The Meaning Of The Name Vasilisa

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The Meaning Of The Name Vasilisa
The Meaning Of The Name Vasilisa

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Vasilisa

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Vasilisa
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The short form of the name Vasilisa. Vasya, Vasa, Vasya, Vasiliska, Vasilka, Vasya, Vasyura, Syura, Vasyuta, Syuta, Vasula, Vaso, Vasiukha, Vasusha, Vasya, Vasya, Vasiunya, Asya, Fox.

Synonyms for the name Vasilisa. Vasilissa, Vasilika, Vasily, Vasilena, Vasilitsa.

The origin of the name Vasilisa. Vasilisa's name is Russian, Ukrainian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Vasilisa in translation from Greek means "regal", "ruler". The names Vasilisa, Vasilina and Vasilida are the female forms of the male name Vasily.

Affectionate address Fox is also used to such names as Alice, Elizabeth, Eliza and others, as well as the address Asya, is now an independent name.

Vasilisa is a real storehouse of the purest thoughts and good deeds. She will accept someone else's pain and problem as hers. The desire to help people, to protect their love and peace of mind are the main features of Vasilisa.

Vasilisa's disadvantage is stubbornness. It is very difficult to convince her if she has decided to do something. She will still achieve her goal, even if it is to her detriment. It is very difficult for this woman to admit her shortcomings, since she wants to look always immaculately clean and she tries very hard to look that way.

Charm, natural beauty, gentleness in dealing with people are indispensable attributes of the owner of this name. She needs to be constantly in the thick of things, but she is more a spiritual mentor, a sister of mercy than a leader-fighter for rights.

Vasilisa is a loving mother. Vasilises love to visit, receive guests. She doesn't mind showing off something new.

Very often Vasilises become social workers, do charity work, because this is how they can fulfill their mission in life.

Vasilisa's birthday

Vasilisa celebrates her name day on January 21, February 18, March 23, April 4, April 28, April 29, July 4, September 16.

Famous people named Vasilisa

  • Vasilisa Kozhina (Hero of the Patriotic War of 1812)
  • Vasilisa the Beautiful ((the Wise), a popular character in Russian folk tales)
  • Vasilisa Melentyevna (sixth wife of Tsar Ivan the Terrible)
  • Vasilisa, or Vassa ((in the monasticism of Theodora) saint, princess of Nizhny Novgorod)
  • Vasilisa Volodina (astrologer, TV presenter, astropsychologist)
  • Vasilisa Chapaeva (great-great-granddaughter of the famous hero, studies at the Naval Cadet Corps)

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