Meaning Of The Name Gabriella (Gabi)

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Meaning Of The Name Gabriella (Gabi)
Meaning Of The Name Gabriella (Gabi)

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Short form of the name Gabriella. Gabi, Gabi, Gabby, Gabrielita, Lita, Gabita, Gabri, Ella, Ela, Bella, Bele, Gala, Lalla, Lella, Gabrusya, Galya, Gara, Gabrike.

Synonyms for the name Gabriella. Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriella, Gabriela, Gabriela.

Origin of the name Gabriella. Gabriella's name is Catholic.

The name Gabriella is the feminine form of the male name Gabriel (Gabriel), which has many variants of pronunciation in European countries, and in Christianity this name sounds like Gabriel.

The meaning of the name Gabriel is divided into two parts, which literally translated from Hebrew mean "man" and "God", therefore, the interpretation of this name can vary: "God's helper", "God's stronghold", "one who supports God", and in a more general sense, there can be “strong”, “courageous”. Therefore, the name Gabriella, respectively, can also have different translation options - "heroine of God", "God is my power" and others.

The name Gabriella sounds differently in different countries and may have different spellings. So the names Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriele, Gabriel, Gabriela, Gabriella are full analogues of the name Gabriella. The name Gabriella is especially popular in Italy.

Diminutive-affectionate references Ella, Ela, Bella, Lita, Gala are also independent names.

Gabriella's name is not mentioned in either the Orthodox or Catholic calendars.

Gabriella is a very energetic person, but rather wayward. At the same time, she has a lot of endurance and calmness, everything that she has in mind, she embodies actively and rigorously conceived. She prefers an authoritarian style of leadership, has great ambitions, but for this she is ready to work hard, take responsibility.

From the outside it may seem that she is alienated from everyone, but a real fire can burn inside Gabriella. This is a passionate woman who really feels good and feels good about herself only when she fully invests in a project that motivates her, in which she tries to prove herself as an effective organizer and practitioner.

Gabriella is a perfectionist by nature, but at the same time she is an astute and very capable manager and organizer. She has an analytical mind, a good memory, although sometimes she can be too down to earth. Gaby is brave and resourceful. She hates injustice and is capable of using force when she suspects inequality. The owner of this name is quite quick-tempered, she may lack tolerance, despite all efforts to openness and reconciliation.

Gabriella knows how to be friends and can be there when there is a need for her. She is generous and benevolent, an attentive listener who usually gives wise advice. As a child, Gaby is a rather energetic and resourceful girl who wants to please and please others. She is capable of great efforts to keep the peace and enjoy a harmonious relationship with her parents. She is much more emotional and sensitive than she might seem, often hiding her tenderness behind a tough and harsh attitude.

Although Gabriella loves to lead, she also strives for union and tends to work in collaboration. A healthy emotional atmosphere is important for her, it is important to feel safe and protected.

Gabriella loves everything graceful, she is sensitive to beauty, aesthetics and the arts, she knows how to dress beautifully. She can be extremely demanding and elitist. This girl, as a rule, sets a tone that others do not always understand, so Gaby often faces difficulties. In any case, this will not be an obstacle for her in making decisions, despite her difficult choices. Everything has its own point of view.

Gabriella does not belong to romantic natures, her practicality and rationality are more suitable, so her future husband has to try for a long time to understand whether the girl will agree to connect fate with him, since Gabi will not show her love. Later, even with the creation of a family, Gabriella still will not be able to part with her professional activities. For her, professions related to money (banking, management, accounting) and professions related to consulting or education may be especially attractive. Also, the owner of this name is suitable for professions that require precision and accuracy, joint activities, where Gabriella can realize herself as a leader.

Name day Gabriella

Gabriella doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Gabriella

  • Gabriella Lucia Chilmi ((born 1991) Australian singer, also songwriter)
  • Gabriella Mariani ((born 1970) real name - Gabriella Tkach; Russian theater and film actress. She starred in such films as "Live Target", "Womanizer-2", "Countess de Monsoro", "Alexander the Great", "Queen of Beauty or a very difficult childhood-2 "," Pseudonym Albanian "," Three of Tango "," Cruise "and others.)
  • Gabriella Paruzzi (born 1969) is an Italian skier, multiple winner of silver and bronze medals in six world championships, became Olympic champion in 2002, and four times stood on the podium of four Olympic Games to receive bronze. The ski stadium in Tarvisio is named after her.)
  • Gabrielle d'Estré ((1573 / 1571-1599) French Duchess de Beaufort and de Verneuil, Marquis de Monceau, favorite of King Henry IV the Great)
  • Gabriella Jeanne Vanessa Anstruter-Gough-Calthorpe (Anstruter-Gough-Calthorpe), better known under the pseudonyms Gabriella Wilde and Gabriella Calthorpe ((born 1989) English actress and model, starred in such films as Classmates 2: The Legend of Fritton's Gold, "The Musketeers", "Doctor Who", "The Settlers" and others)
  • Gabriela Papadakis ((born 1995) French figure skater (ice dancing), since 2013 the couple has been performing in adult competitions, the best achievement was the second place among juniors at the 2013 World Championships)
  • Gabrielle Anwar ((born 1970) English actress, starred in the films "The Tudors", "The Smell of a Woman", "The Black Mark", "The Three Musketeers", "What to Do for a Dead Man in Denver", "Urgent Notice" and others)
  • Gabriella Gatti ((1908-2003) Italian opera singer (soprano))
  • Gabriella Passion ((born 1977) Italian actress)
  • Gabriella Hall ((born 1966) American actress and model)
  • Gabriella Porpora ((born 1942) Italian artist, works in the genre of innovative art, experiments; creator of a new artistic craft - Pictosculture)
  • Gabriella Michelle "Ella" Henderson ((born 1996) English singer)
  • Gabriela Broome ((born 1962) beauty pageant winner in 1980, although 18 hours after the victory was announced she was disqualified for posing for Playboy magazine)
  • Gabriela Szabo (Romanian middle and long distance runner, three world champion and three Olympic podium finishers)
  • Gabriella Adamityanu ((born 1942) Romanian writer)
  • Gabrielle Roy (Roy) ((1909-1983) French Canadian writer, winner of multiple literary awards. One of the most famous writers in post-war Canada. The Canadian Archives contains a complete collection of her works, as well as personal correspondence, typescripts, manuscripts. Her name is several schools and libraries.)
  • Gabriela Mistral ((1889-1957) Chilean poet, in 1945 became the first Nobel laureate (for literature) in Latin America)
  • Maria Gabriella Princess of Savoy ((born 1940) middle daughter of the last king of Italy, Umberto II and Marie José of Belgium)
  • Lady Gabriella Marina Alexandra Ophelia Windsor, Ella Windsor ((born 1981) member of the British royal dynasty)
  • Gabriella Fagundes ((born 1985) Swedish swimmer)
  • Maria Gabriella Sageddu ((1914-1939) Italian Trappist nun, beatified by Pope John Paul II in 1983)

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