The Meaning Of Ginevra's Name

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The Meaning Of Ginevra's Name
The Meaning Of Ginevra's Name

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Short form of Ginevra's name. Jenny, Jeannie, Jenna, Jena, Jenn.

Synonyms for the name Ginevra. Guinevere, Guinevere, Guenevere, Guenever, Guennifer, Gaynor, Guinevere, Guenvivar, Guinevere, Guanamara, Guenhuivar, Genevieve, Geneva, Finnavar, Jennifer, Jenna.

The origin of the name Ginevra. Ginevra's name is English.

Ginevra's name is of English, Welsh, origin. This is one of the pronunciation options for the name of the Queen, the wife of King Arthur and the beloved of Lancelot, which also sounded like Guinevere, Guenever, Guinevere. In Welsh, it was written as Gwenhwyfar, where the first part of the name "gwen" means "white, pure", and the second "hwyfar" - "shadow, ghost". Therefore, the name can have different interpretations, combining both of these meanings.

Pronunciation options for the name Guinevere are very different, in addition to the above, there are also Guinevere, Guenever, Guenever, Guennifer, Guinevere, Guinevere, Gaynor, Gaynor, Guinevere, Guenvivar, Guennevard, Guinevere, Guanamara, Guenhuivar, Gwennevire, Guinevere, Guennevere, Ginevra, Kvennuvar, Kunnevare. And the spelling in the English version is even more extensive and varied.

Also, the name Guinevere (Ginevre) in Welsh literature could be an epithet, a beautiful figurative expression addressed to this noble lady. Ginevra's name can be translated as "white fairy", "white sorceress", "white spirit", as well as "fair", "honest". There is also a version that this name means "Gwenwy the Great".

At present, the name Ginevier practically does not occur, they use the modern analogue of this name - Jennifer or Genevieve.

Diminutive-affectionate terms Jenny, Ginny, Jenna (Jenna), Jenn in modern times began to be used as full-fledged independent names, but they also continue to be short forms of the names Jane, Genevieve, Jeanne, Virginia, Eugenia, Gina, Joanna, Jessica and related names.

The owner of the Ginevra name is a strong personality. This girl combines solemnity and tough behavior with incredible poise. She has a proud and proud character. She is not subject to either suggestion or obedience, she is a responsible woman who intends to do everything herself and will not ask anyone for help without the need.

Such strength and determination can often make her unapproachable and insensitive, but the truth is that she is not really - she hides her insecurity and emotional fragility under this mask. Undoubtedly, Genevieve is trying to make up for this, trying to convince everyone that she is tough and unshakable, trying to convince even herself. But no matter how well she hides it, her sensitive and very emotional character cannot always be powerful.

Genevieve needs love and wants to please others, wants to be loved in return. People who really know her can always come to her aid, kind words and a comfortable atmosphere can make her softer. Ginevra is selective in friendship and will cost a lot of work to get closer to her if she does not consider this person worthy of her time and trust.

Ginevra is strong in her principles, morality for her is not an empty phrase, she hates superficiality and frivolity. The owner of this name is not without ambition, and if she sees huge potential for work, she will be able to move mountains. Genevieve tries to look at the obstacles that come across her as everyday troubles, and even if she has a long and difficult journey, no one will see the nervous tension that will be spent on overcoming them.

Ginevra is dependent on her emotional environment - that is, on her social, personal and family relationships - because she often has a sense of commitment or limitation in this area, which can prevent her from paying attention to her own needs and desires.

As a child, Ginevra prefers learning over play, so she can often feel completely alone. She is already worried about potential hardships while other children are still enjoying life, sucking lollipops and playing tag. A thoughtful, responsible and reliable girl, Genevieve would make a wonderful older sister. Her parents should be careful not to abuse these qualities and encourage her to interact with peers.

Ginevra is determined and responsible. She is a materialistic woman who never loses sight of the financial side of life. Therefore, she will do big business, she knows how to convince, she has an insightful and wise mindset. In childhood, parents should be attentive to these character traits. They should encourage her creativity and contribute most of the attention to developing her creativity through music, singing, theater, literature or languages. It is important to compensate for her tendency to be inconsistent and to be scattered over various interests very subtly, instilling the importance of order, method and discipline; she will only benefit from it, enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done.

Ginevra loves to be alone, prone to reflection. She values ​​order and punctuality, and her clear and rational character gives her an analytical mind and a certain skepticism. Likewise, she may be equally interested in mystery, spirituality, and unusualness. Emotionally, Ginevra is too secretive, uncompromising and demanding to be really understood. It would be much easier if she could learn to communicate better, manage her pride and be able to find compromises.

Genevieve is an intellectual woman, she may be interested in various studies, the study of culture. Therefore, she can realize herself in one of the following areas: science and technology, medicine, ecology, aesthetics, jewelry, fashion or design. When it comes to her career, she will prefer one of the commercial professions where the spoken word, literature, language and voice are important qualities (lawyer, actress, teacher). She is also attracted to professions related to management, banking or finance. Ginevra, indeed, could realize herself in any industry, if it attracts her and get a resounding success.

Ginevra's birthday

Ginevra doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Ginevra

  • Ginerva d'Este ((1419-1440) daughter of the Ferrara ruler Niccolo III of the d'Este clan, married - Senora Rimini. On the "Portrait of a Princess" by Pisanello (Louvre), perhaps she is depicted.)
  • Ginevra de Benci ((1456 / 1457-1521 / 1530) Florentine poet and intellectual of the 15th century, this lady is depicted in an early painting by Leonardo da Vinci "Portrait of Ginevra de Benci" ("Portrait of Ginevra Benci"), the only painting by Leonardo who is not in Europe - in Washington (USA). Was the platonic lover of the Venetian Bernardo Bembo.)
  • Ginevra Sforza ((1440-1507) illegitimate daughter of Alessandro Sforza, Signora Pesaro. Her image is captured in art - there are several of her images in the churches of which she was a donor, as well as her sculpture is in the Bentivoglio castle. Her biography was included in the collection of biographies humanist Giovanni Sabadino of Arienti during her lifetime.)
  • Ginevere, Guinevere, Guenever, Guinevere (English lady, wife of the legendary King Arthur, knight of the Round Table. This woman became one of the first standards of the image of the Beautiful Lady in medieval courtly literature. The heroine of the epics dedicated to the Knights of the Round Table.)
  • Geneva Mamie Dowd Eisenhower ((1896-1979) First Lady of the United States from 1953 to 1961)
  • Ginevra Cantofoli ((1618-1672) Italian artist, worked in the Baroque style. Her works are preserved in churches.)
  • Ginevra Elkann ((born 1979) Italian film producer, aristocrat)
  • Ginevra King ((1898-1980) American socialite, first love and muse of Scott Fitzgerald, became the prototype for Daisy Buchanan in The Great Gatsby and some of his other works)
  • Geneva (Geneva) Mitchell ((1907-1949) American film actress, starred in over 70 films in 17 years of work in cinema)

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