The Meaning Of The Name Amalia (Amelia)

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The Meaning Of The Name Amalia (Amelia)
The Meaning Of The Name Amalia (Amelia)

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Video: The Meaning Of The Name Amalia (Amelia)
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Short form of the name Amalia. Amalya, Amal, Ama, Amy, Emmy, Emma, Milli, Ame, Ami, Mali, Malika, Male, Amalchen, Malchen, Amelchen, Meli, Melli, Amke, Lino, Lina, Melia, Malia, Leah.

Synonyms for the name Amalia. Amilia, Ameline, Emmeline, Emeline, Amela, Amela, Amelis, Amelio, Amalie, Amalie, Emeline, Amal.

The origin of the name Amalia. The name Amalia is German, Jewish, Catholic.

The name Amalia (Amelia) has several versions of its origin. According to the first version, the name comes from the ancient Germanic name Amalia, derived from "amal", which means "work", "work", therefore the name Amalia is translated as "hardworking". In Europe, this name sounds different: Amelia, Ameline, Emmeline, Amela, Amela, Amilia. This name came to the Russian language from the German language, therefore it retained its original form - Amalia.

According to the second version, the name Amalia (Amelia) is a form of the name Emily, which also has several versions of its origin. From the Latin language, the name Emily is translated as "rival", "worthy opponent", also Emily is the form of the name Emma.

According to the next version, the name Amalia is a form of the name Amal, which has two versions of its origin. According to one of them, Amal is a Hebrew name meaning "hardworking", according to the second version, the name Amal is translated from Arabic as "expectation, striving, hope", and the female Muslim name sounds like Amal.

Diminutive-affectionate references to Amalia - Emma, Malika, Lina, Leah, Mia, Amal - are also independent names.

There is no name for Amalia (Amelia) in Orthodox saints. But the Catholics revered Saint Amalburga (Amalberg, Amelberg, Amalia, Amelia), a widow, patroness of the Belgian city of Ghent. For the name Amalia, Catholic name days will be indicated.

Amalia is patient and modest, often withdrawn into herself. She is well versed in people. Knows how to use his external obedience, disposing people to trust. Possesses strong-willed qualities and a sense of duty. In life, such a woman achieves great success. Her achievements are not always the result of real merit.

The owner of the name is attractive, enjoys success with men. In life, she strives to create a strong family. This woman loves children very much, although her feeling of motherhood is weak. Amalia is always glad to have guests at home. She is a good hostess. Amalia always knows what she wants. She realizes her abilities and talents by working in educational institutions in the field of radio electronics. She will make a good doctor. At the same time, some of the representatives of this name achieve excellent results in sports.

Amalia manages everything. Knows how to plan his day. She does not tolerate coercion. It is possible to induce her to any action only with the help of persuasion. Amalia is more friends with boys than girls. She has many common interests with them. Loves sports, enjoys reading science fiction literature. Amalia's responsiveness and kindness attract other people to her.

She inherited internal qualities from her mother, but outwardly she looks more like her father. Her parents love her very much. Since childhood, she spends a lot of time in the kitchen, helping with the housework.

Amalia is an honest, open-minded person. She will never say unpleasant things behind her back. Gullibility and faith in people often lead to the fact that Amalia is deceived. Amalia is very demanding. She enjoys giving helpful advice. She is practical in her actions.

"Autumn" Amalia is distinguished by enterprise. “Spring” Amalia can be characterized as an energetic and impetuous person. "Summer" Amalia has undeniable authority in any team. She has impeccable demeanor. In any company, she is able to create a unique atmosphere.

Amalia always believes only in good things and tries to instill this feeling in others. In any situation, she remains an optimist and cheerful person. This woman never gives up, always fights for her beliefs. These qualities help her to achieve the assigned tasks even in the most difficult situations.

In personal relationships, everything does not always turn out easy for her. They are looking for true love. She is not able to get married according to her calculations, so she has been waiting for her chosen one for a long time. Marries late enough. The firstborn in her family is usually a son. Amalia loves to do household chores. Sometimes it is overly clean. She cooks great. These qualities are appreciated by her mother-in-law. Amalia has an excellent relationship with her husband's mother. Amalia is not a conflict. Her home is filled with an atmosphere of tranquility and well-being.

Amalia's birthday

Amalia celebrates her name day on June 10, November 21.

Famous people named Amalia

  • Amalia of Prussia ((1723 - 1787) Prussian princess, sister of King Frederick the Great of Prussia)
  • Maria Amalia of Saxony ((1724 - 1760) Queen of Spain, wife of Charles III)
  • Princess Amalia (Amelia) of Saxony ((1794 - 1870) German writer and composer of the 19th century, the eldest daughter of the Prince of Saxony Maximilian of Saxony from the Wettin dynasty and his first wife Caroline of Parma.)
  • Amalia Sartori ((born 1947) Italian politician)
  • Amalia Garcia (Mexican politician)
  • Amalia Rodrigues ((1920 - 1999) Portuguese singer, "queen of fado", "voice of Portugal")
  • Amalia Belyaeva ((born 1973) at birth - Lyudmila Parygina, later took her mother's surname - Mordvinova, for her second husband - Goldanskaya, pseudonym - Amalia & Amalia; actress and radio host, regular author and host of the Good Hunt! Program on Echo of Moscow (in the program is not currently being broadcast))
  • Amelia Earhart ((1897 - 1937) American aviator, first woman to fly over the Atlantic Ocean)
  • Amelia Rosselli ((1930 - 1996) Italian poet)
  • Amelie Mauresmo ((born 1979) French tennis player)
  • Amelie Lacoste ((born 1988) Canadian figure skater)
  • Amelia de la Torre ((1905 - 1987) Spanish actress)
  • Amelia Ray Colasu ((1898 - 1990) Portuguese actress)
  • Lady Emmeline Stuart-Wortley-Mackenzie ((1806 - 1855) English poet)
  • Amalia Kridener (Krüdner) ((1808 - 1888) nee - Lerchenfeld, in the 2nd marriage - Adlerberg; illegitimate daughter of Maximilian Lerchenfeld, a German diplomat and statesman, Bavarian envoy to Russia (1832 - 1838) and Princess Teresa Thurn-i- Taxis, née Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz)
  • Amalia Riznich ((1803? - 1825) the first wife of the Odessa merchant of Serbian origin Ivan Riznich, who lived in Odessa from the spring of 1823 to May 1824. During the first period of Pushkin's southern exile, she was the subject of his ardent and painful passion, the addressee of several of his poems..)
  • Amalia Malka Nathanson ((1836 - 1930) married - Amalia Freud; mother of Sigmund Freud, Austrian neuropathologist, psychotherapist, psychologist, cultural scientist and philosopher, creator of psychoanalysis and Freudianism)

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