The Meaning Of The Name Vitalin (Vitaly)

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The Meaning Of The Name Vitalin (Vitaly)
The Meaning Of The Name Vitalin (Vitaly)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Vitalin (Vitaly)
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The short form of the name Vitalin (Vitaly). Vitalinka, Talina, Lina, Vita, Vitya, Tal, Vital, Vitas, Vitakh, Vitasha, Vitulya.

Synonyms for the name of Vitalin (Vitaly). Vitalina, Vitalia, Vitaliana, Vitalie.

The origin of the name Vitalin (Vitaly). The name of Vitalin (Vitaly) is Russian, Ukrainian.

Vitalin's name is derived from the Roman cognomen (personal or generic nickname) Vitalis, which means "vital", "full of life". Also in Ancient Rome there was a related cognomen Vitalianus, which literally translates as “Vitaliev, that is, belonging to Vitaly,” from which the names Vitaly and Vitaly are derived.

Since these two cognomen are almost identical, the names derived from them are related. The names of Vitalin and Vitaly in this case are the same name, which is pronounced differently in different countries, or they are two different forms of the same male name Vitaly, but they are identical. In France they prefer to use the name Vitalin, in Spain, Italy, Portugal - Vitaly, in Serbia - Vitalie, in Ukraine both forms of the name (Vitalina, Vitalia) are used.

The name Vitaly also has related names - Vita and Vitaliana. Diminutive-affectionate references Lina, Vita, Vitya are also independent names.

Vitalin's name is rare today, and its owners have an amazing destiny. A girl with this name is decisive and bold, but at the same time soft and charming like a true woman.

At the same time, Vitalina is very independent from a young age. She knows well what she needs, is proud enough. However, the girl does not pay due attention to her studies. She is much more interested in fairy tales and adventure novels. As she grows up, Vitalina chooses from her environment a woman whom she would like to be like. She does not always succeed and then the girl withdraws into herself. At the same time, the girl begins to have misunderstandings with her parents, mainly with her mother.

Vitalina strives for male pursuits, she has a predisposition for this. She can become a good helper for her husband if he is a business man. In business, the girl behaves confidently, energetically and decisively. In any women's team, Vitalina quickly becomes a leader. A girl born in the winter months is more assiduous, an autumn Vitalina is practical and reasonable. She often manages to make a good career as a lawyer or economist. But the spring Vitalina is more suitable for a career as a hairdresser or teacher, since she is a little windy and fickle.

A girl with this name usually gets married early. The reason for this is the girl's amorousness and the fact that she prefers the company of men. In most cases, her chosen one will be much older than her. Peers are not very attracted to a girl, whose adult mind values a man's education and the ability to settle in life. Vitalina cannot find a common language with her mother-in-law. She practically does not use the typical female tricks and tricks, which are so many in the female arsenal. She's not interested.

Vitalina prefers to own the situation and completely subordinate it to her desires, which she almost always succeeds in. In Vitalina's family, she shows herself as an economical hostess. She diligently takes care of her husband and children, but household chores do not carry her away. Most likely, the spouse will be engaged in washing dishes and sweeping floors.

Since childhood, Vitalina has been loved by her friends and enjoys authority with the opposite sex. She is smart, but extremely trusting. As a result, this girl is easily deceived, but upon learning about the deception, Vitalina reacts incredibly violently. Any lie causes her great grief. A girl with this name feels better in a male company. She is very proud, especially Vitalina, who was born in winter. This girl will not give the palm to anyone.

Vitalina's (Vitalii's) birthday

Vitalina (Vitalia) does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people named Vitalina (Vitaly)

  • Vitalia Dyachenko ((born 1990) Russian tennis player)
  • Vitalina Zelenetskaya (Ukrainian TV presenter)
  • Vitalina Yushchenko ((born 1980) daughter of Viktor Yushchenko, President of Ukraine (2005 - 2010))
  • Vitalina Dzoz ((born 1951) deputy of the Supreme Council of Crimea of the 4th convocation (2002-2006))
  • Vitalina Bunina ((born 1999) dancer (ballroom dancing). Together with her partner Semyon Khrzhanovsky, she is the owner of two gold medals at the German Open Championship in sport dancing. She has won: CSK Cup and Dynamo, first place at the XIV Open International tournament "GLORY TO RUSSIA", first places in the competitions "Vivat, Russia!"
  • Vitalina Lamova ((born 1999) dancer (ballroom dancing), dances together with Anton Vlasov)
  • Vitalina Sidorkina (fashion model)
  • Vitalina Vlasova (architect, designer)
  • Vitalia Bykova (Russian fashion designer)
  • Vitalia Yenshina ((born 1987) Russian actress)
  • Vitalia Kozhevnikova ((born 1978) artist)
  • Vitalia Solnechnaya (music producer)

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