The Meaning Of The Name Victoria (Vika)

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The Meaning Of The Name Victoria (Vika)
The Meaning Of The Name Victoria (Vika)

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Short form of the name Victoria. Vika, Vikusha, Viki, Torka, Vikta, Toria, Viktorka, Viktosh, Vita, Vitya, Vitulya, Vitusya, Vitusha, Vityusha, Vityania, Viktusya, Vira, Tora, Torya, Tosha, Tusya.

Synonyms for the name Victoria. Vitoria, Viktoir, Vittoria, Victoria, Viktoria.

The origin of the name Victoria. The name Victoria is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Victoria comes from the Latin word "Victoria" meaning "victory". This name is given the same interpretation. In Roman mythology, Victoria is the goddess of victory, corresponds to the Greek goddess of victory Nike, therefore the name of Nike is the analogue of the name Victoria.

The name Quiz is considered a related name. Diminutive forms of Torah, Vita are also independent names.

The baptism of Victoria in the Orthodox Church is performed under the name of Nick. In the Orthodox calendar, the name Victoria is not mentioned, Victoria's Catholic name days are indicated.

A woman named Victoria possesses character traits such as assertiveness, stubbornness, cunning, physical activity and mobility. At the same time, Victoria is a kind, amorous, extremely indecisive and shy person. To compensate for her indecision and assert herself, Vika uses demonstrativeness and pretentiousness: she either starts using harsh perfume, then she buys an ultra-short skirt, or she just behaves hyperactively.

Vika is lazy, she can suddenly withdraw into herself, outwardly because of her insecurity she looks timid, but in fact this woman has large internal reserves. She can lie if there is a benefit. Vika is a headstrong and stubborn woman, firmly standing on the ground, with a strong will and a masculine mindset.

In her professional activities, Vika shows all the same assertiveness and demonstrativeness. However, in the event of obstacles or resistance, Victoria will deviate from her plan. This woman is suitable for professions where the result will depend on herself. She has a talent for teaching, so she will make an excellent teacher, educator, electronic engineer, scientist, pediatrician, nurse. In the presence of external data, she can try herself as a fashion model or a photo model. She has excellent organizational skills, so Victoria will be a talented leader. Nevertheless, Victoria will cope with the role of a housewife no less successfully. Victoria's parents should not hinder her in choosing a profession. Success for these women comes a little late,however, Vika will definitely achieve it thanks to her perseverance and diligence.

In choosing a partner, Victoria shows herself as a finicky woman due to her indecision. Even after getting married, Vika will doubt the correctness of this step for a long time. Her partner should be a sensitive and attentive man who will give Vika confidence in his abilities. In response, Victoria will give her partner trust and frankness, sincere love and willingness to give everything for her beloved. Victoria will be a caring wife and a good housewife. She will never forgive her spouse for cheating or infidelity. Vika is a temperamental woman, as a rule, she has a pleasant appearance and natural charm, so she can turn the head of any man.

Vika is a sociable woman, but she has few friends. She prefers to have a few reliable friends, rather than many stupid ones. Victoria does not strive for leadership, and a passive role suits her. In friendly relations she appreciates beauty, does not tolerate impudence from her friends. She is a sincere and sincere woman who loves not only relatives and friends, but in general to all the people around her.

Sound. Victoria is a fairly long name, consisting of four syllables. Beauty is his most prominent characteristic. Many also note the majesty (93%), power (89%) and mysteriousness (86%) of the sound of the name. Sometimes a certain femininity is also heard in him (73%). The names most similar in phonosemantic profile are Valeria, Zarina and Ekaterina.

Victoria's birthday

Victoria celebrates her name day on March 12, March 23, April 29, May 8, September 12, October 24, November 17, December 23.

Famous people named Victoria

  • Victoria Yagling (cellist, composer and teacher, laureate of international cello competitions, Honored Artist of the RSFSR)
  • Victoria Postnikova (Russian pianist)
  • Victoria Abril (real name - Victoria Rojas; Spanish actress. Has played in more than 80 films. Known for playing roles in the paintings of Vicente Aranda and Pedro Almodovar)
  • Victoria Daineko (Russian singer and actress)
  • Victoria Platova (real name - Victoria Solomatina; Russian writer, author of action-packed novels)
  • Viktoria Dauetite-Pakyarene (Lithuanian literary critic)
  • Victoria Perez (Argentine human rights defender)
  • Victoria Kovalchuk (graphic artist, illustrator, designer, writer)
  • Victoria Dawn Justice (American actress and singer)
  • Victoria Nikiforova (Russian playwright and journalist)
  • Victoria Volchkova (married - Butsaeva; Russian figure skater, singles, currently - figure skating coach)
  • Victoria Chekovaya (Russian jazz, blues and ethno singer)
  • Victoria Ocampo ((1890 - 1979) Argentine writer, social activist and literary organizer, publisher, influential intellectual. Igor Stravinsky dedicated the ballet Persephone to her, and Jorge Luis Borges - the story The Garden of Forking Paths.)
  • Victoria Fedorovna ((1876 - 1936) nee - Victoria Melita; Princess of Great Britain, Ireland and Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, Duchess of Saxony, since 1907 Grand Duchess with the title of Imperial Highness)
  • Victoria Cmilyte (Lithuanian chess player)
  • Victoria Yartseva ((1906 - 1999) Soviet and Russian linguist, professor (1943), corresponding member of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1968) and the Saxon Academy of Sciences (1976); known for her works on the history and stylistics of the English language, Celtic languages, grammar theory, contrastive linguistics)
  • Victoria Pratt (Canadian actress and fashion model)
  • Victoria Bonya (TV presenter)
  • Victoria Azarenka (Belarusian tennis player)
  • Victoria Gerasimova (Russian film and commercial actress, former VJ of MTV Russia)
  • Victoria Belomlinskaya ((1937 - 2008) pseudonym - Victoria Platova; Russian writer)
  • Victoria Begalska (Ukrainian-Russian artist)
  • Victoria Motrichko (Ukrainian checker player, specializing in the game on the small board (drafts-64); international grandmaster, world champion 2007, champion of the World Mind Games 2008)
  • Victoria Nikishina (Russian foil fencer, Olympic champion in 2008, world champion in 2002)
  • Victoria Hernandez (Spanish biathlete, member of the Spanish Olympic Biathlon Team at the 2010 Winter Olympics)
  • Victoria Sanchez (Canadian actress)
  • Karen Victoria Silvstedt (Swedish model, actress, singer and TV presenter)
  • Victoria Alasheeva (Russian theater and film actress)
  • Victoria Lepko (Russian theater and film actress)

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