The Meaning Of The Name Gulnaz

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The Meaning Of The Name Gulnaz
The Meaning Of The Name Gulnaz

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The short form of the name Gulnaz. Gulya.

Synonyms for the name Gulnaz. Nazgul, Nazlygul.

The origin of the name Gulnaz. The name Gulnaz is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Gulnaz comes from a combination of two words "gul" ("flower") and "naz" ("tenderness", "caress"). This name has a Turkic or Persian origin and translates as “tender as a flower”. By translation and word formation, the name Gulnaz is identical to the names Nazgul, Nazlygul.

There are also translation options for the name Gulnaz - "beauty", "grace", "pretty". From the Iranian language, part of the name "naz" will be translated as "coquetry", "grace", "charm".

The diminutive Gul is also a short form for many female names, not only beginning with "gul" (Aigul, Galina, Gulnara, Gulzira, Gulmira, Angel, Gulshat and others), as well as for some male names (Georgy, Sergey, Igor).

Gulnaz's parents do not get enough of their daughter. From early childhood, the girl's wonderful character is manifested. She grows obedient, calm and independent. Gulnaz is a big homebody. At school, the girl is better at natural and exact sciences, since she has an analytical mindset. Gulnaz strives to ensure that her successes are noticed. At the same time, a girl can be quite quick-tempered, especially when her patience is tested. However, she is not vindictive. Gulnaz is generous and kind, capable of forgiving a lot. The girl is quite vulnerable, but she prefers to keep most of her emotions to herself. Only delight or joy breaks through.

The girl with this name is very hard-working and purposeful. True, she does not adapt well to changing jobs. Gulnaz doesn't tend to make a fuss just like that. In business, she is prudent and specific. The girl carefully thinks over her decisions, and not in her manner to impose them on others. Although sometimes a girl is quick-tempered, she is very sensitive to praise and loves to be noticed her features. In work and behavior, Gulnaz is stable.

"Autumn" Gulnaz is more calculating. Her whole day is scheduled to the minute, the girl values ​​time very much. Such Gulnaz rarely makes mistakes; he does all his actions deliberately. The girl is not at all reckless. It is unlikely that she will risk her property or relationships.

Gulnaz, born in summer, often strives to be a leader. At the same time, she is generous and always ready to share with others. The girl has a good memory, seeks to hide her emotions. True, she is very vulnerable, and you can even offend Gulnaz with a careless word.

Gulnaz often idealizes others, then it is hard to experience disappointments and failures. She does not like to change her place of residence; after a change of environment, it is very difficult for her to adapt to new conditions. The girl devotes a lot of time to her family. She is hardworking, excellent at cooking, and also an excellent hostess. In relationships, as well as in work, Gulnaz values ​​stability.

Gulnaz loves to sit at home and invite her friends more than go to visit herself. "Winter" Gulnaz has a more stubborn and quick-tempered character. She can stubbornly insist on her opinion, even realizing that in fact she is not right. Sometimes Gulnaz is lazy, friends should push her at such moments. The girl is not devoid of a sense of humor and tolerates criticism well.

Birthday Gulnaz

Gulnaz does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Gulnaz

  • Gulnaz Sotnikova ((born 1967) Russian entrepreneur, public figure, president (since 1990) of the Vertex JSC holding, president (since 1997) of the Russian Charitable Fund for Reconciliation and Accord, established by Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia Alexy II, President (since 1997) of the Lomonosov Moscow State University Classical Boarding School Played an important role in the development of Russian philanthropy and philanthropy Knight of the orders of the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Equal-to-the-Apostles Princess Olga I degree (1999), St. (2003). Twice recognized as "Woman of the Year" by the Russian and international jury (1995, 1999). She received the honorary title "Lady Initiative" for a number of cultural programs.)
  • Gulnaz Hajikurbanova (famous Tabasaran singer)
  • Gulnaz Safarova (Tatar radio host)

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