The Meaning Of The Name Asya

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The Meaning Of The Name Asya
The Meaning Of The Name Asya

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Synonyms for the name Asya. Asta, Asiyat, Asia, Anastasia.

The origin of the name Asya. The name Asya is Russian, Tatar, German, Muslim, Armenian.

The name Asya is a feminine name with different versions of origin. According to the first version, the name Asya is a derived name from the name Asta, which in turn is directly related to the name Astrid, and therefore, accordingly, has a Scandinavian origin. In this case, the name Asya will mean “divinely beautiful” or “passionate”. This form of the name has become more widespread outside the Scandinavian and German-speaking countries.

According to the second version, the name Asya is a derivative of the Greek name Anastasia and is translated as "reborn".

According to the next version, the name Asya is a variant of the name Asiyat, Assiya (Asia), used among the Tatars. The name Assiya is in common use not only among Muslims, but also in Europe.

Also, the name Asya is a short form for many female names, most often starting with "a" (Anisya, Arsenia, Anna, Assol, Agnessa, Alexandra, Astra, Aksinia and others). Very often you can find Asya's diminutive appeal to many other names (Vasilisa, Vasilida, Vassa, Ksenia, Gelasia, Taisia, Tarasia and others).

Also Asya - an affectionate appeal to the Bulgarian female name Asen, the Armenian name Hasmik, the Kazakh name Aysel, to the male names Askold, Alexander, Mikhail and Tarasiy.

The girl Asya is a very humane person, she can be called an altruist, since Asya always tries to take care of someone, thinks about the interests of other people. She is capable of sudden inspirations and impulses of creativity, but Asya has to somehow get along with her dreams and aspirations with real opportunities, to find the line between life for herself and life for the good of society. Asya's lofty aspirations and ideals are poorly adapted to everyday reality, which gives her mental torment and can shake her fragile nervous balance.

Little Asya is a charming girl who wants to please everyone, she is especially receptive to the atmosphere of the house. She accepts various changes with some delay, they confuse her, make a mess in her life. And she is no longer able to fully live in the present, which she remembers and understood so well, and now everything becomes different, and it is easier for her to go into the inner world of dreams, where everything is clear and constant. Therefore, parents need to pay special attention to this feature, accustom the girl to the changeable course of life, actively help her adapt to changes.

Asya shows interest in social movements, sciences, issues of spirituality and culture. If she becomes interested in one of these areas with passion, then you need to beware of the danger in which Asya can reach dogmatism and fanaticism. The owner of this name is ready to cooperate and interact with other people with complete dedication and unshakable faith.

When it comes to love, Asya reveals her sentimental and romantic soul, who seeks to idealize her lover by placing him on a pedestal, which can lead to the risk of disappointment. This is a rather feminine nature, motherhood can probably become a prerogative in her life. However, it is very important for her to contribute to the development of humanity, and in this aspect she can do this as a parent. Emotional values ​​are fundamental to Asi.

Asya can achieve tremendous success in social or artistic fields. Therefore, she can choose the profession of a teacher, social worker, psychologist, sociologist, consultant, nurse, midwife, secretary, artist, musician, even become a politician. Of course, she may simply decide to devote herself to her family and become a loving and considerate mother.

Asya's birthday

Asya does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Asya

  • Asya Eutykh ((born 1962) Russian jeweler, gunsmith. Unique works of gold, precious stones, made in the technique of casting and engraving can be seen in the Hermitage, the State Historical Museum of Moscow, many of her works are in private collections. Invented her own alloy - Juvelus.)
  • Asya Gorskaya ((1937-2003) Russian poet, prose writer and ethnographer. Author of 25 books, seven musical albums. Created the Korablik Museum of Poets and Writers of the South Urals.)
  • Asya Zvereva ((born 1937) Soviet and Russian sound engineer, owner of "Nika" 1997)
  • Asya Veksler ((born 1943) Soviet illustrator, graphic artist, also Israeli poet)
  • Asya Kozina ((born 1984) maiden name - Chuprina; Ukrainian contemporary artist, works in the technique of paper plastics. Participant of many exhibitions, her works are in the collections of various museums and private collections.)
  • Asya Shavinskaya ((born 1981) Russian intellectual, player of the elite club "What? Where? When?" Awarded with the "Crystal" and "Diamond" owls in 2004.)
  • Asya Nemchenok ((born 1966) Soviet and Russian artist, photographer, art teacher. Created the author's technique - "photo painting".)
  • Asya Shneiderman ((born 1968) Soviet poetess, translator, artist)
  • Asya Umarova ((born 1985) Chechen artist (graphic impressionism), also a prose writer. Participant of Russian and international exhibitions. Actively participates in socially significant projects.)
  • Asya Nakhimovskaya ((1923-1997) Soviet and Russian actress, played more than 100 roles)
  • Asya Noris ((1912-1998) Italian theater and film actress, achieved the greatest popularity in the 30s-40s of the XX century)
  • Asya Abdullah (co-chairman of the Democratic Union Party of the Syrian Kurds, participant in numerous conferences)
  • Asya ((born 1965) pseudonym, real name and surname - Tulay Keçialan; Turkish pop singer)
  • Asya Saavedra ((born 1992) American singer, soloist and keyboardist, performing songs with her sister in the genre of indie pop, indie rock))
  • Asya Miller Lapper ((born 1979 American Paralympic athlete, multiple goalball medalist)
  • Asya Simonyan ((born 1987) Armenian athlete (rhythmic gymnastics))

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