The Meaning Of The Name Arina

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The Meaning Of The Name Arina
The Meaning Of The Name Arina

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The short form of the name Arina. Arya, Arinka, Arisha, Aryukha, Aryusha, Ira, Irunya, Irusya, Irusha, Irinka, Rina, Irisha, Rena, Arisya, Arina, Aria, Arishka, Arka, Rinka.

Synonyms for the name Arina. Aryna, Irina, Erina, Yarina, Irinya, Irena, Irena, Irene, Irene, Orina, Irenia, Arianda.

The origin of the name Arina. The name Arina is Russian, Slavic, Orthodox, Greek.

The name Arina has several versions of its origin. According to the most common version, the name Arina is an outdated form of addressing Irina. Translated from the Greek language means "peace", "rest". Also in Greek mythology there is a goddess of peaceful life - Eirena, whose name became the original name for the names Arina and Irina. Eirene (Irini) is very often pronounced as Eirena (Irena, Irina).

The name Irina in Russia in the Middle Ages was widespread, confirmation of this is the abundance of proverbs where this name is used. In the common people, the name Irina was very often pronounced as Arina - "Aunt Arina spoke in two", "Three Arins live in a year: Arina is the rupture of the coast, Arina is a hotbed and Arina is a crane flight" (this is a folk omen for the days of commemoration of saints Irina). Among the peasants and merchants in the 18th century, it was precisely the appeal of Arin, and not Irina, that was widespread. The name Irina was more often used among the nobility.

According to the second version, the name Arina is the form of the name Yarin. The name Yarin is a Slavic name, which is a related name to such Slavic names as Yaromila, Yara, Yaronega, formed on behalf of the main Slavic god - Yaril. But it is quite possible that with the advent of Christianity in Russia, the name began to be identified with the name Irina, thus the name Yarin became the form of the name Irina.

According to the third version, the name Arina is the feminine form of the Hebrew name Aaron, meaning "high", "mountain", "mountain of light", "teacher", "enlightened".

According to the fourth version, the name Arina is the name of the Thracian (Thracian) goddess of the sun in Bulgaria.

There is a possibility that the new name Arianda is a derivative name, the American version of the name Arina. Short forms of the name Aria, Rina, Rena, Ira became independent names.

In the Orthodox tradition, there are several martyrs Arin, the righteous Arina, the wife of St. George the Confessor, as well as the Monk Arina of Cappadocia and the blessed queen Arina. Memorial days will be indicated for them.

Arina has been independent since childhood. She strives to do and decide everything herself. These personal qualities passed on to her from her mother, and external data from her father. The girl grows up a little closed. Many people consider it simple and naive, but it is not. She is constantly "on her mind." Despite the sluggishness, she easily grasps any business. Has excellent intuition.

Arina's indecision can hinder her in relationships with men. She is fearful, has difficulty expressing her feelings. Such a woman makes a devoted wife and an excellent hostess. She is very jealous. In life, prudence, hard work and perseverance help her. Arina likes the homely atmosphere. She loves to create comfort. He often hosts guests.

Arinas who celebrate their birthday in winter usually have a difficult relationship with their parents. She loves her father very much. Always glad to spend time with him. When there are guests in the house. Arina goes about her own business and tries not to attract attention to herself. The girl withdraws into herself if she is asked to dance or recite a verse.

Schooling is easy for her. Arina is happy to sew, draw, knit. She often watches Hollywood films, reads detective novels. He is fond of swimming, attends sports sections. She has a lot of friends. She communicates with equal interest with both boys and girls.

Arina takes a balanced approach to performing certain actions, has good self-control. Some situations provoke outbursts of rage in her. She has her own opinion and good taste.

This woman understands what she wants to achieve and goes to the intended goal. He treats any business thoroughly. Arina gets married early. She is interested in foreign language learning and photography. Can master several specialties. Arina will not make a bad leader. She always finds a common language with subordinates and superiors, is correct in her statements.

Arina can become a music teacher, designer, nurse, cashier, hairdresser, fashion designer. Any business started is completed. She is a good psychologist, she always feels the mood of the interlocutor. The work is focused. If she is praised or encouraged, she shows maximum effort.

Arina often falls in love. She is looking for her ideal man. Carried away by a man, she never loses her mind and looks at the situation sensibly. Arina often does not notice her cool attitude when dealing with the opposite sex. Excessive sobriety can hinder her. In order not to be alone, Arina is ready to make sacrifices and compromises. It is difficult for her to be alone. She is very popular with the opposite sex. It is easy for Arina to be among men, to communicate with them. She loves beautiful courtship, flirts a lot.

Married, Arina becomes a wonderful faithful wife and loving mother. She will do everything to make her children happy. Despite this, she is rarely ready to devote herself entirely to her home. In all matters, he relies on her husband, who should be the leader in their relationship.

Sound. Arina is a short name in which all consonants are voiced. Beauty is the main characteristic that is distinguished from him. The strength (85%), mysteriousness (85%) and sonorousness (79%) of the sound of the name are also often noted. Some people hear in him a certain femininity (76%). Names similar in phonosemantic profile are Marina, Lera and Karina.

Arina's birthday

Arina celebrates her name day on January 12, January 16, April 29, May 18, May 26, August 10, August 17, August 22, August 26, October 1.

An interesting fact about the name Arina

The name Arina is interesting in that it represents a form of another name that has become entrenched and has become an independent form of another name, reduced in oral speech.

Orthodox priests, focusing on the calendar, called some of the girls Irina. However, in everyday life it turned out that ordinary people from the provinces find it easier to pronounce "Arina" instead of "Irina". So often it happened - the girl baptized by Irina was called Arina from childhood, she got used to responding to this name and, already growing up, introduced herself to them.

Gradually, Arin became larger, and although the name did not appear in the calendar, he still began to be considered independent. And nowadays, when not all parents are guided by the holy calendar, they began to call their daughters Arinas for the beauty and melodic sound.

Famous people named Arina

  • Arina Rodionovna ((1758 - 1828) full name - Arina Rodionovna Yakovleva; serf belonging to the Hannibal family, nanny of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, nurse of his older sister Olga. poems, mentioned many times in letters.)
  • Arina Sharapova ((born 1961) famous TV presenter, journalist, head of the Journalism Workshop of the Moscow Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting "Ostankino")
  • Arina Tanemura ((born 1978) is a mangaka working in the field of manga for girls (shojo). She gained fame in 1997 with the release of "ION", a romantic manga about a school with elements of mysticism. From 1998 to 2000 she worked on the popular series Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne, whose main character is the reincarnation of Jeanne d'Arc. Her last manga is Sakura Hime Kaden, which has been out since 2009. Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne and Full Moon wo Sagashite were filmed as anime.)
  • Arina Martynova ((born 1990) Russian single skater, two-time Russian champion among juniors in the seasons 2005/2006 and 2006/2007)
  • Arina Sobakina ((born about 1762 -?) Russian ballet dancer, comic dancer of the late 18th century, one of the very first professional Russian ballerinas)
  • Arina Ushakova ((born 1989) Russian figure skater, performing in pair skating, with Sergey Karev she is a bronze medalist of the 2007 Winter Universiade, a bronze medalist of the 2008 Russian Championship and a participant in the championship, an international master of sports of Russia)
  • Arina Aleinikova ((born 1943) actress, daughter of actor Peter Aleinikov, made her film debut in 1963, playing cameo roles in the films "The Living and the Dead" and "I Walk Through Moscow")

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