The Meaning Of The Name Ekaterina (Katya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Ekaterina (Katya)
The Meaning Of The Name Ekaterina (Katya)

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The short form of the name Catherine. Katya, Katyuha, Katyusha, Katena, Katyunya, Katyura, Katyusya, Katyulya, Katyha, Katyasha, Rina, Ekaterinka, Katerinka, Kate, Kat, Katie.

Synonyms for the name Catherine. Katrina, Katerina, Katherine, Katarina, Catalina, Catalino, Catalin, Katel, Trine, Kaisa, Ketlin, Kätlin, Ketevan, Catalia, Karen.

The origin of the name Catherine. The name Catherine is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Catherine came into the Russian language from the Greek language, it means "pure, immaculate." In many Western European languages, there are two phonetic variants of the name in parallel: Katherine (Katherine, Katarina) and Catalina (Kathleen, Kathleen, Caitlin - Catlin, Caitlin).

Currently, a variant of the name Ekaterina - Catalia has appeared, which is gaining popularity and can be considered both an independent name and an affectionate appeal to the owners of the names Ekaterina, Catalina, Katerina and their variations. The name Ketevan became the analogue of the name Catherine in Georgia. In the United States in the 1950s and 1960s, it entered the top ten most popular names (derived from Katherine), and in 1965 it became one of the most popular names among American girls.

Rin's affectionate appeal is also an independent name and an appeal to many other names. Semantic analogues are the names Ariana and Safiya.

Among Christians, the Great Martyr Catherine of Alexandria is especially revered, who is considered the patroness of brides. And among Catholics she is revered as the heavenly intercessor of children and women, schoolchildren and students, and she is also the patroness of such professions as a teacher, librarian, philosopher, lawyer, spinner, cutter and grinder. Also, Catherine of Alexandria patronizes the cities of Yekaterinburg, Dnepropetrovsk (former Yekaterinoslav), Krasnodar (former Yekaterinodar), Aalzum (Holland) and the University of Paris.

Catherine is strongly distinguished from other women by her high level of intelligence. In her actions, a girl can be overly impulsive and proud. She has a hard time recognizing the superiority of other people. This is due to the fact that internally the girl is constantly looking for flaws in herself and suffers from a fictitious inferiority.

Ekaterina is a real dreamer. Having a rich imagination, she easily makes friends and admirers for herself. The girl expects first of all reliability from close people and considers them as a support.

During her school years, Katya tries to be the first in the class, carefully selects her social circle, limiting it only to everyone's favorites. She is talented and generous, so she does a lot. And if something does not succeed, then Katya can only blame her disregard for the help of others.

Catherine takes any events in her life calmly. She is always restrained and prudent. Among those around her, she is known as a well-mannered, kind and tactful girl, not devoid of taste and grandeur. Katya makes her intellect feel from the first minutes of communication. Although Katya cannot be called touchy, she is very subjective and often takes what is said on herself. There is no spiritual subtlety and flexibility in her, and the character can rather be called difficult.

However, Catherine's life is always interesting and eventful. By temperament, the girl is choleric. She easily loses her temper, sometimes it seems that her requirements are too high. She is often devoid of intuition and acts based on her mind. Katya is 100% sure of her mental abilities. Her actions largely depend on the circumstances. The girl has no firm moral principles. Outwardly, Katya often remains indifferent.

Katerina selects her life partner very carefully and spends a lot of time looking for him. The girl is not deprived of the attention of the opposite sex. However, for a long time she cannot choose from the mass of fans who is worthy to become her husband. In relationships, she is empathetic and excitable, but dissatisfaction can result in anger and irritability. One should not expect a violent manifestation of feelings from Katya, but, nevertheless, she becomes a good housewife and wife. It is not difficult for her to solve everyday problems, although more complicated tasks can make her get confused.

Catherine has no attachments that could claim the meaning of her life. She loves to attend concerts, go to the movies, have fun, but she does not give it up completely. Work also does not become its goal. As an employee, Katya is quite active, but she lacks endurance. Among the professions, she also has no preferences. Most often, Catherine becomes an advertiser or journalist. It is even possible that the girl will achieve noticeable success in this field.

Sound. Catherine is a rather long name, consisting of five syllables. Majesty is its most prominent characteristic. The strength (91%), beauty (90%) and mysteriousness (83%) of the sound of the name are also often noted. Sometimes a certain femininity is also distinguished in him (74%). Names similar in phonosemantic profile are Victoria, Valeria and Elizaveta.

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Catherine's birthday

Catherine celebrates her name day on February 5, February 17, March 20, December 7, December 17.

