The Meaning Of The Name West

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The Meaning Of The Name West
The Meaning Of The Name West

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name West
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Short form of the name West. Veta, News, West.

Synonyms for the name West. Hestia.

The origin of the name West. The name Vesta is Slavic.

The name Vesta has different versions of its origin. According to the first of them, that was the name of the goddess, the patroness of the family hearth and sacrificial fire in ancient Rome. At first, her priestesses were called by the name of Vesta, and then the name became popular.

According to the second version, the name Vesta is of Slavic origin and means "news". The name is popular in the Slavic countries of Eastern Europe.

The diminutive Veta is also an appeal to other names (Yvette, Violetta, Elizaveta, Svetlana).

Vesta is an original woman, very intelligent, with an analytical mind. A person can hide under a calm look outside, skillfully controlling her emotions. Vesta is skeptical about most of the statements, has his own point of view, prefers an ironic manner of communication and uses humor in the same way. Vesta is a marginal, sometimes very eccentric, quirky person and may seem out of place in this society.

There are constant wars inside Vesta, it is full of internal contradictions, but it will never show it to people. She does not like routine and slow pace of life, she is always ready to act with determination. She prefers to be mobile, very sociable.

As a child, Vesta can most often be found reading a book, rather than playing collectively with children. She definitely needs sports, various physical exercises and activities aimed at developing her individual abilities.

Vesta has all the data to bring the matter to the end, to achieve the set goal, and the owner of this name skillfully uses natural data for this. Despite this, Vesta is very kind, not envious, will not refuse to help others.

Vesta prefers to distinguish herself from others. It can be an unusual appearance, a different demeanor, a manner of communication. She is not devoid of talent - many owners of this name draw well, dance or sing and write poetry.

Vesta prefers a calm, quiet vacation in which she finds pleasure for herself. The owner of this name is moderately closed, and moderately extroverted. At home, she is withdrawn and quiet, in public she is playful and sociable. At home, she tries to be on an equal footing with her husband, and in society she prefers to command the rest. She is a good housewife, a caring mother.

In connection with her tastes and motives, Vesta will choose an activity for herself, it can turn out to be both very active work requiring constant innovations (fashion designer, scientific researcher), and more relaxed work, but always with a creative approach (education, florist).

Vesta's birthday

Vesta does not celebrate its name day.

Famous people named Vesta

  • Vesta (goddess, patroness of the family hearth and sacrificial fire in ancient Rome. She corresponds to the Greek Hestia. The cult of Vesta in Italy occupied an honorable place. In the temple of Vesta in Rome there was an altar on which an eternal flame burned, supported by the priestesses of the goddess - the Vestals. The Feast of Vesta - Vestalia was celebrated on June 9, during the feast the Romans made barefoot pilgrimages to the temple of the goddess and sacrificed to her here. The service of Vesta lasted until 382 and was terminated by Gratian.)
  • Vesta Williams ((1957 - 2011) full name - Mary Vesta Williams; American R&B and hip-hop singer and actress, songwriter, sang songs in the four octave range)
  • Vesta Tilly ((1864 - 1952) pseudonym, real name - Matilda Alice Paulsu; English actress, role - male roles. At the age of 11, she adopted the stage name West Tilly for the performance of the highly paid male roles in the music hall. She was a star as in England and the United States for over thirty years. Her last performance was at the age of 56 in 1920 at the Colosseum Theater (London). Her autobiography "Memories of Vesta Tilly" was published in 1934.)