The Meaning Of The Name Amal

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The Meaning Of The Name Amal
The Meaning Of The Name Amal

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Amal

Video: The Meaning Of The Name Amal
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Synonyms for the name Amal. Amala, Amal.

The origin of the name Amal. The name Amal is Muslim.

The name Amal has different versions of its origin. It can be both female and male.

According to the first version, the name Amal has Arabic roots. Among the Arabs, it is an exclusively feminine name. Translated as "hope", "promising", "giving hope." There is also an interpretation - "dream", "aspiration", "expectation".

According to the following versions, in Hindi Amal means "brilliant", "pure", and from Hebrew - "unlucky".

Also Amal is a short reference to some names with a part "amal" (aml, amal), meaning "work", "work". Most often used for the name Amalia.

The owner of the name Amal has a decisive character and assertive disposition. She is virtuous, simple and natural in communication. He has full control of his emotions, which many find somewhat intimidating. Amal does not tolerate thoughtlessness, mediocrity and a superficial view of things. She strives for everything that is pure and natural, very selective and measures everything with very high standards.

A girl named Amal is a perfectionist, she looks at the world rather idealistically, strives to constantly develop and improve. Her ambitions are great, but she does not take hard work. With great patience, he stubbornly goes to his goal. Amal is a disciplined and decisive, stubborn and even somewhat authoritarian person.

Her stubborn nature does not give her the opportunity to deviate from her own principles, which prevents her from being flexible in making decisions. She is a very responsible employee and performer, she performs her duties with composure, competence and efficiency.

As a child, Amal is not a problem child. Discipline and hard work help her avoid many difficulties. She is very responsible towards her sisters and brothers, she tries to live in peace with everyone.

She likes to stay calm, it helps her to maintain pleasant relationships with everyone. In choosing a partner, Amal is especially demanding, because it is very important for her to sincerely respect and admire the person who will win her heart. This choice is often a very difficult task for a girl, she will have to completely trust her chosen one and her own decision. In family life, Amal is a wonderful hostess and an exemplary mother.

Family, friends and loved ones are central to Amali's life. She can devote herself to her family because calmness is necessary for her emotional balance. However, she is a very active, dynamic woman who will not tolerate her words and thoughts not being accepted.

In choosing a profession, Amal prefers the medical and social field, law, literature, journalism, and those areas where justice is required, or where Amal can feel directly useful to others. A creative direction (aesthetics, art, decorating, sewing, floriculture) is necessary for her for emotional calm, but it can also become her profession. Amal can be successful in a leadership position in any field.

Amali's birthday

Amal does not celebrate her name day.

Famous people named Amal

  • Amal Clooney ((born 1978) English lawyer)
  • Amala Paul ((born 1991) Indian actress, laureate of various film awards, including the SIIMA Awards and Vijay Awards)
  • Amal Arafa ((born 1970) Syrian actress, singer and writer)
  • Amal Aden ((born 1983) pseudonym of a Somali-Norwegian writer)
  • Amal Khalifa Idris Habani (Sudanese journalist)
  • Amal Hijazi ((born 1977) Lebanese singer)
  • Amal Murkus ((born 1968) Arab-Israeli singer)
  • Amal Maher ((born 1985) Egyptian singer)
  • Amal Nasser el-Din ((born 1928) Israeli writer, former politician)
  • Amal Datta ((1930-2016) Indian footballer and coach)

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