The Meaning Of The Name Vasilin

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The Meaning Of The Name Vasilin
The Meaning Of The Name Vasilin

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The short form of the name of Vasilin. Vasya, Lina, Vasa.

Synonyms for the name Vasilin. Vasilica, Vasilitsa, Vasily, Vasilen, Vasena, Vasiliki, Vasilida.

The origin of the name Vasilin. Vasilin's name is Russian, Ukrainian.

The name of Vasilina in translation from the Greek language means "royal", also sometimes translated as "queen". The name Vasilina is the female form of the male name Vasily.

This female name has related names: Vasilica in Romania, Vasilica in Serbia, Vasily, Vasilena, Vasena - in Bulgaria, Vasiliki - in Greece. The name Vasilina is used in Ukraine, in Belarus, Vasily in Bulgaria, Serbia, Vasilida in Russia, and Vasilisa is most common in Russia, Belarus and Ukraine, although it is also found in other countries. Vasilin's name is not mentioned in the Orthodox calendar.

Vasilina is a very energetic and determined girl. She is a rather pleasant company, because she is able to give sincere warmth, be very flexible and loyal in conversation, she never goes into conflict. Sometimes she may seem vain or even sophisticated, but Vasilina tries to work on it.

The owner of this name is unstable in her mood, she is looking for the company of other people, then she tries to hide from everyone. This girl has significant potential for work, although her efforts can be contradictory to her mood - there are periods of highs and lows.

Vasilina is a resourceful girl, knows how to speak beautifully, often uses humor when she feels embarrassed. Even as a child, Vasilina showed fluctuations between introverted and extraverted behavior. She alternately needs to communicate, trust and receive attention from a small crowd of fans, and then leave the world to ponder important questions about her life and value.

Little Vasilina is full of questions about the world around her, she is worried about various reasons, so her parents should give their daughter as much confidence as possible, answering all her questions frankly and honestly. Secrecy, lack of agreement, refusal to answer can only significantly increase her anxiety. Creativity should allow her to express her originality. In general, she is a good student, but can be proud and touchy - you need to carefully monitor so that tantrums do not appear.

The owner of this name is prone to reflection, her mind is preoccupied with questions of a metaphysical nature. She loves to have useful and intellectual conversations, useless chatter does not attract her much. Vasilina tries to keep up with fashion trends, seeks to behave romantic, but deep down she feels a vague sense of loneliness and feels wrong most of the time.

Such a girl is ambitious, which is ideal for a professional career in cinema, theater, art, science. Vasilina can become a designer, artist, journalist, actress.

Vasilina's birthday

Vasilina does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Vasilina

  • Vasilina Orlova ((born 1979) Russian poet, prose writer, also journalist and publicist)
  • Vasilina Kulieva ((born 1981) Russian public figure)
  • Vasilina (Basilina) ((d. ​​332/333) wife of Julius Constance and mother of the Roman emperor Julian)

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