The Meaning Of The Name Gulzir

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The Meaning Of The Name Gulzir
The Meaning Of The Name Gulzir

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Gulzir

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Gulzir
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The short form of the name of Gulzir. Gulya, Zira.

Synonyms for the name Gulzir. Gyulzira, Gulzirak, Gyulzirak, Gulsira, Gelzira, Gelsirya.

The origin of the name Gulzir. Gulzir's name is Tatar, Muslim, Kazakh.

The name Gulzira is a Muslim female name, it can be a variation of the name Gulzirak. This name consists of two parts, the first of which "gul" means "flower", "beauty", "pleasant" and similar in meaning interpretation. The second part "zira" in translation from Arabic means "visit", "pilgrimage". In this case, the name Gulzira means "pleasant pilgrimage."

If we take the name Gulzirak as a basis, then the second part of the name “zirak”, “ziryak” means “capable”, “gifted”, “with a sharp mind”, “quick-witted”, in this case, the name of Gulzira can be translated as “intelligent beauty”, "Gifted with beauty", etc. The name Gulzira is used among Muslims, in particular among the Tatars, Kazakhs and descendants of the Turks.

Gul's affectionate appeal is a short form of not only the name of Gulzir, but also of many other female names based on the root "gul" - Gulnara, Aigul, Gulmira, Gulshat and others.

The owner of the name Gulzira is a very purposeful person, she knows how to defend her views, knows how to set goals and tasks for herself, and also achieve results. Sometimes the result is not particularly pleasing to her, since she would like more, but the unbending inner core is again able to move her, she has a great will to win.

Gulzira prefers not to share her thoughts with anyone, she rarely tells even close people what she wants to do, until everything that she wanted has been done. And only after the event is complete, she will come to her family and tell how successful her idea was, whether her desires were embodied in reality.

The girl Gulzira knows how to observe, has a penchant for research, often understands complex technical mechanisms, she likes exact sciences. This is also reflected in her habits, stability in life is one of her main habits, which can be both positive and negative traits of her character. She doesn't really like changing the environment, moving from one place to another, she prefers order in the house, a logical sequence of events, so she is not a risky person and will not suddenly change her life and personal preferences. Therefore, some consider her to be a prude and bore, far from fashionable trends.

Gulzira does not have many friends, but among them she will be a kind, empathic, sensitive girl. She prefers to devote her time not to communication, but to work. She is more interested in her career than her family. But if Gulzira has found a chosen one for her heart, then she will fully reveal herself as a good hostess and a wonderful mother. Order and comfort will reign in her house, her skillful hands will find suitable opportunities for the realization of her hidden talents - cooking, handicrafts. She does not seek to brag about them, since she considers it only entertainment, in contrast to real work - a profession by vocation.

The owners of this name prefer to stand out from the crowd, but not at the expense of bright clothes or a rich car, but at the expense of their knowledge and their labor success. She is a perfectionist. Gulzira's conscientiousness, her ability to put everything on the shelves, her love of inventions, her desire to be useful and important to other people find themselves in such areas as medicine, advertising, education, sports and technical professions.

Gulzira's birthday

Gulzira does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Gulzira

  • Gulzira Iskakova (Kazakh handball player, participant in the 2008 Olympic Games)
  • Gulzira Bokeikhankyzy (Kazakh singer, soloist of the State Philharmonic of Astana, Honored Worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan)
  • Gulzira Satova (Kazakh model)

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