The Meaning Of The Name Gohar

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The Meaning Of The Name Gohar
The Meaning Of The Name Gohar

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Gohar
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Synonyms for the name Gohar. Goara, Goarine, Govhar, Gavhar, Johar.

The origin of the name Gohar. The name Gohar is Armenian.

The name Gohar is an Armenian female name. It comes from the Persian word "gohar" ("gavhar", "gauhar"), meaning "precious stone", "gem", in Arabic it sounds like "javhar". The name Gohar is translated as “jewel”, “pearl”, “diamond”, it can also be interpreted as “sparkling”, “shiny”, “sparkling”, “sparkling”.

The Persian word "gavkhar" ("javkhar") formed not only the name Gohar, but also the Indian name Jawaharlal (male), the Chechen name Dzhokhar (male), and the Azerbaijani name Govhar. And the name Gohar can also sound like Goarine. Semantic analogs are the names Margarita and Enge.

There is also a male name Gohar.

Gohar girl always says what she thinks. Authoritarian enough, likes to lead. At the same time, she is very charming, refined and elegant. You will often meet her in high spirits, smiling rather than sad. Carefully monitor your appearance, prefers to follow fashion.

Goar possesses great willpower, is able to achieve what he wants for a long time and purposefully. She is not afraid of work, disciplined, courageous in making decisions, reliable employee and comrade. Gohar is not without ambition, she likes to be praised for her results. She takes criticism very painfully, even if it does not concern her personally, but the work done, the result obtained. Gohar is inclined to self-centered everything on herself, seeks to prove to the whole world what she is worth. But in general, this girl is in great control of herself, prefers to live in peace and harmony with others.

Gohar is characterized by such character traits as responsibility, perseverance, patience. For men, in her arsenal there are qualities such as meekness and devotion. Gohar is the personification of the true female image in the male sense.

Gohar becomes arrogant, assertive when she gets angry, when she has to defend her point of view "in battle". She is attentive and careful in words, in acquaintances, on purpose she will not do evil and meanness to anyone.

Gohar is a conscientious girl who strives for order, accuracy, stability and security. In her family, harmony, home comfort reigns. She is very attached to traditions and moral values. Likes to manage, raise children. But still, he sees his main calling not at the family hearth, but in work.

Gohar prefers active work associated with the achievement of certain results. Therefore, the owners of this name often choose administrative, leadership positions (civil servants, managers), are interested in politics, real estate, global projects. Gohar has excellent organizational skills, she knows how to talk with people, and has good negotiation skills. He always strives to improve his knowledge and skills.

Birthday Goar

Gohar does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Gohar

  • Gohar Gasparyan ((1924 - 2007) Armenian singer, laureate of the Stalin Prize, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor (1984))
  • Gohar Yenokyan ((born 1942) Member of the Armenian Parliament)
  • Gohar Harutyunyan ((born 1979) winner of the Miss Armenia contest in 1998)
  • Govkhar Bakhshali kyzy Bakhshaliyeva ((born 1954) Azerbaijani orientalist, Arabist. Doctor of Philology, Professor, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, Vice-Speaker of the Azerbaijani Parliament convocation 2000-2005.)
  • Govkhar Hasanzade (honored art worker of Azerbaijan, composer, author of many songs of Azerbaijani pop singers. Author of the composition "Day After Day", performed by Samir Javadzade and Elnur Huseynov, with which Azerbaijan was presented for the first time at the international song contest "Eurovision 2008", and received 8 -th place. Carried out the duties of the director-director of musical events at the Heydar Aliyev Palace, was the director of the Shahriyar Cultural Center, the director of the Green Theater. Cooperates with such famous poets as Aishe Yilmaz Birgul (Turkey), who writes words in music by Govhar. Songs are arranged mainly in collaboration with Yashar Bakhysh. He is also working on a musical.)

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