The Meaning Of The Name Diana

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The Meaning Of The Name Diana
The Meaning Of The Name Diana

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Diana
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Short form of the name Diana. Dianka, Dina, Diya, Ana, Anya, Dean, Didi.

Synonyms for the name Diana. Diana, Dayana, Dian, Diiana, Dianna, Diana, Dianne.

The origin of the name Diana. The name Diana is Catholic.

The name Diana is the name of the Roman goddess of the moon and the hunt, Diana (in Greek mythology, Artemis). Translated from the Latin language means "divine". The name Diana in various countries can be pronounced as Diana and Dayana.

Dean's diminutive is also a name in its own right. And Anya's address is a short form of many names, both female (Floriana, Juliana, Andron, Anisya, Anfima, Christina, Kyrian, Liana, Viviana, Liliana, Rufiniana, Felician, Anna, Susanna, Juliania and others), and male (Angii, Fabian, Christian).

This is a very cheerful and energetic nature, which always needs to strive for a goal. Each task seems to her the most important in her life, and she throws all her strength into solving it. This is repeated every time, but Diana does not find the main and only goal.

For Diana, nothing is impossible, she always copes with everything, since she has endless energy, logic and an analytical mindset. But she often scatters her energy on constantly emerging new ideas. She is a very emotional and sensitive nature, her feelings are always deep. She needs to try to be easier to communicate, as she is bad at hiding her strong feelings. When Diana tries to hide her feelings, they can become even stronger, which will be painful for her. She should show her restraint only at work, then she will succeed, and in family life she will become a caring mother and affectionate wife.

Diana is inclined to observe herself from the outside and evaluate her actions and deeds without prejudice. This sometimes develops into narcissism or, conversely, into excessive severity towards oneself.

Diana perceives work as a duty and inevitability, so she is not eager to move up the career ladder. Nevertheless, she performs her duties accurately and professionally. She is never in a hurry and does not miss anything, she shows firmness and perseverance in her work. She is especially suited to work in medical diagnostics.

Family life is necessary for her, since only in her can she find peace and harmony in her soul. If mutual understanding and calmness reigns in a relationship with a spouse, then this gives Diana confidence in her abilities. The husband should take care of material well-being and help around the house. It is important for Diana to live with an intelligent person and a good lover who can support her in everything and give wise advice. If Diana is happy in the family, then her talents and potential are fully revealed.

In communication with Diana, it is never known for sure whether she is sincere or playing a role. It should be remembered that this is a very sensitive nature and hides his feelings well. Therefore, if Diana behaves calmly, this does not mean that she does not experience a storm of emotions.

Sound. Diana is a short name, all consonants in which are voiced. Beauty is the main characteristic that is distinguished from him. In addition, the majesty (92%), mysteriousness (90%) and power (87%) of the sound of the name are often noted. Sometimes a certain femininity is also distinguished in him (77%). Names similar in phonosemantic profile are Valeria, Elizaveta and Victoria.

Diana's birthday

Diana celebrates her name day on June 9, June 10.

