The Meaning Of The Name Bozena

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The Meaning Of The Name Bozena
The Meaning Of The Name Bozena

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Bozena
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The short form of the name Bozena. Bozha, Bozhka, Bozhenka, Bozhychka, Bozhanka, Zhana, Zhanka, Boya, Boyka, God, Zhenya.

Synonyms for the name Bozena. Bazhena, Bozhana, Bozhna, Bozhina.

The origin of the name Bozena. The name Bozena is Slavic.

The name Bozena is of Slavic origin. It is formed by adding to the main "god" (from "God") the diminutive suffix -ena or -ana. The name Bozena is translated as "God", "gifted by God" or "blessed".

This name is mentioned in ancient chronicles. That was the name of one girl - the beloved of the Czech prince Oldřich, who became his second wife and gave him an heir, Břetislav I. The theme of their romantic love is reflected in many literary works, music and painting.

The name Bozena is used mainly in Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Slovakia and Slovenia. The stress in the name Bozena can be both on the first and on the second syllables.

Despite the fact that the name had long been known in the Czech Republic and Poland, it began to appear with sufficient regularity only in the 19th century. In the Czech Republic, the name Bozena has not left the 30 most common names in the Czech Republic for 15 years, although the number of girls named by this name is decreasing.

There are close and similar in meaning Slavic names - Bogdan ("given by God", "given by God", "God's gift"), Bozhidar ("God's gift"), Bogna ("given by God"), Boguslav, Bogudar, Bogudarka, Bogumil, Godvol, Bogumet.

Also in the Czech Republic, this name is considered the Czech version of the names Benedict ("blessed") and Theodor (Fedor - "given by God", "God's gift"). The name Bozena is synonymous and identical in meaning to such names as Theodosia ("given by God"), Macarius ("blessed"), Theodotus ("God-given"), Theoktista ("created by God").

It also corresponds to such names as Nathanaela ("God gave") is a Portuguese name, Deodata ("given by God") is an Italian name, Dieudonne ("given by God") is a French name, Ranelle ("gifted by God") is a Tatar name.

Not to be confused with another, very similar in pronunciation, name - the name of Bazhena, which has a completely different meaning. But sometimes these names are considered identical.

The name Bozhena is not mentioned in the Orthodox saints, but the owners of this name can celebrate their name days in the days of the memory of Theoktista or Theodosia. In Poland, Bozena's name day is March 13, and June 20 and July 20; in the Czech Republic - February 11, in Slovenia - July 27.

Bozena is a rather persistent and determined girl. He tries to completely control his own emotions, while remaining simple and natural. She does not like mediocrity and prefers to avoid those people who have a superficial perception of the world. Strives for everything natural, but maintains extremely high standards and requirements.

Bozena is an idealist, striving to constantly develop and improve herself. She is ambitious and hardworking. She is able to overcome all difficulties with great patience when it comes to the most important points, but in the little things and some everyday issues she does not have enough moderation and tact, she can become sharp.

She is a disciplined but authoritarian girl. Stubborn and headstrong, capable of starting a business, not a name in it, nor competence, nor having the necessary knowledge. Bozena is somewhat proprietor, but, nevertheless, rather generous. She takes care of her sisters and brothers like a real mother. Feels great responsibility for his family.

Bozena is a hardworking girl, striving for perfection and harmony not only in love. She is ready to maintain a bad world, rather than strive for a good quarrel, therefore, she will be the first to start conciliatory steps, will maintain pleasant relations with her loved ones, even if there are great difficulties in the relationship.

When it comes to choosing a partner, Bozena will be especially demanding, as she must respect and admire the person who will win and conquer her heart. He will have to proceed with caution because he will not get a second chance. Choosing a spouse for Bozena is a very difficult task. She is a wonderful and welcoming hostess. Family, friends and loved ones are central to her life. Bozena may decide to devote herself to home and family, because family harmony is essential for her emotional state.

Nevertheless, she is an active, dynamic and original woman who can find her vocation in medicine, social sphere (teacher, lawyer), in the field of aesthetics, art and design. He can also take a leadership position.

Bozena's birthday

Bozena does not celebrate his name day.

Famous people with the name Bozena

  • Bozena ((died 1052) Czech princess, mother of later duke Břetislav I)
  • Beatrice of Bohemia ((1225-1290) birth name - Bozena; Czech princess, daughter of the Czech king Wenceslas I, wife of the Margrave of Brandenburg - Otto III)
  • Bozena Nemcova ((1820-1862) née Barbora Novotna; Czech writer and poetess, she is considered the ancestor of modern Czech prose. Films and fairy-tale films "Three nuts for Cinderella", "Grandmother", "Seven Ravens "and" How to Conquer a Princess ".)
  • Bozena Dykel ((born 1948) Polish actress, starred in the films "Promised Land", "Witch Doctor", "Demons" and others)
  • Bozena Kurovska ((1937-1969) Polish actress)
  • Bozena Stryikuvna ((born 1954) Polish theater and film actress)
  • Bozena Adamek ((born 1952) Polish theater, television and film actress)
  • Bozena Begovic ((1901-1966) Croatian theater actress, writer and poet, first publications were in German; also translator into French and Esperanto)
  • Bozena Rynska ((born 1975) birth name - Evgenia Rynskaya; Russian journalist, blogger, writes a column in the newspaper Izvestia)
  • Bozena Pytel ((born 1945) surname at birth - Zemetskaya; French, and formerly Polish, chess player, owner of the knowledge of international master among women in 1974)
  • Bozena Fedorchyk ((born 1961) Polish actress)
  • Bozena Griner ((born 1936) Serbian pianist)
  • Bozena Walter ((born 1938) Polish journalist and TV presenter)

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