The Meaning Of The Name Evangeline

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The Meaning Of The Name Evangeline
The Meaning Of The Name Evangeline

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The short form of the name of Evangeline. Angie, Iva, Evie, Ivy, Lina, Helina, Hela, Eva, Evinya, Evita, Eva, Vangel, Vangela, Gela, Gel, Wang, Wangia, Faces, Lily, Lilika, Vangelina, Angelina.

Synonyms for Evangeline's name. Evangel, Gospels, Evangeline, Evangeline, Ivangelin, Ivangelina, Wangel.

The origin of the name Evangeline. The name of Evangeline is Catholic, Greek.

The name Evangeline is derived from the ancient Greek "evangelion", which literally means "good news", "Gospel". In a more loose translation, the name of Evangeline can sound like “bringing good, good news”, “messenger”, “messenger”.

Diminutive-affectionate terms Eva, Lina, Lily, Evita and Angelina are also independent names.

Evangeline combines two opposites. She is active, independent, moderately powerful and ambitious, makes her act and take her destiny into her own hands. The second part of her nature is more passive, obedient, shy and lazy, makes her do everything to keep the peace. And oddly enough, both of these personalities get along in one person. Evangeline is able to control herself, control her emotions.

And yet Evangeline is quite vulnerable emotionally, but at the same time she will not continue to relive the experience, but will find something that will allow her to switch. She perfectly organizes, administers, she will make a good manager. The owner of this name will listen to other people, but will not always follow their ideas.

Evangeline weighs everything carefully. But impulsive impulses happen to her, to which she can easily succumb. In this case, it is worth listening to her inner world, finding what is really very important to her and helping Evangeline again do something very important for her.

Evangeline doesn't always know how to express her feelings. As a child, to those around her, she seems to be a very timid girl, but although everything inside her will seethe, since she has a great imagination. She needs to be reassured and stimulated by giving her many different age responsibilities very early on. But also Evangeline can show completely opposite behavior, becomes brave or frivolous, but more out of a spirit of contradiction than really feeling like that.

She considers her personal life a very important part of her life, she will strive with all her soul to meet her true love. She will become romantic and sentimental to please whoever she chooses. She has great personal ambitions, but Evangeline is not particularly eager to become a leader in the family.

A girl named Evangeline is more often attracted to the humanities, such as psychology, pedagogy. It is important for her to feel emotional support, so she will choose the job that requires the participation of or several people, or, at least, work in pairs. If she fails to find such a vacancy, then Evangeline will look for herself in creativity, in working with children or in government agencies.

Evangeline's birthday

Evangeline does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Evangeline

  • Evangelina Dodonova (Russian sound engineer)
  • Evangelina Anderson (Argentine model, wife of Argentina defender Martin Demichelis)
  • Evangeline Adams ((1868 - 1932) one of the most famous practitioners-astrologers of the twentieth century. Author of textbooks on astrology, thanks to which anyone in the United States was able to join the ancient ways of predicting the future from the stars. At the time when Evangeline Adams lived, studying astrology It was thanks to the case in court when Evangeline Adams was a defendant, then astrology, and the astrologer herself were able to become famous and come out of the underground. Later, Evangeline Adams came up with a new direction - “astrological eugenics.” She advised the future parents, when is the best time for them to have children. In her opinion, it is easier to avoid further difficulties than to deal with them later. For many years she was engaged in helping homeless children find parents, giving recommendations on parenting.Since 1930, Evangeline Adams has also been on the radio three times a week. Her programs were very popular. Her most famous prophecies are considered: the prediction of a fire in New York's Windsor Hotel in 1899, the arrival of the financial crisis in 1929 and the foresight of the United States entering World War II in 1942.)
  • Evangelina Brazhnikova ((born 2003) Russian children's fashion model)
  • Nicole Evangeline Lilly ((born 1979) Canadian actress, best performing in the TV series Lost)
  • Evangelina Korsakova (psychologist)
  • Evangelina (singer, participant of the "Evangelina" project)
  • Evangeline Corey Booth ((1865 - 1950) American, who became the first female general in the Salvation Army from 1934 to 1939)
  • Evangeline Walton ((1907 - 1996) pseudonym, real name - Evangeline Willna Ensley; American novelist, fantasy author. Popular in North America and Europe.)
  • Evangeline Evangelina) Villegas ((born 1924) Mexican grain biochemist, her work with corn led to the development of high quality corn protein (QPM). 2000 World Food Prize winner for this achievement.)
  • Evangelina Vigil-Pinon ((born 1949) Mexican poetess, translator)
  • Evangelina Sobredo Galans, known as Cecilia (Cecilia) ((1948 - 1976) Spanish singer)
  • Gospel Psarra ((born 1974) Greek archer, represented Greece at the 2000, 2004 and 2008 Summer Olympics)
  • Dr. Evangelina Macaraeg-Macapagal ((1915 - 1999) nee Evangeline de la Cruz; second wife of Philippine President Diosdado Macapagal, ninth First Lady of the Philippines, mother of former Philippine President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (2001-2010))
  • Evangelina Carruzzo ((born 1981) Argentinean model, beauty queen and dancer. Received international attention for her actions during the international meeting of the presidents held on May 12, 2006.)
  • Gloria Evangelina Anzaldua ((1942 - 2004) American writer, poet)

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