The Meaning Of The Name Antonina (Tonya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Antonina (Tonya)
The Meaning Of The Name Antonina (Tonya)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Antonina (Tonya)
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Short form of the name Antonin. Tonya, Tosya, Tasya, Tony, Antosha, Tosha, Nina, Ina, Antoninka, Tonyunya, Tonyura, Tonyusya, Nyusya, Tonyukha, Tonyusha, Anya, Antosya.

Synonyms for the name Antonina. Anthony, Antoinette, Antonida, Anthony, Anton, Antoniana, Tonius, Antonieta.

The origin of the name Antonin. Antonina's name is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Antoninus comes from the name of the ancient Roman dynasty of Anthony. It is supposedly derived from the Greek word "antao". Translated, this word means "entering the battle", "competing in strength", "opposing", "adversary", "worthy of praise." It is believed that the name Antonina is the female form of the male name Antonin, derived from the name Anton (Antony).

Versions of the origin of the name Antonin are very controversial. The name Antonidas is a Greek patronymic and means "daughter of Antony". There is another version of the translation - "spacious", "wide".

Diminutive-affectionate addresses Nina, Ina, Tonya, Tosya and Anya are also references to many other female names, and the name Nina is an independent name. For example, the name Ina is an appeal to the names of Agrippina, Aleksin, Virginia, Dahlia, Dekabrin, Dina, Dionina, Zinaida, Zarina, Inga, Inessa, Inna, Innokentiy, Irina, Karina, Lucina, Lenina, Maina, Marina, Martin, Noyabrina, Oktyabrina, Peregrina, Pinna, Sabina, Selina, Faina, Celestina, Ellina and other names.

Antonin's name contains both cheerfulness and good nature. But at the same time, the owner of this name has two faces. How does it manifest? As a child, Antonina shows qualities such as good nature, friendliness and cheerfulness. She very well catches and assimilates any information, and this helps Tonya in her school years to balance her inherent playfulness and restlessness. And at this time a different face of her name wakes up in the girl Antonina - she becomes more balanced. Although outwardly, such changes are usually not noticeable. It's just that Tonya will become more prudent in showing good nature and cheerfulness. Now she is attracted not by the games themselves, but by the opportunity to achieve some set goals. Of course, sometimes Tony has a great desire to command and lead, especially if she has younger brothers or sisters. She makes a good helper for mom.

Antonina can be a teacher, doctor, dressmaker, or educator. She has good organizational skills, but if she takes the position of leader, she may have a strong desire to command and rule.

Antonina can perfectly combine love for her neighbors with love for herself. This allows her to be a wonderful housewife and a loving, caring mother and wife. She directs all her strength to ensure that the family is happy and prosperous. Tonya will always prepare a delicious lunch, carefully clean the apartment, creating coziness, and go to the store, where she will buy only the best products for her loved ones. Such a quality as good nature helps her to create a wonderful atmosphere of well-being and fun in the family. The most important thing is that the excessive pragmatism inherent in Antonina could not destroy everything that she does for the family.

Antonina is very sociable and has many friends, and also enjoys good success with men. And, of course, it has many fans. If you want to share some secret with Antonina, it is better to first make sure that she is interested in keeping your secret. Tonya is looking for profit in everything and even in this matter will not miss the opportunity to use it to his advantage.

Birthday Antonina

Antonina celebrates her name day on January 10, January 22, January 30, March 1, March 14, April 29, May 4, June 12, June 23, June 26, August 10, October 27.

Famous people named Antonina

  • Antonina (holy martyr)
  • Anthony the Younger (daughter of the triumvir Mark Anthony, mother of Germanicus and Emperor Claudius)
  • Marie Antoinette of Habsburg-Lorraine ((1755 - 1793) daughter of the Austrian Empress Marie Theresa, Queen of France, wife of the French king Louis XVI)
  • Antonina Seredina ((born 1929) Soviet athlete (rowing), 2-time Olympic champion in 1960, 2-time world champion. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR.)
  • Antonina Abarinova ((1842 - 1901) real name - Reichelt; Russian opera singer (contralto, later mezzo-soprano) and dramatic actress)
  • Antonella Serra Zanetti (Italian tennis player)
  • Antonia Fraser ((born 1932) Anglo-Irish writer, Nobel laureate)
  • Toni Braxton (American soul and pop singer)
  • Antonina Koptyaeva (Russian writer, author of the books "Ivan Ivanovich", "Fart", etc.)
  • Antonina Nezhdanova ((1873 - 1950) Russian Soviet opera singer (lyric-coloratura soprano), People's Artist of the USSR (1936), Doctor of Arts (1944))
  • Antonina Rzhevskaya ((1861 - 1934) Russian artist, one of two women painters admitted to the Association of Traveling Art Exhibitions)
  • Antonina Shuranova (Soviet and Russian theater and film actress, People's Artist of Russia)
  • Antonina Yakovleva ((1919 - 1995) one of the leaders of the youth movement in our country, editor-in-chief of the "Vozhaty" magazine for many years)
  • Antonina Skryabina ((1894 - 1977) famous teacher, public figure, writer, among the first to be awarded the honorary title of Honored Teacher of the School of the Russian Federation (1940))
  • Antonina (Tonya) Samsonova (host of the programs "Minority Opinion", "Day Spread", "Crafty Figure" and "The Day After Tomorrow" of the radio station "Echo of Moscow")
  • Antonina Kymytval ((born 1938) the first professional Chukchi poetess)
  • Antonieta Rivas Mercado ((1900 - 1931) Mexican writer)
  • Antonieta di Barrus ((1901 - 1952) Brazilian journalist and politician)
  • Antoaneta Stefanova (Antoaneta Stefanova, Bulgarian chess player)
  • Antonina Petrova (Hero of the Soviet Union, partisan)
  • Antonina Krivoshapka (Russian runner, two-time bronze medalist of the World Championship; champion and bronze medalist of the European Championship; two-time European indoor champion)
  • Antonina Zubkova ((1920 - 1950) Soviet navigator of a dive bomber, guard captain, Hero of the Soviet Union (1945))
  • Antonina Prikhodko (Ukrainian physicist, academician of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (born 1906))
  • Antonina Samarina (actress (1896 - 1971))
  • Antonina Maksimova ((1916 - 1986) Soviet theater and film actress)
  • Antonina Gordon-Goretskaya ((1914 - 1993) Polish theater and film actress)
  • Antonietta Stella ((born 1929) Italian opera singer (soprano))
  • Antonia Bembo ((about 1640 - 1720) Venetian singer and composer)
  • Antonia Garcia ((1850 - 1924) Spanish actress and singer)
  • Antonia Pervanova (Bulgarian politician)

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