The Meaning Of The Name Bella (Bella)

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The Meaning Of The Name Bella (Bella)
The Meaning Of The Name Bella (Bella)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Bella (Bella)

Synonyms for the name Bella (Bella). Bella, Isabella, Annabella, Arabella, Gabriella, Sibylla, Claribella, Clarabela, Albina.

The origin of the name Bella (Bella). Bell's name (Bella) is English, Catholic.

Bella's name is of Latin origin and means "beautiful", "beautiful". There is a spelling variant - Bella. In modern times, the name Bell has become independent and is used independently, but it also continues to be used as an abbreviated name or diminutive. Not to be confused with the Slavic name Bela.

Bella is also an abbreviated form of some female names (Isabella, Annabella, Arabella, Gabriella, Sibylla, Claribella, Albina). Bell's name has a related name - Belinda. This name is very common in England.

For Bell's name, Isabella's Catholic name days will be listed.

Bella grows up as a very sociable girl, easily makes new acquaintances. She is characterized by prudence and integrity. Sometimes she makes impulsive acts. Outwardly, she looks more like her father than her mother. At the same time, she owes her character to her mother.

Bella is an "owl", she likes to sleep longer in the morning. Housekeeping is not her favorite pastime. So, for example, she will prepare dinner only in exceptional cases. Bella is very emotional and expresses her feelings very vividly.

This woman is very beautiful. Able to quickly tie a man to herself. In life, she is often faced with infidelity and deceit. For a happy life, Bella needs a man with a strong character.

Bella is betrayed and unsophisticated. She is the perfect friend. Having fallen in love with a man, he quickly plunges into a new relationship. Moreover, choosing a husband becomes a long process for her. Most often, Bella has a son. Bella's first marriage usually ends in divorce. She is sensual and passionate. Her decisive nature attracts passive men. Bella loves men who need to be cared for, nourished and encouraged.

By their nature, the owners of this name are practical business women. Bella makes an excellent trade worker or economist. She always copes with any life problems, but she rarely achieves great success.

Bella is very feminine and natural, other people are attracted to her by her kindness and love of life. She is not always able to control herself. It can flare up because of any little thing. At the same time, he behaves calmly and judiciously. Despite the fact that she is proud, she quickly becomes attached to people and is ready to help in a difficult situation.

Bella is stubborn and independent, often overly serious. These qualities can interfere with her self-realization.

Bella's (Bella's) birthday

Bella (Bella) celebrates name day on February 23rd, July 4th.

Famous people named Bella (Bella)

  • Bella Akhmadulina ((1937 - 2010) Soviet and Russian poetess, writer, translator)
  • Bella Vernikova ((born 1949) poet, literary historian, Ph. D. from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
  • Bella Davidovich ((born 1928) Russian, Soviet and American pianist and music teacher)
  • Bella Darvey ((1928 - 1971) French actress)
  • Bella Dijur ((1903 - 2006) Russian poet, prose writer)
  • Bella Ezerskaya ((born 1929) journalist, theater critic, essayist)
  • Bella Zorich ((1899 -?) Russian playwright and screenwriter)
  • Bella Kuptievskaya ((born 1919) Soviet cameraman)
  • Bella Kurkova ((born 1935) Russian television journalist)
  • Bella La Rosa ((born 1950) Miss Venezuela 1970)
  • Bella "Bellatrix" Lestrange ((1951 - 1998) fictional character in the Harry Potter series)
  • Bella Manevich-Kaplan ((1922 - 2002) Russian artist, cinematographer)
  • Bella Nisan ((born 1959) ophthalmologist, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Ophthalmology, PF RSMU, Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation)
  • Bella Swan ((1987 - 2006) the main character of the series of novels by Stephenie Meyer "Twilight")
  • Bella Thorne ((born 1997) American girl actress and model)

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