The Meaning Of The Name Ariana

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The Meaning Of The Name Ariana
The Meaning Of The Name Ariana

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ariana

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Ariana

Short form of the name Ariana. Ari, Riana, Riani, Arya, Arya, Aria.

Synonyms for the name Ariana. Arianna, Arian, Ariani, Ariane, Erian, Eriana, Aryana, Aryan, Ariana, Ariadne.

The origin of the name Ariana. The name Ariana is Jewish, Muslim, Catholic, Greek.

The name Ariana has several versions of its origin. Currently, the name Ariana is widespread in the United States, but is gaining popularity in Europe - in France, England, Italy, Russia. In Europe, the spelling of the name Ariana is different, so pronunciation options are possible - Eriana, Arian, Arianna, Ariani, Ariane, Erian.

According to the first version, the name Ariana is a phonetically transformed Greek name Ariadne, meaning "immaculate", "sacred", "devoted", "holy". In countries such as France, Spain, Portugal, Poland and Italy, the name Ariana, also sometimes written as Arianna, is considered an analogue, a modern variation of the name Ariadne. Used along with the name Ariadne as an independent name. It is possible that the new name Arianda is a derivative of Ariana's name.

According to the second version, the name Ariana translated from Persian means "noble", "heavenly". The interpretation of the names of Alan and Arian is completely identical. There is a possibility that the name Ariana is an ancient form, from which the names of Alian (Elian) and Alan later appeared by phonetic transformation. The name can also sound like Aryana, Aryana and Ariana.

There is a version that the name Ariana is related to the self-designation of the ancient people of the Aryans, whose descendants are now the Iranian and Indo-Iranian peoples (they live in the territory of modern Asia, the Middle East, countries such as Afghanistan, India, Azerbaijan, Russia, China, Pakistan, Uzbekistan and many others). The etymology and interpretation of "Ariana" is very ambiguous, various options are possible - "noble", "free", "lady".

There is a male name Arian (in Orthodoxy), among Catholics this name is written in Latin as Arianus, it is considered a derivative name from the name of the ancient Greek god of war Ares, later this name began to be pronounced as Aris, Arius. Therefore, in this interpretation, the name Ariana - the feminine form of this male name, means “belonging to Ares”, sometimes translated as “warlike”. Name days are celebrated only with the male name Arian.

Translated from Hebrew, the name Ariana is interpreted as "lioness". Identical in meaning to Leon's name.

The name Ariana is widespread in the territory of the former Yugoslavia, and the name itself came into culture from the Illyrians who lived in the Balkan Peninsula, who gave him the meaning of "gold", "golden". Identical in meaning to the names Zlata, Zarina and Altyn.

The short forms of the name - Aria, Riana - are also independent and independent names.

Ariana loves communication, exudes friendliness and is happy to interact with other people. But her shyness and modesty do not allow her talents to be fully revealed, so that she will be appreciated. She wants to be the best, is very impatient, a little capricious, but is not devoid of common sense and a sharp critical mind, so she does not strive for leadership. Ariana has an excellent memory, but this does not apply to academic knowledge, so it would be very difficult to call her an intellectual. But she has a talent for foreign languages, she has a charm and the power of persuasion, which helps her to achieve certain results.

Ariana welcomes various changes in her life, they do not cause her fear and anxiety. Her imagination helps her to cope with various difficulties, for the most part this girl is tuned in to a positive wave and is full of optimism. Ariana can have a great time both alone and in a large and noisy company.

Ariana is an energetic girl, she learns something new all her life, prefers independence, but does not like monotonous work. She is not characterized by consistency in the financial side of life, she will make every effort to make money, but she can also easily part with her fee, it is quite difficult for this girl to save and save. Practicality is not her character trait.

Ariana wants to make her dreams come true, so she directs her ambitions in a professional direction. She loves it when her successes are celebrated, and it doesn't matter if it is a new single or a freshly baked apple pie. The owner of this name is an intelligent and wonderful hostess, but she would prefer not to be torn between family and career.

Ariana can choose a profession that will allow her to enjoy life with her family, but not to spend clearly defined office hours. Working from home, working on the road, working on her own schedule, all of this is more suitable for her than answering customer calls in a call center. Ariana can become a journalist, lawyer, TV presenter, flight attendant, she will also like the creative work of an artist, singer, actress. Ariana can even become a leader, but more in areas such as tourism, advertising, where creativity and extraordinary thinking are required.

Ariana's birthday

Ariana celebrates her name day on September 4, September 17, October 1.

Famous people named Ariana

  • Ariana of Orange-Nassau ((born 2007) Princess of the Netherlands)
  • Ariana Rose ((born 1985), surname at birth - Greenblatt; American and Russian singer, performs under the pseudonym Ariana, owner of the Golden Gramophone, Song of the Year. Currently, the owner of a restaurant in New York.)
  • Ariana Mnushkina ((born 1939) French theater director, also wrote and directed films)
  • Ariana Grande ((born 1993) American singer, actress, model. She began her career with performances in the musicals "Annie", "Beauty and the Beast", "The Wizard of Oz".)
  • Ariana Labed ((born 1984) Greek actress)
  • Ariana Richards ((born 1979) American actress, social activist)
  • Ariana Engineer ((born 2001) Canadian child actress)
  • Erian Sherin ((born 1980) English writer, journalist, public figure)
  • Ariane Friedrich ((born 1984) German high jumper, bronze winner of the 2009 World Cup, multiple German champion)
  • Ariane Hingst ((born 1979) German footballer, multiple world and European champion, participant of three Olympics)
  • Arian Andrew ((born 1987) American wrestler)
  • Arian Lavigne ((born 1984) Canadian snowboarder)
  • Arian Forster ((1962-2010) English rock singer, performed under the pseudonym Ari Up)
  • Arianna Errigo ((born 1988) Italian foil fencer, multiple world and European champion, participant in the 2012 Olympic Games)
  • Arianna Huffington ((born 1950) Greek-American writer and journalist, one of the most influential women in the media world)
  • Ariana Ayam ((born 1987) Pakistani actress)
  • Ariana Andreeva ((born 1988) Russian actress)
  • Ariana Thomas ((born 1978) American actress)
  • Ariana Boras ((born 1976) Yugoslav and Bosnian skier, participated three times in the Olympic Games)

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