons, and therefore she rarely makes mistakes. Yesenia is a restrained and unhurried worker; she does not make sudden rash decisions. Yesenia, especially born in October, knows her worth well as a specialist. She is good at determining the attitude of her superiors and colleagues to herself, knows who to trust and who will trust her, and who should not be counted on.

Yesenia rarely marries early. She must first graduate from college, get on her feet. Financial independence from her husband is important for a girl. Yesenia strives to avoid any dependence on both her husband and parents. The girl always looks after herself and her house. She is clean, good at cooking. But since childhood, all her toys and dolls are kept in her house. The girl is a good housewife and, as a rule, is happy in marriage.

Even after marriage, Yesenia continues to maintain a close relationship with her friend. In the family, the girl is the leader. She is caring, but prefers to live separately from her parents. The husband can easily offend her with a rude word.

The wealth of Yesenia's soul is not revealed to others at once and not to everyone. However, the first impression a girl makes is warmth. She is friendly, affectionate and smiling to everyone, even to those who may not be pleasant to her. At the same time, Yesenia does not seek to create a false impression of herself. The girl is observant, has good intuition, she notices the shortcomings of people and this helps her find an approach to them. It happens that Yesenia is not sure of her actions. She chooses a friend for a long time, but this friendship becomes strong and long. Yesenia loves all kinds of rituals and goes to weddings with pleasure.

Yesenia's birthday

Yesenia does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Yesenia

  • Yesenia Volzhankina ((born 1983) is a Latvian athlete, at the 2010 European Championships in the heptathlon she took eighth position with a score of 5616 points, which is a personal record. Volzhankina's coach is Yuri Ostashev.)
  • Yesenia Butorina ((born 2003) a young gymnast who shows great promise)
  • Yesenia (gypsy, the main character of the Mexican melodrama of the same name)
  • Yesenia Centeno Sosa ((born 1971) Cuban athlete)
  • Yesenia Valencia (Cuban actress)
  • Hil Yesenia Hernandez Escobar ((born 1983) Chilean winner of the Miss Earth 2006 beauty pageant)

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