The Meaning Of The Name Gulnara

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The Meaning Of The Name Gulnara
The Meaning Of The Name Gulnara

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The short form of the name Gulnara. Gulya, Gela, Narik, Nara.

Synonyms for the name Gulnara. Gulnaria, Gulnar, Gulanar, Anargul, Nargul, Nargul, Nargul, Gulnarida, Gelnara, Gulnar.

The origin of the name Gulnara. Gulnara's name is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Gulnara is a Russified form of the female Muslim name Gulnar. Very often, the abbreviated Gulya is addressed to the owner of this name. The name Gulnar is identical to the names Gulnara, Gulnariya and Gulnar and is of Arabic origin. In Ancient Persia, this name was translated as "pomegranate flower". Among the Kazakh people, the name Gulnara has a different meaning - “flower, like a flower”, and literally translated as “a flower of a pomegranate tree”.

There is also a version that the herbaceous plant adonis, which has bright yellow and red flowers, was called the "pomegranate flower". Therefore, the name Gulnar can be interpreted as “adonis”. Various peoples have variations of this name - Gelnara, Gulanar, Nargul. There is an analogous paired name Anar.

The diminutive Gul is also a short form for many female names, not only starting with "gul" (Aigul, Galina, Gulmira, Gulnaz, Gulzira, Angel, Gulshat and others), as well as for some male names (Georgy, Sergey, Igor). Although in relation to male names, such an appeal is now quite rare.

Gulnara grows up as a mobile child, it is very difficult for her to sit in one place. She is very emotional, cheerful, with a developed sense of humor and prefers outdoor games. With age, Gulnara's emotionality is smoothed out, and she becomes much calmer.

Gulnara has been very gifted with talents since childhood. The owners of this name are distinguished by a wonderful memory, and therefore they easily memorize and recite poetry by heart. They are great at dancing.

The work should correspond to the character of the girl and be to her liking. Gulnara is an executive and diligent worker, although she does not always know how to show her initiative. Usually Gulnara becomes a good organizer.

Gulnara, born in winter, is characterized by mobility and quick wits. She is choleric by temperament. It is common for her to create difficulties for herself. Sometimes Gulnara shows persistence, adherence to principles and even authority. She needs a job where the girl can prove herself. She is very hardworking and a real careerist. Once, having chosen a place of work, she, as a rule, does not change it again.

In her personal life, Gulnara does not like to be alone, although it takes them some time to be in silence. They are free from prejudice. Sometimes they can be capricious and, in general, make very high demands on men. But if someone is lucky enough to marry her, then she will become an exemplary and affectionate wife.

Gulnars, born in spring, have a calm temperament. They are very cheerful and always think about the future, but sometimes they can lose confidence in themselves. As a rule, they are very friendly, sympathetic and, if possible, try to maintain good relations with all their acquaintances, both new and old. They always try to adhere to the rules, as they really do not like to break them. Persistence and determination are more evident in adulthood.

Gulnara's birthday

Gulnara does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Gulnara

  • Gulnara Abikeeva (well-known Kazakhstani film expert and film critic, art director of the Eurasia Film Festival, author of five books about cinema in Kazakhstan and Central Asia)
  • Gulnara Samitova-Galkina (Russian athlete, the first ever Olympic champion at a distance of 3000 meters with obstacles; holder of a world record in running 3000 meters with obstacles)
  • Gulnara Karimova (daughter of President of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov, Ambassador of Uzbekistan to Spain since 2010)
  • Gulnara Sultanova ((born 1975) Russian civilian and LGBT activist, director of the Side by Side International LGBT Film Festival, coordinator of the LGBT organization “Coming Out” and “Russian-German Exchange.” Known for her numerous media appearances in connection with human rights issues for gays and lesbians)
  • Gulnara Khasyanova (General Director of Sky Link, in the 2010 rating of the top executives of the Kommersant newspaper took 3rd place in the Communication nomination)
  • Gulnara Dusmatova (film actress, People's Artist of Kazakhstan)
  • Gulnara Sarsenova (producer of the sensational film "Mongol")
  • Gulnara Dusmatova (actress)
  • Gulnara Zairova (journalist of the Irbis TV company, author and host of a program about women, author and host of a children's program)

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