The Meaning Of The Name Veronica

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The Meaning Of The Name Veronica
The Meaning Of The Name Veronica

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Veronica
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Short form of the name Veronica. Veronichka, Vera, Veronya, Ronya, Rona, Ronyusha, Verunya, Verusha, Vika, Nika, Nikasha, Nikusha, Veritsa.

Synonyms for the name Veronica. Berenice, Berenice, Berenice, Ferenica.

The origin of the name Veronica. The name Veronica is Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Veronica is a female name of Latin origin. This name comes from the name of Ferenice, which later began to be pronounced as Berenice. That was the name of some of the ancient rulers (female). Translated, the name Veronica means "bringing victory", "victorious" (on behalf of the Greek goddess of victory Nike).

There is a legend according to which the woman Berenice (Berenice) wiped the sweat from the face of Jesus when he walked to Calvary. After that, the face of Christ was imprinted on the fabric, a "true image" (Latin "icona vera") appeared. Thus, the name Veronica can be translated as “pure image”. The Latin spelling of the name Veronica is an anagram of this interpretation - Veronica.

Increasingly, girls began to be called by this name, not only in Russia. In some European countries, this name is very popular, for example, in England, Romania, Italy, Czech Republic. Often girls with this name can be found in Brazil.

Diminutive-affectionate terms Vera, Vika and Nika are also independent names.

Character and destiny. As a child, Veronica is a shy, timid, indecisive, overly sensitive girl. As she grows up, she becomes more stubborn and irritable. The daily hardships of life put pressure on her, and Veronica does not have the strength to fight them. This is because she often withdraws into herself and lives more in her invented world than in the present. Veronica is completely undemanding, active, loves to communicate, but not everyone and not always succeeds in following the course of her thoughts and how her emotional state is changing.

Veronica loves and highly values comfort, as well as beautiful and expensive things, but at the same time, she can be satisfied with small things. Sometimes Veronica can decide on spontaneous and unusual actions, she is able to find the best and correct way to solve any difficult situation. Closer to old age, Veronica can become silent, sullen and even harsh, she can withdraw into herself or turn to God and go into religion.

Because of her inherent pride, Veronica tries to choose a better and more prestigious job. She is able to build a good career in painting, in the field of literature and music, in medicine, can become an excellent teacher, as well as be an educator in preschool institutions and teach young children.

Veronica is very popular with men. She is quite amorous, but her feelings cannot be called constant. For Veronica, the ideal is a strong man and strong not only in the literal sense, but, more importantly, in everyday life. She feels weak and in need of care when such a man is around her. Veronica is more confident if her partner treats her kindly. In marriage, she strives to be a leader and if her husband does not accept this position of Veronica, then the family may fall apart. However, a woman with that name can sacrifice work for the sake of family comfort, giving her husband an opportunity to earn money.

Veronica makes a very devoted friend who always tries to help everyone in any way she can, and is grateful to those who take care of her. She can become an amazingly easy person to communicate, which, of course, attracts not only girlfriends, but also countless gentlemen to her. Often Veronica can be attributed to women, thanks to whom you do not need to publish your news in the newspapers, tell her a secret - many people will soon find out about it.

The popularity of the name Veronica. The name Veronica is quite widespread, according to the statistics of the registry offices of Russia for 2016 it takes 13-15 positions in the ranking of newborns. Until 1960, the name Veronica was practically not used among the population, and in 1991, after the appearance on the television screens of the series "The Rich Also Cry", where the main role was played by the actress Veronica Castro, an active interest in this name appeared among Russians, and already in 1991 the name Veronica appeared in the 30 most popular female names in Moscow. Since then, interest in the name has not faded, but only increased; over the past twelve months, the level of attention to it has slightly increased, reaching a maximum in April 2016.

Veronica's birthday

Veronica celebrates her name day on July 25, October 17.

Famous people named Veronica

  • Saint Veronica (Christian Saint)
  • Veronica Giuliani (saint of the Roman Catholic Church, nun, visionary)
  • Veronica Franco (Venetian courtesan and Renaissance poet)
  • Veronika Dudarova ((1916 - 2009) Russian conductor, People's Artist of the USSR; representative of the Ossetian aristocratic family of the Dudarovs. The name of Dudarova is entered in the Guinness Book of Records as the name of a woman who has worked with major orchestras for more than 50 years)
  • Louise Veronica Ciccone ((born 1958) American pop singer and film actress Madonna, who is one of the most controversial figures in Western show business)
  • Veronica Zemanova (Czech model, actress, photographer, singer)
  • Veronika Tushnova (Russian Soviet poet)
  • Veronica Castro (Mexican actress, singer and TV presenter)
  • Veronica Dolina (Russian bard)
  • Veronica Novakovskaya (Polish biathlete)
  • Veronique Claudel (former French biathlete, Olympic champion in 1992 in the 3x5 km relay, bronze medalist of the 1994 Olympics in the same discipline, multiple medalist of the world championships)
  • Veronica Kutsyllo (Russian journalist)
  • Veronique Jean (French singer (soprano))
  • Veronica Belkovskaya (Russian actress, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Veronika Izotova (Soviet and Russian film actress)
  • Veronica Campbell-Brown (Jamaican track and field athlete, three-time Olympic champion and world champion in sprinting)
  • Veronica Gambara, Countess of Correggio ((1485 - 1550) Italian poet and statesman of the Renaissance, the ruler of the city of Correggio. Her works, mostly sonnets, are distinguished by tenderness of feeling, grace and purity of style)
  • Nika Strizhak (full name - Veronika Strizhak; Russian documentary filmmaker, TV presenter)
  • Veronika Marchenko (journalist, human rights activist)
  • Veronica Chen (Argentinean film director, screenwriter, producer)
  • Veronika Vitkova (Czech biathlete, two-time world junior biathlon champion (2006, 2009))
  • Veronica Mortensen (Danish jazz singer)
  • Veronika Cherkasova (Belarusian journalist)
  • Veronica Vitenberg (Israeli rhythmic gymnast)
  • Veronika Zuzulova (famous Slovak alpine skier, participant of three Olympic Games, medalist of the World Cup stages, specializing in slalom)

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