The Meaning Of The Name Anfisa (Fisa)

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The Meaning Of The Name Anfisa (Fisa)
The Meaning Of The Name Anfisa (Fisa)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Anfisa (Fisa)
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The short form of the name Anfisa. Anfiska, Fisa, Fiza.

Synonyms for the name Anfisa. Anfusa, Antuza.

The origin of the name Anfisa. The name Anfisa is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Anfisa is a Greek name derived from anphos - flower. The name Anfisa can sound like Anfusa or Antuza, for example, in Romania or Moldavia. There is a male name Anfim (Antim), formed from the same root.

In Christianity, several martyrs and saints are mentioned, bearing the name Anfisa. Anfisa's Catholic name days are July 27, August 22, August 27, the rest of the dates indicated are Anfisa's Orthodox name days.

Anfisa has a capricious and somewhat mannered character. However, at first glance, this may not be noticed. When meeting Anfisa for the first time, it is usually noted that this is a calm, quiet and independent woman. Only on closer acquaintance, people often note her complacency, stubbornness and conflict. Sometimes she is overly proud and capricious.

Anfisa is ready to go over her head towards her goal, without hesitation in methods. This woman suffers any failure very painfully. On the other hand, Anfisa is very practical and efficient. She is distinguished by cold energy. Over the years, a woman becomes softer and calmer. Anfisa is characterized by healthy skepticism, which will help her more than once in her work.

Anfisa usually chooses for herself a professional field that does not require much effort. She often becomes a librarian or salesperson, secretary or museum worker. Perhaps she will become a beautician.

A girl named Anfisa is beautiful. She loves the company of men, but chooses them with great discipline. Only with age will Anfisa discover the ability to be kind, faithful and sincere. She will learn to criticize others, doing it reasonably and harmlessly for the interlocutor. This quality will have a positive effect on her family relationships.

Anfisa goes to family relationships for a long time. In her youth, a girl with this name enjoys the attention of men, but cannot find a loved one among them. Unrequited love is very dangerous for Anfisa. The girl is very hard going through such feelings. If Anfisa manages to marry her beloved, then she becomes a good wife and mother. But even in this case, Anfisa's feelings do not stand up to time, and after a decade she cools down to her husband, begins to demand the impossible from him. It is very difficult to live with such a woman, so her marriage often falls apart.

The hidden qualities of Anfisa can have a very negative impact on her personal life. Since childhood, Anfisa has dreamed of wealth, and having achieved this, she is immensely proud of her money. Such Anfisa will behave defiantly, but on occasion she will stand up for herself.

In fact, Anfisa does not like noise and crowds. She is sensual and emotional. In communication, she likes to insist on her own, can be cunning and vindictive. Anfisa spends money irrationally, but at home she is a good housewife. Anfisa willingly accepts guests and knows how to occupy them.

Anfisa's birthday

Anfisa celebrates her name day on January 8, March 7, April 25, July 27, August 9, August 22, August 27, September 4, September 9, November 4, December 21.

Famous people named Anfisa

  • Anfisa Reztsova ((born 1964) nee - Romanova; Soviet and Russian biathlete and skier, two-time Olympic champion in biathlon, Olympic champion in cross-country skiing, three-time world champion in cross-country skiing, two-time winner of the Biathlon World Cup. The only athlete in the world. - Olympic champion in two winter sports at once. The first Olympic champion in this sport in the history of world biathlon. Honored Master of Sports of the USSR in cross-country skiing (1987). Sports career lasted from 1985 to 2000.)
  • Anfisa Chekhova ((born 1977) real name - Alexandra Korchunova; Russian TV presenter, singer and actress. Leads a television show on TNT channel, TV show "Good night, guys!" On DTV channel, TV show "Bachelor" on the Ukrainian channel STB.)
  • Anfisa Petrova ((1823 - after 1854) opera singer (contralto))
  • Anfisa Nikolaeva ((1878 - 1919) secretary of the Railway District Committee of the RCP (b) of Moscow)

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