The Meaning Of The Name Anahit

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The Meaning Of The Name Anahit
The Meaning Of The Name Anahit

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Short form of the name Anahit. Ana, Anita.

Synonyms for the name Anahit. Anahit, Anna, Anaida, Anaitis, Anita, Ana.

The origin of the name Anahit. The name Anahit is Armenian.

The name Anahit has various versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name Anahit is an Armenian name that means “heart”, “breath of good, happiness, good”. This name was borne by the Armenian goddess Anahit, the goddess of motherhood and love. The goddess Anahit was often called the "Great Queen", "Golden-born", "Golden Mother". For the goddess, the glory of the great mother-goddess - the intercessor and nurse, was consolidated. After the adoption of Christianity in Armenia as a state religion in 301, the worship of the goddess Anahit was transformed into the worship of the Mother of God.

According to the second version, the name Anahit has Persian roots and is translated as "flawless", "spotless". Anahit is the Avestan Ardvisura Anahita - the Iranian goddess of water and fertility in Zoroastrianism, one of the most ancient religions that was spread in the territory of Greater Iran. More precisely, Anahit is an Azat deity, more similar in meaning to the angels. Literally, the name of the goddess is translated as "moisture", but there are also options for the interpretation of "wet, powerful, chaste." The full name of this goddess - Aredvi Sura Anahita - corresponds to the Armenian goddess Anahit, and in the Greco-Roman pantheon she is referred to as Anahitis.

Also, the name Anahit is considered one of the forms of the name Anna, and the names Ana and Anita can be both affectionate appeals and synonyms to the name Anahit.

Anahit is an inquisitive person who strives for knowledge of the world in all its manifestations. It loves nature and all its diversity very much. She has a well-developed sense of duty. At her core, Anahit is a strong person. She easily takes on any job.

Anahit is always full of energy. She strives for action. It manifests itself in the best way in unexpected situations. It is at such moments that self-confidence, courage and courage are activated in her.

Engaging in a profitable venture-related business is not for her. She can make rash decisions. The owner of this name is much better at fulfilling other people's orders.

The real vocation of the owner of such a name is medicine. She can also perfectly realize her talents in areas related to architecture. At the same time, among people with the name Anahit there are individuals prone to picky and pettiness. Sometimes their actions can reach the point of absurdity. Such individuals reveal themselves by becoming officials or bureaucrats.

Birthday Anahit

Anahit does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Anahit

  • Anahit (Anahit, Anahita) (in Armenian mythology, the mother goddess, goddess of fertility and love, daughter (or wife) of Aramazd. The cult of the Persian goddess Ardvisura Anahita spread in Armenia in the 1st century BC - III AD Despite the fact that Anahit was the goddess of fertility, in Armenia, unlike Persia, the cult of Anahit, according to some researchers, was not associated with water. Anahit was known under the epithets “Great Queen”, “Golden-born”, “Golden mother.” Golden statue goddess stood in the main temple of Ereza (otherwise Erznka - modern Erzinjan) on the banks of the Aratsani River.)
  • Anahit Barseghyan ((born 1994) Armenian swimmer. Record holder and champion of Armenia, Master of Sports of international class. Participant of the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. During her career, Anahit Barseghyan won the Armenian Championship in 2007, 2008 and 2009, and was also recognized as the best swimmer Pan-Armenian Games in Iran (2009). At the 2010 Singapore Youth Olympics in the 50m backstroke category she took 17th place. In the same year, she took 2nd place in the Armenian Swimming Cup. In 2012 at the Armenian championship she set several records at once: she swam 100 meters in complex swimming in 1:09:29, 50 meters butterfly - 30:89, and in a 25-meter pool she overcame 50 meters in 1:05:00.)
  • Anahit Nersesyan ((born 1954) Armenian pianist, Honored Artist of Armenia (2007))
  • Anahit Tsitsikyan ((1926 - 1999) Armenian violinist and musicologist, Honored Artist of the Armenian USSR (1967). Taught courses "History and theory of bowed art" and "History of Armenian performance" at the Yerevan Conservatory, professor since 1982. Candidate of art history (1970). Author of the monograph "Armenian Bow Art", published in 1977 in Armenian, in 2004 in Russian and highly appreciated by specialists. In memory of Tsitsikian, a memorial fund was created in 1999 to support academic music in Armenia.)
  • Anahit Ajemyan ((born 1924) American violinist of Armenian origin. Sister Maro Ajemyan. Graduated from the Juilliard School under Edouard Detier. In 1946 she won the Naumburg Competition for Young Performers. In a duet with her sister, she often performed music of contemporary composers: they wrote music especially for this duet. Ernst Kshenek, John Cage and other prominent authors. In the 1940s, together with her sister, she founded the "Committee of Friends of Armenian Music" in New York. Long-term lecturer at Columbia University.)
  • Anahit Bakhshyan ((born 1947) Member of the Armenian Parliament)
  • Anaida Maschyan ((1900 -?) Armenian Soviet character and dramatic actress, People's Artist of the Armenian SSR (1950))
  • Jeanne Anais Castel, also known as Chastel and Anaida Castellan (Castellanush) ((1819 - 1858) French opera singer (soprano))
  • Anaida Sumbatyan ((1905 - 1985) Soviet music teacher. For many years she taught a piano class at the Central Music School in Moscow, becoming the only teacher who raised two laureates of the International Tchaikovsky Competition - Vladimir Ashkenazi and Vladimir Krainev. Among other students of Sumbatyan - Nelly Akopyan, Nina Kogan, Tigran Alikhanov, Oksana Yablonskaya, Konstantin Orbelian, Sergei Bezrodny, Maxim Mogilevsky, etc.)

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