The Meaning Of The Name Anita

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The Meaning Of The Name Anita
The Meaning Of The Name Anita

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Anita

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Anita

Short form of the name Anita. Ana, Anya.

Synonyms for the name Anita. Anna, Hannah, Anahit, Ana, Anne, Anitta.

The origin of the name Anita. The name Anita is Muslim, Catholic.

The name Anita is most often considered a form of the name Anna. Most commonly used in countries such as Germany, Sweden, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Iceland, but also found in many other countries.

In most cases, the name Anita is one of the forms of the name Anna, meaning "mercy", "grace". But there is a version that Anita came from the name Ana, also a variant of the name Anna, which is most common in South America, the Balkans and the Iberian Peninsula.

This name and its variants are now common throughout the world, especially in the regions where Indo-European languages are spoken, namely in Europe, South Asia, North America and South America.

In the USA and Europe, the name Anita has been popular for over 50 years, but the loss of interest in it became noticeable after the 80s of the twentieth century. The most popular version of the name is Ana, which can be considered both derived from Anna and the modern version of the name, where Anita is either a variant of the name Anna, or one of the derived names that later became independent.

In some cases, the name Anita is considered a full-fledged independent name, in others - a diminutive appeal to a girl named Anna (and its counterparts - Hannah, Anna, Ana, Anahit).

Among the Muslim peoples, the name Anita is also found. It is possible that it appeared from the Persian language (آنیتا), where it means "myrtle", "myrtle tree", figuratively meaning "beautiful", "graceful", "graceful". The name is found among Abkhazians, Lezgins, Kazakhs, Tatars and other peoples. The semantic analogue is the name Mirra (direct meaning), and in the figurative one - Perizat, Glafira, Rada, Naomi and others.

The owner of the name Anita is a very sociable girl. She can seem quite unusual, which emphasizes her personality. To give the impression that she is strong and confident in herself, despite the fact that in fact she is fragile and often not very confident in herself. Anita compensates for this vulnerability by appearing cheerful and enthusiastic to people.

Like a great actress, she is fluent in the art of persuasion and acts like she has the answer to everything. She knows what to do and say to be loved; knows how to charm, seduce and attract the attention of others. Anita prefers to see the bright side of life. Her curiosity extends to hundreds of subjects of interest to her, she does not think about the details, she wants to know in general.

She is an intelligent and creative girl, she has willpower, is not afraid to act, but she is not always consistent. Her emotions can have a significant impact not only on relationships, but even on professional choices.

Since childhood, Anita loves to chat about everything in the world. A keen mind allows her to learn quickly, and she does not get bored of the learning process itself. She is convinced of the need for what she does, but she can just have fun from the heart. Anita is influenced by emotions, so any business will strive to do better if she is encouraged. Her favorite areas of action are music, dance, foreign languages and painting.

Sensitive and inventive, she is looking for company, knows how to be friends. She is afraid of loneliness, and that is why priority is given to the emotional side of life. With a mobile attitude like that, Anita is likely to pursue a career in sales or marketing. But such areas as public relations, journalism, representative professions will not be alien to her. Creativity or art is another example of the use of abilities for the owner of this name.

Anita's birthday

Anita celebrates her name day on January 2, January 10, February 1, February 27, April 16, June 7, July 17, July 23, July 26, September 1, October 5.

Famous people named Anita

  • Anita ((born 1969) Princess of Orange-Nassau of the Netherlands)
  • Anita Tegeyskaya ((IV-III centuries BC) ancient Greek poetess, wrote epigrams. Part of her work has survived to this day.)
  • Anita Tsoi ((born 1971) stage name, birth name - Anna Kim; Russian singer. Winner of numerous music awards, in her luggage eight "Golden Gramophones", two "Ovation". Participant of many television programs and television shows.)
  • Anita Bjork ((1923-2012) Swedish actress)
  • Anita Bryant ((born 1940) American singer, was popular in the late 50s)
  • Kerstin Anita Marianne Ekberg ((1931-2015) Swedish actress, also a fashion model. Star of Italian cinema.)
  • Anita Rizzuti ((born 1971) Norwegian snooker player)
  • Anita Leocadia Prestes ((born 1936) Brazilian historian)
  • Anita Lisana ((1915-1994) Chilean tennis player, became the first racket of the world in 1937)
  • Anita Moen ((born 1967) Norwegian skier, member of the Norwegian national team for 7 years in a row. Three times stood on the podium of the Olympic Games, won silver and bronze medals. 20 times she took the podium in various world competitions.)
  • Anita Page ((1910-2008) American silent film actress. Starring in the very first musical sound film.)
  • Anita Dubé ((born 1958) Indian artist, works with sculptural compositions from various materials)
  • Anita Desai ((born 1937) Indian writer, third degree government award (2014))
  • Anita Sargsyan ((born 1983) Canadian-American feminist, blogger, public figure. She founded a website where she posts materials about images of women in popular culture. She was cyberbullying for her project "Trails Against Women.")
  • Anita Stewart ((1895-1961) American silent film actress. During this period of her career she starred in 100 films. Honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.)
  • Anita Pazhe ((born 1947) Latvian pianist, also a music teacher. In 1997 she was awarded the Order of the Three Stars of the first degree.)
  • Anita Ward ((born 1956) is an American singer. In 1997 her debut single "Ring My Bell" topped the charts in the USA, Canada and other countries.)
  • Anitta ((born 1993) pseudonym, real name - Larisa de Macedo Machado; Brazilian singer, songwriter, actress and dancer. National star. Five-time winner of the "Best Brazilian Artist" at the MTV Europe Music Awards.)
  • Annita van Dorn ((born 1986) Dutch short tracker, multiple European championship medalist, participant in the 2010 Olympic Games)

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