The Meaning Of The Name Dilya

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The Meaning Of The Name Dilya
The Meaning Of The Name Dilya

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Short form of the name Dilya. Diehl.

Synonyms for the name Dilya. Dilruba, Dilraba, Dilafruza, Dilafruz, Dilanur, Dilroba, Dilara, Dilara, Dilia, Dilyana.

The origin of the name Dilya. Dil's name is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Diehl has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Dilya is of Tatar origin and means "beauty".

According to the second version, the name Dilya has Persian roots and is a short form of many related names containing the constituent "dil". This is a diminutive appeal to the full names of Dilnaz, Dilruba, Diliya, Dilrab ("beloved by all"), Dilafruz, Dilafruz ("pleasing the heart"), Dilnar, Dilyanur, Dilroba ("conquering the heart"), Dilara, Dilara and other women names. An integral part of these names "dil" means "soul, heart, mind." At present, the name Dilya has become independent and is used independently of other related names.

In Bulgaria, the name Dilyana is used, which is translated as "kind, sincere, intelligent." The name Dilya is common among Tajiks, Uzbeks, Kazakhs, Turks, Tatars, and is also used among other Muslims.

Dili's stubbornness manifests itself from early childhood. She grows up as a touchy and very vulnerable child. The girl always keeps her word and will promise something just like that. Despite her self-confidence and pride, Dilya is very friendly and treats everyone equally. Any business is carried out slowly.

"Winter" Dilya has a contradictory character. She always directly expresses her position. Fair and principled.

The “summer” owner of this name is distinguished by her responsiveness. She is kind, easily converges with people, is hard going through separation. She manifests herself as an informal leader. She behaves in a balanced manner, but at the same time she is energetic and shows curiosity. Sometimes laziness manifests itself in Dila, and she does not want to make efforts to accomplish any task. If desired, Dilya can achieve great success in any endeavor. For her husband, Dilya is a mystery woman.

"Autumn" Diehl is characterized by analytical thinking. She is interested in learning new things, developing. This girl has a changeable mood. She has a delicate and vulnerable soul. Dilya is friendly. Likes to communicate with interesting people. Having got married, Dilya becomes a wonderful mother and wife. Its main drawback is the inability to properly allocate your time.

Dilya's birthday

Dilya does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Dilya

  • Dilya Enikeeva ((born 1951) Russian psychiatrist, candidate of medical sciences (1981), writer)
  • Dilyana Georgieva ((born 1965) Bulgarian gymnast (rhythmic gymnastics, individual all-around). Repeated world and European champion. One of the "golden girls". Currently a coach.)

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