The Meaning Of The Name Assiya

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The Meaning Of The Name Assiya
The Meaning Of The Name Assiya

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The short form of the name Assiya. Asya, Asya.

Synonyms for the name Assiya. Asiyat, Asia, Assia, Asinat.

The origin of the name Asia. The name Asia is Muslim, Greek.

The name Assiya is a female name used most often among Muslims; a variant of the name Asiyat is widespread in Dagestan. Translated from the Arabic language it means “comforting”, “healing”, “healing”.

The name Asia is also widely known in Europe. In ancient Greek mythology, this was the name of one of the Oceanids and Nereids. Asia is also one of the provinces in Ancient Rome, which was geographically located in most of Asia Minor. And the name itself originally meant a part of the world - the east. "Asia" is also pronounced as "Asia", therefore literally in this context the name Assiya can be translated as "eastern" - from the name of the continent in the east.

Affectionate treatment Asya is also an independent name.

Asia is a reserved and unusual woman who is surrounded by an aura of mystery that appears due to her demeanor. She is secretive, mysterious, and possesses impressive self-control. An atmosphere of calm always reigns around her, which for an uninitiated person will seem from the outside as Asia's indifferent behavior.

Asia has an inquisitive mind, she is prone to analysis and criticism, not devoid of skepticism, which pushes her to various studies. Her good intuition helps her to objectively assess the situation, and logical and rational thinking to accept life as it is, without various fantasies and unrealizable dreams.

Asia has a cautious personality, she prefers to be independent, but does not particularly care about material wealth. The owner of this name has some lack of confidence in herself and others, so she constantly oscillates between solitude and sociability, between selfishness and altruism.

As a child, Asia is a shy, reserved girl. Before starting to play with her peers, she needs to make sure that she will receive significant benefits from participation, rather than if she plays alone. Group games would help her develop her sociability and sense of solidarity. Parents should always have answers to countless questions of their daughter, they should be attentive, encourage their daughter to communicate.

Asia loves everything that looks strange and unusual. She is a real romantic who spends quite a lot of time daydreaming. Reality disappoints her, she often feels lonely and misunderstood. When choosing a life partner, Asia will expect that this particular man will become not only the master of the house, but also a real support in her life.

She is attracted by original, independent or avant-garde professions related to fashion, television, travel, information technology. Medicine and jurisprudence can also be a field for Asia. She prefers consistency and strict order, very rarely changes her chosen profession, but becomes a unique specialist in this matter.

Asia's birthday

Asia does not celebrate a name day.

Famous people named Asia

  • Asia bint Muzahim (one of the four women mentioned in the Quran)
  • Asia Argento ((born 1975) Italian actress and film director, starred in the films Trauma, Queen Margot, Stendhal Syndrome, The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miserables and others)
  • Asia (Asia) Bibi, Asia Noreen ((born 1971) Pakistani Christian woman sentenced to death for blasphemy by court. This case received international attention.)
  • Asia Nafikova ((1932-1995) Bashkir actress, People's Artist of the BASSR)
  • Asiyat Malikova ((born 1984) Russian actress)
  • Asiyat Tutayeva ((1905-1944) Soviet doctor who performed the most complex operations in the field during the Second World War. She became the first mountain woman to be awarded the military rank of major in medical service. Author of 11 scientific papers.)
  • Assia Akhat (pseudonym, real name - Inessa Danilova; Ukrainian violinist, musician, also singer and songwriter)
  • Asia Nitollano ((born 1988) American singer)

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