The Meaning Of The Name Guzel

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The Meaning Of The Name Guzel
The Meaning Of The Name Guzel

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Short form of the name Guzel. Guzelka, Guzelyushka, Guzelenka, Guzya.

Synonyms for the name Guzel. Guzel, Guzelia, Guzelia, Guzel, Guzal, Guzal, Guzal, Guzaliya, Guzaliya, Guzalina, Guzaliya, Gizelia, Gizalina, Gizaliya.

The origin of the name Guzel. The name Guzel is Tatar, Muslim.

The name Guzel is a form of the name Guzel, which has a Turkic origin and means "beauty", "beautiful". The name Guzel is an anthropolexeme of the name Guzel, that is, this name is the same, but in pronunciation it is different. Many people found it uncomfortable to pronounce Guzel, they found a replacement - Guzel.

On behalf of Guzel, the name of Guzelia was also formed. There are pronunciation options - Guzal, Guzal, it happens that the female name Guzel (Guzel, Guzal) is pronounced without a soft sign, the name sounds harder than soft.

Since childhood, Guzel has been distinguished by her beautiful appearance, sharp mind and is a universal favorite, which fully justifies the meaning of her name "beauty". Usually she is a late child, and everyone pampered her with attention and gifts, raising her like a princess.

Such women are usually very emotional, but not as simple as they might seem. Calculation and a clear cold mind are often hidden behind their emotions. They treat everything with irony and can hurt with an evil word. Guzel is often spoiled by the attention of men and uses them to achieve her goals. She can even break someone else's family.

In work, these are very active and active women, they usually achieve great results. They find their place in different fields: medicine, science, music. They can be excellent organizers of production. They are very independent and principled, so they rarely reach the peak of their careers, since they do not want to curry favor with anyone and bow to anyone. Guzel, as a rule, does not hope for the highest justice and counts only on himself.

In relationships with men, Guzel is a very sensual person with significant appetites. Family and marriage are the most important thing in life for her, so she is a very faithful wife. Such women make ideal housewives and caring mothers: the house is perfectly clean, a delicious dinner is always ready for your beloved husband, and the children are well-groomed and educated. The house usually has a lot of beautiful flowers and certainly has a cat. She has good relations with all her relatives, including her mother-in-law. The only sad thing is that it is usually much more difficult for her to find a common language with her mother.

In communication, Guzel is a very interesting companion. She is independent, charming and has a good sense of humor. Therefore, she is always surrounded by fans. She achieves great results in all areas of her life: a talented worker, a caring mother, a good housewife and a loving spouse.

Guzeli's birthday

Guzel does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Guzel

  • Guzel Manyurova (Russian athlete (freestyle wrestling), Honored Master of Sports of Russia, silver medalist of the Olympic Games in Athens (2004))
  • Guzel Mustafina (Honored Artist of the Republic of Tatarstan)
  • Guzel Shakirzyanova (actress of the Youth Theater)

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