The Meaning Of The Name Greta

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The Meaning Of The Name Greta
The Meaning Of The Name Greta

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Short form of the name Greta. Gretta, Gret, Gritta, Gritt.

Synonyms for the name Greta. Margarita, Gertrude, Henrietta.

The origin of the name Greta. Greta's name is German, Catholic.

The name Greta is of German origin. Often Greta is a short form of some female names, for example, Margarita (Margareta), Gertrude, Henrietta. The name Greta is most often used in northern Europe, in countries such as Sweden, Denmark, Norway, so the spelling of this name should be looked at in a foreign language. So in Sweden, for example, they use Greta, Gretha (Greta), Greth, Gret (Gret), Gretta (Gretta), Gritta (Gritta), Gritt (Gritt), Grit (Grit). In Russian transcription, the name Greta is written with one letter "t", although there is also a double version. In modern times, it is used as an independent name.

In the Orthodox tradition, the name Greta is not used; in the Catholic calendar, the name Greta is not listed. Here are the Catholic name days for the names Margarita and Gertrude, since Greta is the short form of these names.

Women named Greta are kind-hearted and kind, but their mind does not allow others to use this kindness for selfish purposes. The bearers of the name Greta are very jealous, nevertheless, they know how to skillfully hide this weakness, thanks to which they seem to be emancipated ladies, whose husbands live "on a long leash." Greta have excellent diplomatic talent; they prefer to resolve all issues peacefully.

Greta is a very responsible performer, she is an honest and efficient woman. The best professions for Greta: secretary, musician, tour guide, dentist, constructor. In addition, Greta will excel as a teacher, seamstress, musician, researcher or actress. Colleagues of this woman respect and appreciate Greta for her honesty and gentle disposition. Greta will never be late for work and start quarrels, and if there is any dispute, this woman will definitely listen to the point of view of her opponent.

Greta is very economical, she loves to cook, and she does it excellently. At home, Greta, as a rule, has many pets - dogs, cats, parrots. Greta will not make scandals over every little thing, she will not believe gossip. However, this woman is straightforward and a little selfish. If Greta's husband has the same character, then their marriage will not last long. In general, in family life, Greta shows tolerance towards her partner. Early marriage for this woman is very rare. In communication with the opposite sex, Greta is timid and indecisive, she does not like to attend entertainment events, preferring them a more relaxing holiday within her home. The ideal man for Greta is calm, courteous and gallant, but always gentle.

Greta is a sociable person, but she does not have many friends. This woman is secretive, she will not pour out her soul to her friend or friend. Greta lets only a few of her entourage into her inner world. If some troubles happen, then this woman will still not part with a smile, and even more so she will not burden her relatives and friends with her problems. Greta is very diplomatic, in relations with others she tries to avoid conflicts and quarrels, she perfectly controls her feelings.

Greta's birthday

Greta celebrates her name day on January 12, January 18, February 22, March 17, March 25, April 11, July 20, August 27, October 17, November 16, December 30.

Famous people named Greta

  • Greta Garbo ((1905 - 1990) née Greta Gustafsson; Swedish and American actress, one of the greatest stars of the past, Oscar (1954) for outstanding contribution to the development of cinema)
  • Greta Skacchi (British actress of Italian and English descent)
  • Greta Schroeder ((1891 - 1967) German actress, most famous role - wife of Thomas Hutter and victim of Count Orlok in the classic horror film by Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau "Nosferatu. Symphony of Horror")
  • Greta Ionkis ((born 1937) nee - Greta Rive; Russian writer, literary critic and publicist)
  • Grete Sultan ((1906 - 2005) full name - Johann Margarete; German-American pianist)

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