The Meaning Of The Name Angelina

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The Meaning Of The Name Angelina
The Meaning Of The Name Angelina

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Angelina

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Angelina

The short form of the name Angelina. Angelinka, Gelina, Lina, Angela, Angela, Gel, Gela, Elya, Ela, Gelusya, Alina, Gilyana, Antota, Nina.

Synonyms for the name Angelina. Angelina, Angelina, Angiolina, Engelina.

The origin of the name Angelina. The name Angelina is Russian, Orthodox, Catholic, Greek.

The name Angelina comes from the late Latin male name Angelus, which comes from the Greek "angelos" and means "messenger, angel." The analogs of the name Angelina are Angelina (Portugal), Angelina (Italy), Angelina (Spain), Angelina (France), Angelina (England), Andeline (Czech Republic), in all other European countries it is customary to use Angelina.

Not to be confused with related names Angelica, Angela, Angela, Angel, Angel, Angelica. The name Angelina is also a diminutive for the name of Angel in Italy and for the name of Evangeline. Alina, Nina, and Lina are diminutive and affectionate names.

In Russia and Kazakhstan, there is also a variant of the pronunciation of this name - Engelin, which in some cases is considered identical to the name of Angelin, although it also has a different, revolutionary origin.

The Orthodox saints mention the Monk Angelina of Serbia (Brankovich), the day of commemoration on September 12 and December 23. Catholic name days of the name Angelina correspond to the name Angelica.

Parents in Angelina's family often get along badly with each other. This environment within the family is reflected in the personal qualities of the child himself. Angelina has a stubborn character, the same as her mother.

She likes to command, rarely makes concessions. The girl is easily annoyed even over little things. Classes at school do not attract her much and do not give her any pleasure. Angelina herself is engaged in her development and education. She is independent, relies only on her own strength, while she never expects help or support from anyone.

Angelina is not too active. She rarely visits anyone. At the same time, she is a hospitable hostess herself. She likes to invite guests into the house.

Angelina, who celebrates her birthday in winter, is stubborn. She has masculine traits. It is difficult to find a compromise solution with such a woman. She is looking for her own benefit. If necessary, he can cheat.

Celebrating her birthday in the summer, Angelina is very trusting. This quality often harms her in life. Early marriage can turn into a divorce for her.

Angelina's birthday

Angelina celebrates her name day on July 1, July 14, July 30, August 12, September 12, December 10, December 23.

Famous people named Angelina

  • Angelina Serbian or mother Angelina ((died 1520) daughter of Prince George of Albania, wife of the Serbian despot Stefan Brankovic. Canonized by the Orthodox Church in the face of saints, commemorated (according to the Julian calendar): July 1, July 30 (Cathedral of Serbian Saints), December 10)
  • Angelina Vovk ((born 1942) Soviet announcer, one of the hosts of the program "Good night, kids!")
  • Angelina Varganova ((born 1971) Russian theater and film actress)
  • Angelina Ilieva ((born 1972) pseudonym - Yoan Vladimir; Bulgarian science fiction writer)
  • Angelina Jolie Voight, Angelina Jolie ((born 1975) American actress, director and screenwriter, fashion model, winner of the Oscar, as well as three Golden Globe and two Screen Actors Guild awards, UN Goodwill Ambassador)
  • Angiolina Quinterno ((1932 - 2006) Italian film actress)
  • Angelina Pagano ((1888 - 1962) Argentine theater and film actress)
  • Angelina Muniz ((born 1955) Brazilian film actress)
  • Angelina Chernova (Russian film actress)
  • Angelina Guskova ((born 1924) Soviet and Russian radiologist, doctor of medical sciences, professor, laureate of the Lenin Prize (1963), member of the National Commission on Radiation Protection (since 1959), expert of the Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation at the UN (since 1967), Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Medical Sciences (1986), Chief Researcher at the Institute of Biophysics of the Ministry of Health, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR (1989), Winner of the Sievert Prize for Protection from Radiation (2000))
  • Angelina Stepanova ((1905 - 2000) Soviet theater actress, People's Artist of the USSR (1960), Hero of Socialist Labor (1975))
  • Angelina Bulycheva ((born 1916) Russian poet and journalist)
  • Angelina Grün (German volleyball player, player of the German national volleyball team (1997-2008) and beach volleyball (since 2010), 9 times winner of the title of the best volleyball player in Germany)
  • Angelina Shchekin-Krotova ((1910 - 1992) Russian art critic)
  • Angelina Zolotsevskaya ((1902 - 1963) participant of the Civil and Great Patriotic Wars, holder of the Order of the Red Banner of the Battle, after the war - Deputy Head of the Pskov Regional Department of Culture)
  • Angiolina Bosio ((1830 - 1859) Italian opera singer (soprano))

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