The Meaning Of The Name Astrid (Asta)

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The Meaning Of The Name Astrid (Asta)
The Meaning Of The Name Astrid (Asta)

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Short form of Astrid's name. Astri, Asti, Aster, Asta, Astred, Atti, Atta, Assi.

Synonyms for the name Astrid. Estrid, Astri, Osfrey, Asta, Asta, Osta, Ost, Austridur.

The origin of the name Astrid. Astrid's name is German.

The name Astrid is of Old Scandinavian origin and translated means "passionate." There are also other translations of this name: "divine beauty" (Old Icelandic) and "star" (Armenian).

Affectionately Astrid can be called - Astri, Asti, Aster, Asta, Astred, Atti. In some northern European countries, this name sounds like Estrid, Astri, Asta, Osta. A derivative name from Asta - Asya - also became widespread.

These women are energetic and active, capable of solving unexpected, sudden problems, but showing less activity in planned life situations. The owners of the name Astrid are confident in themselves and their capabilities, brave and brave. Nevertheless, Astrid is not a creative person, they should make important decisions deliberately. These women have common sense, are endowed with the ability to delve into the very essence of the problem, they are self-confident and courageous. Behind the external practicality, reliability and calmness of these women, there is a refined, soft and romantic nature.

Best of all, Astrid is able to carry out tasks assigned by someone. This woman really wants to have a strong position in life, she just needs to be financially secure. They are suitable for the positions of employees and clerks, but they should be well paid. Astrid should not be involved in business and take part in risky activities. These women know how to make money, but they are also good at spending it. To succeed in her professional career, Astrid needs to learn not to postpone important matters until later.

Тем не менее, главным жизненным приоритетом женщины, имеющей имя Астрид, является вовсе не профессиональная деятельность. Астрид ориентирована на семейные отношения, она обожает своего супруга и не может жить своих детей. Астрид во всем поддерживает близких, она готова в любой момент прийти на помощь. Тем не менее, раздраженная, эта женщина может проявить капризность и властность. Астрид нуждается в духовном и физическом комфорте, поэтому ее супругом должен стать спокойный и уравновешенный мужчина, который сможет хорошо обеспечить свою семью.

In communication with those around her, Astrid shows herself to be a sensitive, kind, peaceful and intuitive woman who is ready to offer help at any time. However, in anger, Astrid becomes moody and unrestrained. These women have very developed intuition, and sometimes extrasensory abilities. In relationships, Astrid seeks honesty, she is a real fighter for justice. Bearers of this name are often too dogmatic in their reasoning, which can sometimes lead to disagreements with relatives and friends.

Astrid's birthday

Astrid doesn't celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Astrid

  • Astrid Anna Emilia Lindgren ((1907-2002) née Ericsson; Swedish writer, author of a number of world famous books for children, including Carlson Who Lives on the Roof, Mio, My Mio and Pippi Longstocking)
  • Her Royal Majesty Astrid ((1905 - 1935) first consort of King Leopold III, Queen of Belgium)
  • Her Royal Highness Princess Astrid ((born 1962) Princess of Belgium, Princess of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, Duchess of Saxony; only daughter of King Albert II of Belgium and his wife Queen Paola, wife of Archduke Lorenz of Austria-Este)
  • Astrid Jacobsen ((born 1987) famous Norwegian skier, world champion, winner of the World Cup stages, is an all-rounder, is equally strong in both sprint and distance races)
  • Astrid Varnay ((1918 - 2006) an opera singer, sang the parts of a dramatic soprano and mezzo-soprano; she has a strong voice with good highs; she became famous primarily as a performer of parts in operas by Richard Wagner. Special mention should be made of her acting talent, drama and intelligence, making her an irreplaceable performer of the roles of bright, strong personalities)

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