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Meaning Of The Name Bianca
Meaning Of The Name Bianca

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Synonyms for the name Bianca. Blanche, Blanca, Bianca, Blanch, Branca.

The origin of the name Bianca. Bianca's name is Catholic.

The name Bianca is a European female name, the Italian form of the name Blanca. Translated from the Latin language means "white", "blond", also interpreted as "light", "bright". There are different pronunciations of the name, depending on the spelling and place of use - Blanche, Blanch, Blanca, Branca, Bianca.

In Italy, the name appeared in the Middle Ages, at the same time it was also used as a compound name - Biancamaria. Later the name Bianca (Blanche) was supplanted by names associated with the veneration of the Mother of God, although it did not completely disappear from use. The name was transformed into a surname, which ranks fifth in popularity in Italy - Bianchi (Bianchi). The name of Blanca was borne by the queen, blessed, memorial day among Catholics - November 30.

The popularity of the name Blanche (Blanch) in the United States is very low. By the middle of the 20th century, this name reached the 911 line of the rating and does not rise above this position, although at the beginning of the 20th century this name was among the widespread female names among American women. Since the middle of the last century, a fashion in the USA for a slightly different spelling of names began, thus the names Blanka, Blanca appeared in the ranking (the maximum position is 393). The spelling Bianca is the most popular among all possible, reaching 84 positions in the ranking, in 2017 - 375.

The name Blanca is used in countries such as Italy, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Paraguay, where it is not considered rare. They are also called girls in Bulgaria, Czech Republic.

The names Svetlana, Albina, Alina, Elena, Elina, Klara, Lucia, Bella, Alba, Elvina and many others will be similar in meaning (in some aspects).

Energetic and open to communication, Bianca can captivate you with her uniqueness, because she always develops her individual style. Communication with her gives the impression of a strong and confident woman, however, the truth is that she is fragile and may lack self-confidence. Bianca compensates for this vulnerability with ease of expression, preferring to be sunny and cheerful in public, and her enthusiasm is infectious.

Bianca has the ability to be creative, she can master the art of persuasion in order to achieve what she wants. She knows what to do and say to be loved, how to charm, seduce and attract the attention of others. The owner of this name loves games and everything that is connected with fun, preferring to always look at the bright side of life. Curious by nature, Bianca can immediately be interested in a hundred or one subject in any field, without thinking about the details. Smart, dexterous and creative, the owner of this name knows how to memorize well, and then reproduce it from memory.

Bianca has great willpower and is not afraid to take action, although her efforts may be inconsistent. Her emotions and relationships can have a significant impact on her personal or even professional life.

As a child, one could say about her that this little girl is like a mischievous little monkey. Bianca is a real chatterbox, but, fortunately, sometimes she stops talking a lot in order to do routine things - breathe and eat. However, she is often tempted to gossip. Her sharp mind easily assimilates and analyzes information of various kinds, she learns quickly. If a girl is not convinced of the merits of what she is doing, she tends to continue what she started just to have fun. Bianca is a very emotional young lady, and will do much better in school if she is encouraged to learn and praised more often. Dancing, painting and foreign languages ​​are areas in which she is likely to excel, and therefore should be taken into account by the girl.

Sensitive and inventive, Bianca seeks the company of others, knows how to make friends for real, maintaining a deep sense of friendship and carrying it through life. She fears loneliness and her emotional life takes precedence over everything. The owner of this name is an attentive listener, a quality that others appreciate. Bianca may be torn apart by the desire to be the first and most successful and the desire for unity with others; she may have a conflict between professional achievement and commitment to family life.

With such an active life position, Bianca will most likely choose a career. This can be in the field of sales or marketing, sports, journalism, teaching, creative professions (artist, actress, singer, presenter). The independence of this profession will be an important factor in a girl's decision in favor of her chosen profession.

Bianchi's birthday

Bianca celebrates her name day on November 30th.

Famous people named Bianca

  • Bianca ((born 1985) pseudonym, real name - Tatiana Lipnitskaya; Belarusian and Russian R&B singer, songwriter, music producer, TV presenter and actress. Winner of several Russian music awards.)
  • Bianca Angel ((born 1985) Romanian speed skater)
  • Bianca Beauchamp, different pronunciation - Bianca Beecham ((born 1977) Canadian fetish model famous for her love of latex and glamor)
  • Bianca Bianchi ((1855-1947) pseudonym, real name - Bertha Schwartz; Austrian singer (voice - coloratura soprano) After completing her singing career - teacher. An asteroid is named after the singer.)
  • Bianca Kailich (Kylik) ((born 1977) American actress)
  • Bianca Cappello (Capello) ((1548-1587) Italian aristocrat, second wife and beloved of the Grand Duke of Tuscany, Francesco I. Renaissance legend, nicknamed "The Witch".)
  • Bianca Stewart ((born 1988) Bahamian athlete (athletics), specialization - long jump. Holder of the national record - 6.81 m. Repeated winner of the Central American and Caribbean championships. Participant of the 2012 Olympics.)
  • Bianca Mergel ((born 1986) Canadian actress, fashion model)
  • Blanca Vlašić ((born 1983) Croatian high jumper, twice stood on the Olympic podium, multiple medalist of many world and European champion.)
  • Bianca Jasmine Lawson ((born 1979) American television actress)
  • Blanca Sánchez de la Fuente ((1946-2010) Mexican actress of the “Golden Age of Mexican Cinematography.” Also a public figure and radio actress. Made a great contribution to the development of national cinema.)
  • Blanca Padilla ((born 1995) Spanish top model)
  • Blanche Monet ((1865-1947) French impressionist painter)
  • Blanche L. Friderici ((1878-1933) American actress)
  • Bianca Balti ((born 1984) Italian fashion model)
  • Blanca Amesqua ((born 1971) Mexican contemporary artist)
  • Blanca Ines Osuna ((born 1950) Argentine politician. Before that she was an educational psychologist, director of schools, head of the Committee for Education and Culture.)
  • Blanca Portillo ((born 1963) Spanish actress)
  • Blanca Voronkova ((1924-2010) Russian theater actress, lived and worked in Arkhangelsk)
  • Blanca ((born 1986) stage name, real name Blanca Elaine Callahan; Puerto Rican singer and musician, solo performer)
  • Blanca Paulo ((born 1954) Czechoslovak skier)
  • Blanka "Blankita" Heredia Oshio ((born 1934) Venezuelan winner of the Miss Venezuela contest (1956). Participant of the Miss Universe contest of the same year from Venezuela.)
  • Blanca Soto ((born 1979) full name - Blanca Delfina Soto Benavides; Mexican actress, model)
  • Bianca Benova Panova ((born 1970) is a Bulgarian athlete (rhythmic gymnastics), multiple winner of the World and European Championships, coach Katya Pietrosanti, the only Italian "artist" who won medals at the world championship).

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