Famous people named Catherine

  • Catherine II the Great ((1729-1796) birth name - Sophia Augusta Frederika von Anhalt-Zerbst-Dornburg otherwise Sophia Augusta Frederica von Anhalt-Zerbst, name at the Russian court - Ekaterina Alekseevna; Empress of All Russia (1762-1796). Made an impressive contribution in the development and strengthening of the Russian Empire. Reformer.)
  • Ekaterina Dashkova ((1743 / 1744-1810) nee - Vorontsova, married - Princess Dashkova; friend and associate of Empress Catherine II, participant in the coup d'etat of 1762. One of the notable personalities of the Russian Enlightenment. Her memoirs contain valuable information about the time of Peter's reign III and about the accession of Catherine II ("Memoirs of Princess Dashkova", published in 1840 in London).)
  • Ekaterina Budanova ((1916-1943) first female pilot, Hero of the Russian Federation, fighter pilot)
  • Ekaterina Maksimova ((1939-2009) Soviet and Russian ballerina, ballet master, choreographer, ballet teacher. People's Artist of the USSR (1973). Laureate of the USSR State Prize (1981).)
  • Ekaterina Furtseva ((1910-1974) Soviet statesman and party leader, Minister of Culture of the USSR from 1960 to 1974)
  • Katharina Witt ((born 1965) outstanding German figure skater, two-time Olympic champion in single skating (1984, 1988), four-time world champion (1984, 1985, 1987, 1988), six-time European champion (1983-1988 in a row), eight-time champion of the GDR)
  • Katharina Boehm (Swiss film actress)
  • Ekaterina Vasilyeva ((born 1945) Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, People's Artist of the RSFSR (1987))
  • Ekaterina Radziwill ((1858-1941) Polish writer and swindler, representative of the Rzhevusky count family)
  • Ekaterina Raikina ((born 1938) Russian theater and film actress, Honored Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones ((born 1969) English film actress)
  • Katherine Heigl ((born 1978) American film actress)
  • Ekaterina Semyonova ((stage name - Katya Semyonova; Russian pop singer, composer and film actress)
  • Catherine Bagration (nee Skavronskaya; princess, wife of the commander Bagration, famous in Europe for her beauty and carefree behavior)
  • Ekaterina Zhuleva ((1830-1905) by husband - Nebolsina; Russian dramatic artist)
  • Ekaterina Geltser ((1876-1962) Russian Soviet ballerina)
  • Kete Kollwitz ((1867-1945) German painter and sculptor)
  • Kati Karrenbauer (German singer and film actress)
  • Catalina (Catalina) Ponor ((born 1987) Romanian gymnast, three-time Olympic champion, world and European champion)
  • Ekaterina Gordeeva ((born 1971) Soviet and Russian figure skater who performed in pair skating. Paired with Sergei Grinkov - two-time Olympic champion in 1988 and 1994, four-time world champion, three-time European champion and three-time world champion among professionals.)
  • Ekaterina Vilmont (Russian writer, author of ironic women's prose)
  • Ekaterina Telesheva (Teleshova, Telesheva) ((1804-1857) Russian ballerina, favorite student of Didlo and E. I. Kolosova)
  • Ekaterina Avdeeva ((1789-1865) nee - Field; Russian writer, publisher of Russian folk tales, author of books on home economics; sister of N.A. Polevoy and K.A. Polevoy)
  • Katherine Bigelow (born 1951) is an American sci-fi, action, and horror film director, Golden Globe nominee, BAFTA and Oscar winner for The Hurt Locker, first woman to receive an Oscar "As a director.)
  • Kate Moss ((born 1974) British supermodel and actress. Known as one of the highest paid models of the 1990s and 2000s.)
  • Katarzyna Skowronska ((born 1983) Polish volleyball player, striker, player of the national team. Two-time European champion (2003 and 2005).)
  • Catherine de Medici or Catherine Maria Romola di Lorenzo de Medici ((1519-1589) Queen and Regent of France (1560-1563 and 1574), wife of Henry II, King of France from the Angouleme line of the Valois dynasty)
  • Katrine Madsen (Danish jazz singer)
  • Trine Jensen (Danish handball player)
  • Katariina Souri (Finnish fashion model, actress and writer)
  • Kaisa Mäkäräinen (Makarainen) (Finnish biathlete)
  • Karin Alvtegen (Swedish writer, detective novelist)
  • Catherine Deneuve ((born 1943) pseudonym, née Catherine Fabienne Dorleac; French actress. The third of the four daughters of French actors Maurice Dorleac and Rene Deneuve. She began to use her mother's surname at the very beginning of her career so that she would not be confused with the more famous at that time older sister Françoise Dorleac. The other two sisters, Sylvia and Daniela Dorleac, are also actresses.)
  • Kaisa Bergqvist (Swedish athlete, world champion in high jump)
  • Katya Kramarchik ((born 1984) surname before marriage - Schulke; German handball player, role - goalkeeper)
  • Katya Mira Pevek ((born 1988) American actress)
  • Katya Kirilova Paskaleva ((1945-2002) Bulgarian actress)
  • Katya Ocean ((born 1981) real name - Ekaterina Ivlieva; Belarusian singer, also radio presenter, actress, composer and lyricist)
  • Katya Galstyan ((born 1993) Armenian skier, participated in the 2014 Olympics)
  • Katya Seizinger ((born 1972) German alpine skier, three times Olympic champion, multiple winner of various championships)
  • Katja Hanchen Leni Riemann ((born 1963) German actress, also singer)
  • Katya Kapovich ((born 1960) full name - Ekaterina; Russian and American poetess, prose writer. Editor of the English-language poetry magazine "Fulcrum".)
  • Katya Klep ((born 1993) real name - Ekaterina Trofimova; Russian video blogger. Shoots sketches, uploads conversational videos and musical parodies). Her video projects are in the top 10 most profitable in Russia.)
  • Katya Guerreiro ((born 1976) Portuguese singer, performer of the fado genre)
  • Katya Haller ((born 1981) Italian biathlete, multiple medalist of various championships)
  • Katya Adushkina ((born 2003) full name - Ekaterina; Russian video blogger, popular among teenagers)
  • Katya Kishchuk ((born 1993) Russian singer and model)
  • Katya Ogonyok ((1977-2007) real name - Christina Penkhasova, surname after marriage - Bogdanova; Russian singer, genre - chanson)
  • Katya Lel ((born 1974) real name - Ekaterina Chuprinina; Russian singer)

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