Meaning Of The Name Beatrice

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Meaning Of The Name Beatrice
Meaning Of The Name Beatrice

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Short form of the name Beatrice. Betty, Beata, Bea, Trix, Trixie, Bet, Beton, Bibi, Bia, Betrysya.

Synonyms for the name Beatrice. Beatrice, Beatrix, Beatrice, Beatrice, Beterish, Beyterish.

The origin of the name Beatrice. The name Beatrice is Catholic.

The name Beatrice is of Latin origin. Currently, the name Beatrice is widespread in the US, and since 2013 this name has returned to the top 100 UK names.

In Russian, the spelling of this name is more often used as Beatrice, but there is also Beatrix. The name Beatrice was originally written as Viatrix, translated as "traveler", but due to the similarity with the Latin "beatus" (ie "blessed", "happy"), this name began to be pronounced and written as Beatrix and interpreted, respectively, identically - "Bringing happiness", "happy". Later, there were some changes in the spelling, and this name began to be recorded in various variations - Beatrice, Beatris, Beatrise and others. Many royals have borne the name Beatrice.

In most European countries, the variants Beatrice and Beatrix are equally used, but Beatrice is also found in Italy, Romania, Poland, in the Czech Republic - Beatrice, in Scotland - Beterish, Beytirish. Affectionate treatment Betty and Beata also became names of their own. The meaning of the name Beatrice corresponds to the names of Zita, Felicia and Felicia.

The name Beatrice will have a Catholic name day.

Beatrice's cold appearance hides a sensitive and emotional nature. She has a well-developed intuition, and she applies this skill for personal purposes. In fact, she is a little lazy, does not mind dreaming, knows how to observe. She is very attentive to the needs of others, but often forgets about herself. Beatrice is usually shy and can be very touching, but she can also show a rather formidable character.

She is a reserved, modest girl, sometimes even to the point that it may seem aloof. She prefers not to talk about her own affairs, tends to be secretive, so Beatrice is often perceived by people around her as a mystery girl. This is more like a defense mechanism, because she is a sensitive girl, and in general she feels very vulnerable.

If she experiences an emotional shock, then most often she hides from everyone in order to survive what happened to her alone. But there are also situations when courage and determination awaken in the owner of this name, but the reason for this is not personal upheavals, but any social reasons, or difficulties in her friends who need her help.

Little Beatrice needs to be closely watched, because this girl still does not know how to control herself, so she can be thrown from one extreme to another - from hermitism to collectivism. This girl is easy to emotionally control, so you need to be careful and teach Beatrice to distinguish manipulation from true intentions. It would be good for her to develop her creative talents, to participate in theatrical performances.

She is not devoid of wisdom and kindness, but, by and large, this applies only to relationships among people. She has a great need for love, dreams and fantasies have a special place in her heart. Beatrice values ​​her personal life, you should not poke your nose into her affairs, she can also perfectly keep your secrets. She is a wonderful friend, you can always count on her good advice.

Beatrice is afraid of loneliness, so she tries to have good and warm relations with everyone, easily goes to reconciliation and in every possible way avoids conflicts and scandals. Beatrice is a very gentle, loving and affectionate wife and mother, but do not forget that she can turn into a snow queen, so more often give her your love and attention.

Beatrice's attention is most often drawn to public professions related to law, medicine, media, tourism or education. She can become a teacher, psychologist, lawyer, doctor, or follow a creative path.

Birthday Beatrice

Beatrice celebrates her name day on January 18, February 13, May 10, July 29, August 17.

Famous people named Beatrice

  • Beatrice Potter ((1866-1943) English children's writer and artist, author of such famous books as "Uhti-Tukhti", "Peter Rabbit and Other Stories", as well as stories about Tressy the squirrel, Johnny the mouse and Tom the kitten)
  • Beatrice Elizabeth Mary of York ((born 1988) English princess, a regular in the gossip)
  • Beatrice Rosen (Rosen) ((born 1977) American actress and model, also known as Beatrice Rosenblatt. Has starred in such films as The Dark Knight, Peaceful Warrior, Charmed, Smallville, and others.)
  • Stephanie Beatrice ((born 1981) full name - Stephanie Beatrice Bischhoff Alvizuri; American actress, best known for the TV series "Brooklyn 9-9")
  • Ana Beatriz Barros ((born 1982) Brazilian supermodel)
  • Beatrice Small ((1937-2015) American novelist, wrote in the genre of romance and history)
  • Beatrice Lyra ((born 1930) Brazilian actress, known for her roles in the TV series "Slave Izaura", "In the Name of Love", "Mandala", "The Prophet" and others)
  • Beatrice Hastings ((1879-1943) pseudonym, real name Emily Ellis Hay; British poet and literary critic, was the model for several paintings by the artist Amedeo Modigliani)
  • Beatrice Arthur ((1922-2009) pseudonym, birth name - Bernice Frankel; American actress, performed on Broadway, winner of the 1977 and 1988 Emmy Awards, and 1966 Tony)
  • Beatrice Uthondu ((born 1969) Nigerian athlete, bronze medalist of the 1992 Olympics)
  • Beatrice Okulova ((1938-2012) Soviet opera singer, worked as an opera director in many opera houses in various cities of the USSR. Also a teacher.)
  • Beatrice Macola ((1965-2001) Italian actress)
  • Beatrice Lorenzin ((born 1971) Italian politician, Minister of Health)
  • Beatrice Portinari ((1266 / 1267-1290) Italian lady, muse and secret lover of the poet Dante Alighieri)
  • Beatrice Cashlaru ((born 1975) Romanian swimmer, multiple Olympic champion)
  • Bibi Neuwirth ((born 1958) full name - Beatrice; American actress, dancer and singer, performs in musicals on Broadway. She starred in the films Jumanji, Ready for Anything, The Faculty and others.)
  • Beatrice Schuba ((born 1951) Austrian single skater, Olympic champion in 1972, multiple winner of the World and European Championships)
  • Beatrice Dahl ((born 1964) French actress)

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