The Meaning Of The Name Apollinaria

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The Meaning Of The Name Apollinaria
The Meaning Of The Name Apollinaria

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Apollinaria
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The short form of the name Apollinarius. Polina, Polya, Apollinarka, Apolya, Polyunya, Polyusha, Polyana, Lina, Apa.

Synonyms for the name Apollinarius. Polinaria, Polina.

The origin of the name Apollinarius. The name Apollinaria is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Apollinaria is a female name of ancient Roman origin. Means - "dedicated to Apollo", the ancient Greek god of the Sun, patron of the arts. This is the female form of the male name Apollinarius. From the Greek language “apolyusis” was interpreted as “liberated”. In modern times, the name Apollinarius is attributed to the meaning of "urban".

In Russian, the name Apollinarius had a colloquial form Polina, which later became an independent name. The colloquial form of the name is Polinaria. Lin's affectionate treatment is also used independently.

Since childhood, Apollinaria has been growing up as a kind and sympathetic girl. She can always be found among the kids, whom she willingly looks after. She likes to help her mother with the housework, she tries very hard to do everything impeccably. But she takes comments about her labors and efforts to heart. She can be cruel and harsh if her pride is hurt.

Apollinaria really needs warmth and affection, which she herself willingly gives to people. She is responsible and always keeps her word. She has a well-developed sense of self-discipline. Her punctuality and a certain pedantry, at times, can very much annoy others, so much she knows how to eat into any business, decompose it into the smallest details and put every detail on her shelf. Therefore, some people may consider her a boring and petty person.

In fact, Apollinaria is a very good-natured and helpful person. She will perceive someone else's misfortune as her own. Yes, sometimes she will perceive someone else's misfortune even more acutely than her own. She will always offer her help, she will be able to find the time and energy for this.

Apollinaria is a very caring and loving mother, she is the most reliable and loyal friend for her husband. He is very worried about his son and can even upset his life with his constant "help". But most often it is daughters that are born to Apollinaria.

Name days of Apollinaria

Apollinaria celebrates its name day on January 18.

Famous people named Apollinaria

  • Apollinaria (Venerable, ascetic in the male form)
  • Apollinaria Suslova (beloved F. M. Dostoevsky and wife of V. V. Rozanov (1880-1887). It is considered the prototype of a number of key female images in Dostoevsky's novels.)

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