Meaning Of The Name Dolores

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Meaning Of The Name Dolores
Meaning Of The Name Dolores

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Short form of the name Dolores. Lolita, Lola, Dora, Dolo.

Synonyms for the name Dolores. Dolorada, Doris, Dorish, Dolorata, Addolorata.

The origin of the name Dolores. Dolores's name is Catholic.

The name Dolores comes from a place name in honor of the Virgin Mary of the Sorrowful. "Dolores" translated from Spanish means "grieving", "sad", and the origins of this title is the Latin word "dolor" - "grief, sorrow". The name Dolores is used to a greater extent among the Hispanic population, both in Europe and in the former European colonies in Latin America.

The name Dolores has various variations in the spelling and pronunciation of the name - Dolorad, Dolorat, Addolorat. The names Lolita and Lola are often considered diminutive appeals to the owner of this name, but in modern times these names have become independent and independent.

The name Dolores is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar, but among Catholics on September 15, the day of the Most Holy Mary of Sorrow is celebrated.

The owner of the name Dolores is quite elegant and attractive, this can not always be attributed to her appearance, but together with her refreshing love of life and inner self-confidence, a feeling of a successful woman is created. She is sometimes extremely self-confident, to the point of complacency. Impatient, shrewd, quick-witted, often relies on intuition, likes to show herself.

Dolores is flexible, skillful and sociable girl, easily adapts and adapts to different societies, although her curiosity and desire to know a little more than everyone else does not inspire enthusiasm for active communication with her. This is an emotional, sensual person with imagination, she wants to be known.

As a little girl, Dolores can be quite naughty. Likes to be in the spotlight, has many hidden qualities, in particular, verbal ability. Therefore, it would be advisable to encourage her to study foreign languages ​​or develop her vocal talent (theater, singing). It is pleasant to communicate with her, it is natural for her to have many friends. However, they tend to change frequently. Dolores is greatly admired by those around her because of her public speaking and attractive magnetism. Nevertheless, her parents should be careful to ensure that little Dolores does not learn to constantly lie and twist, it is necessary to instill solid moral values ​​in her upbringing in time, because, as a little girl, she may begin to think that life is one big game.

Dolores loves to communicate, express herself, laugh, joke, play, seduce and generally have fun, which she tries to devote most of her life to. Whimsical and impulsive, she occasionally finds herself in ridiculous situations with marginal or questionable characters that will certainly upset her balance. This romantic girl seeks to surround herself with loyal fans, to whom she can show possessive feelings. For the sake of her appearance, comfort and other joys in life, Dolores will not keep track of all her expenses.

Dolores is inclined to look for ways of least resistance and is happy to just go with the flow, she is not one of those people who will fight or try to defend her point of view, especially if there is an opportunity to find a compromise solution. The owner of this name loves to receive guests, it is important for her to be special among others. She needs other people to feel truly alive.

The owner of the Dolores name can devote herself to artistic (theater, singing, painting) or commercial activities, especially if this profession is related to speech and communication with people (teacher, teacher, translator, lecturer).

Birthday Dolores

Dolores celebrates her name day on September 15th.

Famous people named Dolores

  • Dolores Kondrashova ((born 1936) Soviet hairdresser and designer. Multiple winner and prize-winner of international competitions in hairdressing. At present, since 1971, he is the head coach of the Russian national team in hairdressing. In 2002 she was awarded the title of Honored Artist Of the Russian Federation (2002) Dolores Kondrashova is the only Russian woman from the beauty industry who was awarded this title. The founder of the Union of Hairdressers and Cosmetologists of Russia, the Academy of Hairdressing Art, from which masters of the highest category emerge. The founder of one of the world's best salons "Vella- Dolores ", publishes the only magazine in Russia for hairdressers and cosmetologists" Dolores ". Creator of the festivals" World of Beauty "(State Kremlin Palace),"Spring Opening Day" (Gostiny Dvor). Dolores Kondrashova helped many famous modern hairstyle designers and make-up artists, and France awarded her the Commander's degree with the Legion of Honor for her world contribution to the hairdressing art.)
  • Dolores O'Riordan ((born 1971) Irish singer, sings with The Cranberries, also began a solo career, is a songwriter, writes music, draws and appears on television, participates as a judge on the TV show "The Voice of Ireland".)
  • Dolores Costello ((1903-1979) American actress, popularly named “Goddess of Silent Films.” She first starred in a film at the age of 6, was one of the most sought-after actresses in silent cinema. She almost never appeared in sound films.)
  • Dolores del Rio ((1905-1983) Mexican actress, silent movie star. She was considered one of the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood. Owner of a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. She starred in such films as "Joanna", "Bird of Paradise", "Flight to Rio "," Maria Candelaria "," Flaming Star "," The Man Who Bought Paradise "," Children of Sanchez "and many others.)
  • Dolores Fonsi (Fonzi) ((born 1978) Argentinean model, starred in the television series The Rich and Famous, The End of the Game, Cold Blood and others)
  • Dolores Ibarruri Gomez, also known as Passionaria ((1895-1989) Spanish active participant, leader of the Spanish and international communist movement. She was a citizen of the USSR since the 1960s. She returned to her homeland after the death of the Spanish dictator Franco and the legalization of parties.)
  • Dolores Gray ((1924-2002) American actress and singer, winner of "Tony" for her role as "Carnival in Flanders")
  • Dolores Conesa ((born 1935) Spanish writer, winner of literary awards - the Felipe Trigo Prize, the Azorina Prize, the Coffee Gijon Prize and the Gabriel Miró Prize)
  • Dolores Hope ((1909-2011) American singer, has toured under the pseudonym Dolores Reed in many hot spots of the planet. Patron and philanthropist, winner of various prestigious awards and prizes, such as the Catholic Order of St. Gregory the Great and a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. American comedian and TV presenter Bob Hope, with whom she toured.At the age of 83, she released her first album, and in 2009 she celebrated her 100th birthday.)

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