The Meaning Of The Name Anisya (Anisa)

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The Meaning Of The Name Anisya (Anisa)
The Meaning Of The Name Anisya (Anisa)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Anisya (Anisa)
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The short form of the name Anisya. Anisa, Anya, Onya, Anisyushka, Anisya, Asya.

Synonyms for the name Anisya. Anisia, Onisia, Onisya.

The origin of the name Anisya. The name Anisya is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Anisya (Anisia) is of Greek origin. According to various translations it means either "executive" or "beneficial". Despite the fact that the name Anisya is mentioned in the Catholic calendar (December 30), this name did not spread among Catholics. It is also very rare among the Orthodox. There is a paired male name - Anisy, which is also not popular. This female name can be considered one of the rarest in use. Affectionate addresses Anya and Asya are also independent names.

As a child, Anisya is a rather talented and intelligent girl. She loves outdoor games very much. Due to the fact that she does not conflict, she has many girlfriends and friends. Anisier's studies are easy. She loves hiking and sports. A girl with this name often has an aptitude for the humanities and natural sciences. When Anisya grows up, her main qualities will be sociability, cheerfulness and complaisance.

Anisya, who was born in winter, is a very controversial and complex woman. As a rule, she is capable in many ways, and because of this, she often cannot find where to use her abilities. Often she is also shy, which greatly interferes with her. Anisya, born in the fall, is a gentle woman and has a great sense of humor. Likes to do needlework. She draws pretty well, sometimes even writes poetry. Such Anisya is an excellent hostess, she is neat and tidy, she loves to create culinary masterpieces and even more - to treat others with her works. Anisya is very hospitable, she likes to receive guests.

Anisya always treats her work with full dedication, even if what she is doing does not quite suit her. This woman is very responsible and obligatory. Still, she tries to find the job that she will like. Anisya's ambition is not characteristic, and therefore she does not try to build a career. However, due to the fact that she is serious about work, as well as the fact that she often makes lucrative offers, then pretty soon Anisya gets a promotion. A woman with this name always enjoys the respect and love of her colleagues. Anisya is keenly interested in history, archeology and ethnography, loves to read. Her favorite genre is detective stories. She often attends theater and concerts, loves listening to music.

This woman does not particularly like to do housework. Anisya cooks well, but does not like to do it at all. She marries late, even though men pay special attention to her. But if Anisya marries for great love, she is very happy. She loves children and therefore devotes most of her time to them. Anisya quickly becomes attached and always tries to remain faithful to her loved one. She is seriously worried about her husband's betrayal, but will always forgive him as soon as he returns to her. Women with this name value the stability of relationships, loyalty and understanding very much. She herself is not inclined to betrayal and only after a final break in relations is she looking for a new love.

This woman is distinguished by her responsiveness, willingness to always come to the rescue, and not only to those with whom she is friends. Anisya is benevolent, and therefore she has no enemies at all. She always has great relationships with the people around her.

Birthday of Anisya

Anisya celebrates name day on January 12, December 30.

Famous people named Anisya

  • Anisia Thessalonica (Christian saint, venerated in the face of martyrs, suffered during the reign of Emperor Maximian)
  • Anisya Tolstaya (court lady (gof maiden) of Catherine I, perhaps she was the sister of Tsarina Natalya Kirillovna Naryshkina, although only brothers are mentioned in the Naryshkins' genealogies)
  • Anisya Bolotina (leaders of the revolutionary movement in Russia)
  • Anisya Koltsova (sister of the Russian poet Alexei Koltsov)
  • Anisya Bulakhova ((1831-1920) Russian opera artist (soprano))
  • Anisya Morozova (Russian peasant woman from Yasnaya Polyana, known for the fact that Leo Tolstoy often visited her house)

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