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Belinda Name Meaning
Belinda Name Meaning

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Short form of the name Belinda. Bella, Bindi, Bel, Linda, Lindy.

Synonyms for the name Belinda. Bella.

The name Belinda has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Belinda is derived from the Latin "bellus", meaning "sweet", "lovely".

According to the second version, the name Belinda has Germanic roots, it comes from Betlindis, or, possibly, from the contract form Betlinde, which means "bright linden".

According to the third version, the name Belinda originated from the merger of the names Bella and Linda, which are also diminutive references to this name. The name Belinda should not be confused with the name Bela, which has other versions of origin.

Belinda is a charming girl. In life, she strives to achieve only what can please her. Belinda tries to look sophisticated and elegant, with great attention to her appearance.

As a child, Belinda is a disciplined and obedient child. She does not create big problems for her parents, they can always count on her responsibility. Belinda strives to please her loved ones. The girl can hardly bear the criticism of others, this greatly hurts her self-esteem. At such moments, she becomes arrogant, can be very angry.

Girls named Belinda combine different character traits, which sometimes adds to their problems. During her life, the character of a girl can change, developing for the better. So, by about 28 years old, Belinda will be able to become more emotional and develop her intuition, if, of course, she makes an effort.

Belinda is straightforward, outspoken and determined. She is authoritarian and seeks to lead. Indeed, Belinda has the ability to organize and manage. In decisions, the girl is careful and prudent. She is characterized by a strong will, she is capable of making significant efforts over time to achieve her goal. Belinda is not afraid to work. She is disciplined. Responsibility and commitment are not empty words for her. On the other hand, Belinda is often self-centered and ambitious. Belinda can achieve good success in areas related to telecommunications, animal husbandry, nature management, design, real estate.

Belinda strives for a stable life. She loves precision and order. Anything that cannot be classified as natural and healthy things disgusts the girl. Belinda values ​​harmony in family life very much, strives to observe traditions and adheres to generally accepted moral values. Sometimes Belinda is too maniacally eager to achieve perfection. However, in family life, this is a wonderful woman.

With friends, Belinda is soft and smiling. Sometimes she experiences difficulties in communication and making new friends because of her modesty and low emotionality. She is very sensitive to small gifts from her friends and loved ones.

Belinda's birthday

Belinda doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Belinda

  • Belinda Joe Carlisle ((born 1958) American singer and actress. Lead vocalist and founder of the female rock and roll group The Go-Go`s)
  • Belinda Lee ((1935 - 1961) British film actress)
  • Belinda Jane Emmett ((1974 - 2006) Australian actress, singer and radio host)
  • Belinda Wright ((1929 - 2007) English ballerina (romantic and classical roles))
  • Belinda Jane Vernon ((born 1958) former New Zealand politician)
  • Belinda Stronach Caroline ((born 1966) Canadian businessman, former politician and philanthropist. She was a Member of Parliament (MP) in the Canadian House of Commons (2004 - 2008).)
  • Belinda Snell ((born 1981) Australian basketball player. Silver medalist in basketball at the 2008 Summer Olympics, gold medal at the 2006 Commonwealth Games and gold medal at the 2006 World Championships.)
  • Belinda Jane Neal ((born 1963) former Australian politician)
  • Belinda Jane Cordwell ((born 1965) is a former New Zealand tennis player who represented her home country at the 1988 Summer Olympics in Seoul, South Korea.Her most notable result was reaching the Australian Open semi-finals in 1989, where she lost to Helena Sukova Cordwell is currently a sports commentator for a variety of sports.)
  • Belinda Jane Clarke ((born 1970) is an Australian cricketer who played International Cricket from 1991 to 2005. In 2011 she was inducted into the ICC Cricket Hall of Fame.)
  • Belinda, Belinda Peligrin ((born 1989) Mexican singer, songwriter and actress, two-time Latin Grammy nominee. Together, her three studio albums have sold over 3 million copies worldwide. Usually known only by name.)

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