Famous people named Diana

  • Diana Spencer, Princess Diana, Lady Dee, Princess of Wales ((1961-1997) former wife of the heir to the British throne, Prince Charles, was named by journalists as “the most famous woman of the 20th century.” According to a 2002 poll by the BBC broadcaster, Diana was ranked third on the list of the 100 Greatest Britons in History.)
  • Diana Ross (full name - Dayan Ernestine Earl Ross, popular American singer (styles - soul, rhythm and blues, pop, disco, jazz, rock and roll), actress, music producer. In the 1960s, a member of the group “The Supremes.” In the early 1970s, began a solo career and was nominated for several Grammy, Oscar, Golden Globe, American Music Awards, BAFTA and others. Ross is one of the few who has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame (one - for a solo career, the second - for a career with "The Supremes"))
  • Diana of France ((1538 - 1619) illegitimate (legitimate) daughter of the French king Henry II, the heroine of Alexander Dumas's novel "Two Dianes." She wore three ducal titles - Duchess Chatellerault, Etampes and Angoulême.)
  • Diana Vishneva (Russian ballerina, prima of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Diana Arbenina (at birth - Kulachenko; singer, poet, musician, vocalist of the Russian rock group "Night Snipers")
  • Diana Shpak ((born 1997) Russian actress, TV presenter)
  • Diana Arbus ((1923 - 1971) American photographer of Russian-Jewish origin. The catalog of Arbus's works, published by Aperture magazine, is one of the most bought in the history of photography.)
  • Diana Gurtskaya (Russian singer, Georgian by nationality, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2006))
  • Diana Berlin (Soviet and Russian radio journalist, laureate of the Popov Prize ("Best Editor-in-Chief - 1999"), Honored Artist in the field of radio broadcasting)
  • Diana Bish (American organist and TV presenter)
  • Diana Scarwid ((born 1955) American actress)
  • Diana Desura (maiden name - Nelson, Canadian curling player who played in the leading position, bronze medalist of the 2002 Olympic Games)
  • Diana (Diana) Tauler ((born 1946), married - Diana Green, British figure skater, who performed in ice dancing with Bernard Ford, multiple winner of the European and World Championships. Together with Ford she took part in the ice dancing demonstration at the Olympic games in 1976 (dancing was not yet an Olympic sport. Currently - a figure skating coach.)
  • Diana Lewis Burgin ((born 1943) American translator, literary critic and poet)
  • Diane Lane (American actress)
  • Diana Savelyeva (Russian singer, performer of gypsy romances, artist of Mosconcert. Winner of the first place in the competitions "Sun" (1986) and "Jazzomania" (1995), laureate of "Romansiada" (2000), laureate of the festival of gypsy art "At the turn of the century" (2001), member of the jury of "Romansiada" in 2005. Became a model for paintings by Nikolai Bessonov "Tabor Dance" and "Esmeralda and Phoebus".)
  • Diane Dwayne ((born 1952) is an American science fiction and fantasy writer. Her works include the fantasy series Young Wizards and the Rihannsu series of Star Trek novels.)
  • Diana Frida Aron Svigiliski ((1950 - 1974) Chilean journalist and revolutionary)
  • Diana Gerenxer (ice dancing figure skater. She represented Switzerland first with Bernard Columberg and Alexander Stanislavov, then Italy with Pasquale Camerlengo. Gerenxer and Camerlengo represented Italy at the 1998 Olympic Games, where they finished fifth)
  • Diana Dezmari (Russian and Canadian actress)
  • Diana Rasimovichiute (Lithuanian biathlete, two-time silver medalist of the 2010 European Championship in individual race and sprint)
  • Diana Morozova (Russian theater and film actress)
  • Dame Enid Diana Elizabeth Rigg (DBE) ((born 1938) English actress)
  • Diana Di Prima ((born 1934) American poet, publisher; belongs to the Beat generation, being the most famous woman in this literary movement)
  • Diana Sabrina Mendoza Moncada (model, Miss Venezuela 2007, Miss Universe 2008)
  • Diana Kroll (Canadian jazz singer and pianist, winner of three Grammy awards)
  • Diana Wynyard ((1906 - 1964) née Dorothy Isobel Cox, British actress)
  • Diana Lurena Taurasi (American professional basketball player for the Phoenix Mercury National Women's Basketball Association. She plays an attacking guard. Olympic champion in 2004 and 2008 with the US national team)
  • Diane Keaton ((born 1946) American film actress)
  • Diane Whist ((born 1948) American film actress)
  • Diana Damrau (German opera singer (lyric-coloratura soprano))
  • Diane de Poitiers ((1499/1500 - 1566) favorite of the French king Henry IV)
  • Diana Peñalver (Spanish film actress)
  • Diana De Feo ((born 1937) Italian journalist, public and political figure)
  • Diana Nicolaou (Portuguese theater and film actress)
  • Diana Lyubenova (Bulgarian film actress and TV presenter)
  • Diana Petrinenko (Ukrainian singer, People's Artist of the USSR (born 1930))
  • Diana Kovalchuk (Ukrainian top model)

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