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Name Meaning Denmark
Name Meaning Denmark

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Short form of the name Denmark. Dana.

Synonyms for the name Denmark. Dana, Thalia, Danielle.

The origin of the name is Denmark. The name Denmark is Tatar, Catholic, Kazakh.

The name Denmark is a feminine name that has two versions of origin. In the first case, the name Denmark is a Tatar female name, which consists of two semantic parts: "dan" - "glory" and "ia" - "the place where it is born", therefore the literal translation sounds "the source of glory". At the moment, they use the translation version "famous, glorified", there is also an interpretation close in meaning - "imperious".

In modern times, among the Tatars, the name Denmark is considered synonymous with the name Thalia. Therefore, one of the meanings of this name is also attributed to the name Denmark - "close", "native". There is also an Arabic female name Denmark, derived from the male name Dani, meaning "close."

In the Kazakh language, the name has a slightly different meaning. It is formed on behalf of Danna (Dan), meaning "wise, knowing."

According to the second version, the name Denmark is a European name, it is considered a diminutive appeal to the name Danielle, the female form of the male name Daniel, meaning "God is my judge." The name Denmark became an independent name and is used as a full-fledged full name. In this case, Denmark's name day is Danielle's Catholic name day.

The stress in the name Denmark can be either the first or the last syllable.

Denmark is a more secretive and reserved woman who is surrounded by an aura of mystery. She is an introvert, prone to long soul searching and sometimes shows anxiety and anxiety. Very often she is fascinated by philosophy, spirituality and metaphysics. Denmark has a gift for deep analysis due to its critical view of the world and its brilliant mind, which makes it take an interest in the natural sciences. If she does not use her intellectual abilities, it can lead her to depression.

Denmark is highly selective, she draws closer to herself and chooses her friends depending on the amount of spiritual and cultural closeness that she sees in this person. She is not at all superficial in friendship, friendship for her is sacred, in her eyes. However, the owner of this name does not have very many friends, she is more or less a lonely character.

She seeks to gain wisdom, but is terribly shy in appearance and emotion, which makes her unarmed in the face of a reality that can be much more complex than she actually sees. She avoids confrontation like the plague, and tends to become withdrawn at the slightest emotional shock. It is for this reason that she tries to find like-minded people who share her values ​​and aspirations.

As a child, Denmark is emotionally fragile and often lacks vitality. She needs inner harmony for inner balance, so parental disagreement can have disastrous consequences for her happiness. With an active imagination, which can sometimes be expressed by anxiety or slowness, Denmark tends to ask many questions, the answers to which must be provided to her. This girl is very diligent and disciplined, which gives her a chance to go far in her education.

She appreciates solitude, is fond of psychology, religious issues, esotericism or any other subject that can satisfy her craving for magic and secrets, unless, of course, she finds herself more winding and difficult paths. Her fantasies and dreams sometimes distract her from the material world, so she often experiences difficulties in discovering the striking differences between her dreams and reality.

Denmark does not prefer the life of a loner, she is romantic and wants love. But it is very difficult for her to find a partner who would completely reconcile her with this difficult and not so romantic world, a world different from her fantasies and desires.

In the professional field, Denmark prefers to choose very difficult professions that require mental abilities, but at the same time give her the opportunity to create her own world, to embody her own ideas. She can master the latest advanced technologies in any field - biology, robotics, energy. Other areas of her professional activity can be psychology, medicine and art.

Name days of Denmark

Denmark does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Denmark

  • Dania Ramirez ((born 1979) is an American actress, her acting work can be seen in the films "X-Men: The Last Stand", "Great Pursuit", "She Hates Me" and in some television series)
  • Denmark (Dana) Agisheva ((born 1980) is a Russian actress, winner of the "Best Actress" award at the "Kinoshock" festival, she is known to many Russian TV viewers for her role in the series "Escape." She starred in the feature films "Inhabited Island", " Someone else's face "and others.)
  • Denmark Patricia Mendes ((born 1980) winner of the international beauty contest "Miss Earth" in 2003)

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