The Meaning Of The Name Anastasia (Nastya)

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The Meaning Of The Name Anastasia (Nastya)
The Meaning Of The Name Anastasia (Nastya)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Anastasia (Nastya)

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Anastasia (Nastya)
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The short form of the name Anastasia. Nastya, Nastasya, Nastasia, Anastasya, Nasta, Nasya, Nasa, Nata, Nana, Naya, Nyura, Nyusya, Nastya, Tyona, Nastya, Nastusya, Tusya, Tasya, Stazka, Staza.

Synonyms for the name Anastasia. Enestasia, Anastasi, Nastasya, Nastaseya, Anastasia.

The origin of the name Anastasia. The name Anastasia is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Anastasia is the female form of the male name Anastasia. Translated from the Greek language it means "return to life", "resurrection", "resurrected", "reborn", "immortal". The folk Russian form is Nastasya.

Anastasia is a very popular name for girls, especially in Europe, where most of the names are of Christian origin. In Russia, for more than 20 years in a row, it was the most popular female name, until in 2008 Sofia intercepted the palm. But even now Anastasia remains one of the ten favorite names not only for Russian women, but also for girls in Belarus, Moldova, Serbia, Georgia and Montenegro.

The diminutive form of Nastya is also used as an independent full name. Basically, of course, among women, but, for example, in Slovenia, boys are called that.

There is also an opinion that the name Nastya came from the ancient Slavic, now obsolete word "nastya". One of the congenial words that have survived in the modern lexicon is "bad weather", which means "bad weather." In contrast, "Nastya" is interpreted as "good."

Among the Orthodox, saints named Anastasia are especially revered - the great martyr Anastasia (Anastasia Uzoreshitelnitsa), who is the patroness of pregnant women and prisoners, and Anastasia Rymlyanina (Anastasia the Elder), the patroness of livestock. For the name Anastasia, Orthodox name days are indicated.

Anastasia has been desired children since childhood. Nastya is very trusting, kind and completely unforgiving. Little girl Nastya loves fairy tales very much, she has a well-developed imagination, she knows how to come up with a game and fun. Hard work is an integral feature of the owners of this name, but in childhood you need to persistently instill it in a girl, since she loves to dream, and this constantly distracts her. Over time, it is these qualities - hard work, diligence, perseverance, brought up in childhood - will play an important role in her life.

Anastasia is a good craftswoman - she knows how to sew, and knit, and cooks well. Having matured, she will strive to keep her house clean, she will be strict, but fair in this regard both to her husband and children. She does not like to keep anything extra in the house. Everything that has already become unnecessary, she will either give it away without regret, if it can be given, or throw it away. Nastya loves to surround her comfort with flowers, paintings, carpets. In her house you can always find both a beautiful box and an unusual trinket. But for Nastenka, all these things will be useful, serve her in the household.

Nastya is philanthropic, she is a very sincere and sympathetic person, pity and mercy are not alien to her. Many devote her to their own secrets, she knows how to keep secrets. Most often, Anastasia chooses those professions where she can help people, can give her warmth, take care of someone. She can become a nurse, kindergarten teacher, psychologist. Also, in adult Anastasia, fantasy continues to live, therefore, it happens that Nastya is chosen romantic and sometimes dangerous professions. They can become performers, circus performers, rescuers, climbers. Anastasia is always ready to sacrifice her desires, her time in favor of another person.

Anastasia is a very strong-willed person, unbending, firm. She cannot be bribed, forced, she can only be convinced that she is necessary, but only if this is really so. Nastya will not run for you to collect cranberries in the swamp if you are able to do it yourself, but she will pick up cranberries, and bring mushrooms, and water, and cook porridge for the old woman, even if she does not ask for anything.

Anastasia always wants to be protected, she is dependent on the one she loves. And that is why she only marries a strong man who can support her and her family. Most often, Anastasia gets married early. Women named Nastya are caring, loyal wives and loving mothers.

Sound. Anastasia is a rather long name, consisting of five syllables. Almost everyone pays attention to its beauty. Many also note the tenderness (90%), majesty (87%) and strength (86%) of the sound of the name. Some people hear in him a certain femininity (85%). The names most similar in phonosemantic profile are Natalia, Ksenia and Nelli.

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Birthday of Anastasia

Anastasia celebrates her name day on January 4, March 23, April 5, April 28, May 10, June 1, June 9, July 4, July 17, August 10, November 11, November 12, December 26.

Famous people named Anastasia

  • Anastasia Vertinskaya (actress)
  • Anastasia Lyukin (gymnast)
  • Anastasia Ermakova (4x Olympic champion in synchronized swimming)
  • Anastasia Volochkova (Russian ballerina)
  • Anastasia Romanovna (the first wife of Tsar Ivan the Terrible)
  • Anastasia Tsvetaeva (writer)
  • Anastasia Tatareva ((born 1997) Russian gymnast. At the I European Games in 2015, she twice rose to first place, has gold and silver medals at the World Championship of the same year.)
  • Anastasia Vyaltseva (Russian pop singer)
  • Anastasia Mintskovskaya, usually just Anastasia (Russian pop singer)
  • Nastya Poleva (Russian rock singer, soloist of the group "Nastya")
  • Anastasia Zavorotnyuk (honored Russian theater and film actress, TV presenter)
  • Enestacia (American pop singer)
  • Stacy Keenan (American film actress)
  • Nastya Kudri ((born 1996) pseudonym, full name - Anastasia Kudryashkina; Russian singer (genres - hip-hop and pop music))
  • Nastya Sten ((born 1995) full name - Anastasia Stepanova; Russian top model. In 2014 she became the face of three brands at once (Dolce & Gabbana, Prada and Saint Laurent). It is considered a promising model.)
  • Nastya (Anastasia) Ivleeva ((born 1991) Russian TV presenter, actress, also video blogger)
  • Nastya Lyukin ((born 1989) full name - Anastasia Lyukina; American gymnast of Russian origin. Multiple winner of international awards, gold and silver at the 2008 Olympics.)
  • Nastya Kamenskikh ((born 1987) full name - Anastasia; also known as NK, Ukrainian singer, actress, presenter)
  • Nastya Govejsek ((born 1997) Slovenian swimmer, participant of the 2012 Olympics)
  • Nastya Kolar ((born 1994) Slovenian tennis player)
  • Nastya Davydova ((born 1979) Slovenian mountaineer. During her climbing career, Davydova has completed more than 500 mountaineering ascents in Slovenia and foreign mountains, including participation in ten successful expeditions. Four times was chosen by the Slovenian Alpine Association for the year of mountaineering.)
  • Nastya (Anastasia) Zadorozhnaya ((born 1985) Russian actress, singer, TV presenter, also a model)
  • Nastya Cech ((born 1978) Slovenian footballer, role - midfielder)